11/03/2014, 7:00 PM

Apple Creek Township Minutes 11-3-14
School Board Report - Larry Rohde
- Fence along 93rd St put up last week. Some plumbing problems will be fixed.
Weed Board - Terry Mauch
- Nothing to report.
Assessor’s Report - Barb Schantz
- Assessor not present.
Road Supervisors Report - Chad Schneider
- one road approach permit for Adam Schmidt 8800 Sunrise Ave.
Loren Wolf to replace pipe under street in Sunrise Edition but can’t find concrete pipe.
Complaints about washboard roads. Chad contacted Burleigh County Highway Department about complaints received. County will try to level but not much can be done until we get some moisture.
Received call about dust from road. Chad explained to the person that he will check with the county about the cost to the land owner for dust control. The township will post the procedure for landowners to request dust control chemical application on the internet.
Building Inspector’s Report - Shawn Whitney
-Wrote two building permits
-Discussed whether to charge for gas line inspections. Has not been charged for previously. Supervisor Olson suggested that a $25.00 fee should be charged so at least the cost of the inspection is covered.
-Shawn talked to Ray Ziegler, Burleigh County Building Inspector, and learned that the State may be requiring certified building inspectors in the future. Four classes will be needed to qualify. Classes cost $168. Certification will be required for liability.
-Old building permits need to be brought up to date.
Sewer and plumbing inspections will be conducted by the county building inspector in the future.
Question about lots for sale west of 80th street on Lincoln Road. No one had any information.
Paul Tischmack asked about procedure for getting a variance for a garage.
Treasure’s Report - Mark Ezell
- Not in attendance.
Other Business
Elmer Steiner inquired about regulations concerning lot owner parking campers and boats on Nathan Jensen’s vacant lot on Omar Street. Subdivision will look at their covenants to determine if there are restrictions.
Meeting adjourned.

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