06/02/2014, 7:00 PM

Regular Meeting June 5th, 2014 7:00 PM

Members present: Paul Zent – Chairman, Kerry Olson - Supervisor, Ken Selzler - Supervisor, Jerry Kunz - Zoning Board, Rick Solberg - Zoning Board, Greg Hillig - Building Inspector, Ann Willoughby – Clerk, Chad Schneider - Road Supervisor, Rick Solberg - Zoning Board, Cole Shantz – Assessor

Members absent: Terry Mauch - Weed Board

Chairman Zent opened the meeting. Supervisor Olson made a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion. The motion passed with Chairman Zent and Supervisors Selzler and Olson voting in favor. Motion passed, minutes approved.

School board Report: No report. The township board and school board are different but the two boards do communicate with each other. There should be a representative from the school board present at the township meetings. School board election is tomorrow June 3rd, 2014.

Zoning Board Report: Allen Braun, 10901Apple Creek Road, wants to buy 10.75 acres to include driveway, railroad crossing, private crossing and private drive including two granaries, cattle barn, corral and water well on the acreage.  Mr. Braun is a private contractor who erects pole barns, shops and garages, 24’x24’ up to 50’x100’.  Main employment will not be farming so this will end up being taxed as Allen will not be farming it.   Mr. Braun would like to have it re-platted to be able to purchase. Supervisor Olson made the motion to allow the property to be re-platted. Rick Solberg seconded the motion. Chairman Zent, Supervisors Olson and Selzler, Zoning board members Jerry Kunz and Rick Solberg all voted in favor. Motion passes to have lot surveyed to have it re-platted. The property will be purchased using a contract for deed. Richard and Debra Stoppler - want to build a shed to store hay need a variance, to build the lean-to onto an existing building. They are over on their square footage on the plot. Mr. And Mrs. Stoppler mailed a check for $100 for the variance. Check given to clerk. No vote necessary on this just signed the variance form.

Assessor’s Report – County meeting was today. Just phone calls fielded by Cole since last meeting. He did not assess any properties since the last meeting. Building Inspector’s Report: Permits for two additions, a pole barn, a shop and two new homes. Dovvis Yarbrough and Alyssa Noel Lot 14, 32x48’ house 4.5 acres would like to build a house on his acreage. 1500 sq ft home. No road in front of home. Must build the road. Road is plotted but was never constructed. Chairman Olson talked to Marcus Hall, Burleigh Country Engineer, today and it is understood that the new property owner would have to build the road. Developer did not build the road and the ACT board decided the homeowner would have to build. Marcus, stated county had to go back and build road. Township will not issue a building permit until there is a road to the home. Lot purchased by owner in December of 2013. If ACT builds the road then the five lots would have to be assessed. If he can get a permit for the house he can build this summer but the road has to be resolved first. Apple Creek Township Board is firm stating until there is a road they will not issue a permit for the house. Lots 1, 5, 13, 14, 15 would be the lots charged for the building of the road. Will the township pay for any of the road? Not likely. Road must be built to county specifications in order for the county to maintain it. Township has never built a road in a subdivision so there is no precedence. Concern is that a developer would not build a road again if the township pays for this road as it will set precedence that the township is willing to do it. Cole will ask Allan about setting up special assessment for the building of the road. Mr. Yarbrough’s building is in Mandan and would like to move to his property as soon as possible. Will meet again in one month with additional information about the road. Supervisor Olson made motion to gather more information and decide during July meeting. Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion. Supervisor’s Olson and Selzler and Chairman Zent all agree motion passes.

Permits Issued

11-2014 Phillips, Ched and Amanda -11808 Elsa Rosa Dr, Sunroom $200

04-2014 Schirado, Dusty 1021 Apple Way, House with attached garage $1850

05-2014 Ostendorf, Joel, polebarn w/8’ lean-two $340.85

10-2014 Weltz, Daye, Shop, 8020 Sunny View Road, $685.65

Stoppler, Richard W. and Debra K, 9234 Lincoln Road $100 for the variance Road Supervisor’s Report: A culvert permit for was written for Calvin Schirado. 66th street has had many complaints for how rough it is. County is willing to take over road because it’s going to be built down to highway 1806.

Weed report – No report.

Treasures’ Report: Motion made by Supervisor Olson to pay bills seconded by Supervisor Selzler, Supervisors Olson and Selzler and Chairman Zent approve. Motion passes to pay bills.

Work Force safety $251.25

VanGuard Appraisal $2000

Kramer Agency $313 for Commercial General Liability

Current bank balance is $168,767.28.

Other business

Letter of resignation from Mike Schwartz, the current treasurer, has been presented to the board. Mark Ezel has been asked to take over the treasurer duties. Supervisor Olson made a motion to accept the letter of resignation from Mr. Schwartz and to appointment Mr. Mark Ezel as the new treasurer for Apple Creek Township. Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion. Supervisor’s Olson and Selzer and Chairman Zent approve, motion passes. Mr. Mark Ezel is the new Apple Creek Township treasurer. Many thanks to Mr. Schwartz from the Apple Creek Township board for his service as the treasurer.

Chuck Janko voiced a concern about a property near his. He stated the lot near his home has vehicles all over the yard and yard is un-mowed. Board just needs the lot address to handle the issue.

Burleigh County is accepting names for people that residents feel are in violation of the county’s beautification policy, those can be submitted to township as well.

Mr. David Weltz would like to put up an oversized shop on his property; 22’x60’ is what is allowed currently. This will be discussed in the July meeting.

Chairman Zent received a call from Arnold Schieve indicating that he would like the February minutes amended indicating that he attended and brought up concerns about his road approach and the development next to his called Country View Estates. Mr. Scheive is concerned about the combining of lots by Mydier Torres, into one lot. This was originally in the April of 2012 minutes.

Meeting adjourned.

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