Tax Equalization Meeting


04/09/2013, 7:00 PM

Members present:  Kerry Olson, Chairman; Ken Selzler, Supervisor; and Paul Zent, Supervisor

Others present:  Roger Thompson, Assessor; and Elizabeth Patterson, Clerk

Chairman Olson opened the meeting and introduced the supervisors and the assessor.  He reviewed the intent of the tax equalization meeting and explained the mill levy is set by the county with input from the township.  He also explained the breakdown of taxes paid by each township resident--the township receives 2%, the Apple Creek School District receives 75%, Burleigh County receives 20%, and the remaining 3% goes to various entities, such as the park district and county library.  He said the current mill levy for the Apple Creek School District is 263.62, and the current mill levy for the Bismarck Public School District is 222.67.  He said that the board and the assessor will meet individually with residents to discuss property assessments, and if the resident is not satisfied with the township’s decision the resident may take that concern to the county tax equalization meeting on June 3.

Mike Woodward, 8155 Brads Way, said he still has not finished his garage or basement and does not believe the assessment should have increased as much as it did.  The board and assessor lowered the valuation to $166,500.

Jon and Cherie Sanstead, owners of Harmony Stables, said the assessment for the property was $562,000.  In order to determine if that assessment was in line with other riding arenas in the area, they determined the value per square foot of several arenas in the area and realized that the valuation for their property was quite high in comparison.  After a lengthy discussion of the way arenas are assessed in the township, whether zoned commercial or agricultural and the type of building on the property, there was general consensus among board members that all arenas in the township should be assessed in approximately the same manner and there should not be such disparity.  The board and assessor adjusted the valuation of the property to $239,000.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Patterson

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