08/04/2014, 7:00 PM

Regular Meeting August 4th , 2014 7:00 PM  

Members present:  Paul Zent – Chairman, Kerry Olson - Supervisor, Ken Selzler - Supervisor, Jerry Kunz - Zoning Board, Rick Solberg - Zoning Board, Greg Hillig - Building Inspector, Ann Willoughby – Clerk, Chad Schneider - Road Supervisor, Rick Solberg - Zoning Board, Cole Shantz – Assessor, Terry Mauch - Weed Board

Members absent:  Cole Shantz – Assessor; Mark Ezel - Treasurer

Chairman Zent opened the meeting. Chairman Zent made a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting with the exception of the portion that stated:

                Supervisor Olson made a motion that the five adjoining lot owners and South Central Rural    

                Water pay for the gravel; lot owners would pay $415 per lot each and South central water the

                remaining amount. 18 lots owners in the 18 lots additional would be$ 100 a piece and there are

Supervisor Selzler seconds. Supervisor Olson and Selzler vote yes.  Chairman Olson voted no.   Motion     carried. 

This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion. The motion passed with Chairman Zent and Supervisors Selzler and Olson voting in favor. Motion passed, minutes approved with the one exception stated above.

School board Report: Larry Rohde is the new school board president as of July 1st, 2014.  Cement has been poured for a basketball court. The addition between the portables with the bathrooms has been built and sheet rock is up.  Approximate enrollment is 55 to 56 kids at Apple Creek School. 3 or 4 are pending.  Menoken is building a school for approximately 50 students due to the Menard’s plant being built close by.

Zoning Board Report -  No report.

Assessor’s Report - No report. 

Building Inspector’s Report – 4 permits were written; one pole barn, an addition to a garage, shelter and a new home at 5203 66th Street.

Road Supervisor’s Report:  Road is completed on Omar. Issue is that 16 semi-truck loads of gravel was emplaced instead of 10 as was estimated; bill is $11500 instead of the estimated $4300.  A request for a yield sign on Erik Ave has been submitted. Francis Place needs gravel; it was suggested that re-milled asphalt be used.  T & R contracting can haul the gravel, if gravel is chosen.  Estimated cost is $275 per ton.  Francis Place road would take about 15 to 16 tons plus $50 per load for trucking.  Cost is $3 per ton more than gravel to use re-milled asphalt. Northern Improvement does not sell class 5 however Knife River does sell class 5.

Supervisor Olson made a motion to gravel Francis Place using which ever material -gravel or re-milled asphalt-is cheapest.  Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion.  Supervisors Olson and Selzler and Chairman Zent approved.  Motion carried.

Supervisor Selzler made a motion to pay Hartze Construction Co. for building the road on Omar and Houston Engineering for re-setting the survey pins. Supervisor Olson seconded the motion.  Supervisors Olson and Selzler and Chairman Zent all approved. Motioned carried.

Easements for new road were signed by Chad Schneider, Russ Meyer, Dorris Yarbrough, Dustin Abraham, and Nathan Jenner and will be filed.

Ditches need to be seeded alongside the road. It will be about 2.5 acres which equates to about 250 pounds of seed for the ditch.  Supervisor Selzler made a motion to seed the ditches using Odell Hagel Construction for the seeding.  Supervisor Olson seconded the motion.  Supervisors Olson, Selzler and Chairman Zent all approved.  Motioned carried.

Citizen of Apple Creek Township, Cyndy Mittenger would like Dorris Yarborough to make the first payment for the road that now gives him access to his property as a show of good faith.  The township board indicated that a permit for Mr. Yarborough would not be granted until the payment for the road had been made.   Township board needs a list of people that property with property adjacent to the the road  so that bills can be sent for them to pay their portion of the cost.

Weed report – No report.

Treasures’ Report:  No report. Treasure absent. Motion made by Supervisor Olson to pay bills seconded by Supervisor Selzler, Supervisors Olson and Selzler and  Chairman Zent all approved.  Motion passed to pay bills.

Bills paid to Hartze Co., Houston Engineering, Bismarck Tribune, Burleigh County and Salaries for Supervisor Olson and Selzler, Chairman Zent, Chad Schneider, Jerry Kunz, Rick Solberg, and Ann Willoughby

Other business

Mr. Arnold Schieve indicating the house to the June minutes in reference to June minutes in reference to Mr. Allen Braun’s land re-platted. It was not listed in the original minutes.  Mr. Schieve also voiced concern that the railroad crossing listed was Burleigh county’s crossing.  The board stated is a private crossing. 

A new sub-division in the vicinity of Midwest Motors and 52nd street just south of Highway 10 has been approved.  It is not in Apple Creek Township only stated for public awareness. 

Meeting adjourned

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