12/01/2014, 7:00 PM

Apple Creek Township Minutes 12-1-14


School Board - Larry Rohde

Requested township to consider sharing cost of crushed asphalt for front of school next summer. Township previously paid a portion of cost of extending the parking area and surfacing it with crushed asphalt. Board will consider it and will try see if volunteers will assist again.


Zoning Board - Paul Zent, Kerry Olson, Rick Solberg, Jerry Kuntz


-Considered a request for approval from Bismarck Community Development Department for a preliminary plat for property owned by Terry Wald on corner of Apple Creek Road and 52nd Street. Approved by Zoning Board with concerns about access and accuracy of survey.


Considered a request from Leon and Myra Meidinger who want to sell five acres to their son for a house. More information will be brought forward to a future meeting.


Zoning Board was adjourned.


Weed Board - Terry Mauch

-Nothing to report.


Accessor - Barb Schantz

Not in attendance.


Building Inspector - Shawn Whitney

Shawn received a call about changing the addresses at one area of Majestic Street. The addresses were aligned incorrectly when they were originally issued to the home owners and conflict with proper addressing of other properties. County notified Shawn that the township is responsible. Paul said he would look into it.

Received a request for abatement Curtis Richter and for Christopher J and Aimee Kadrmas. Both were approved by Supervisors Zent and Olson.

Need gas line tags for inspections. Shawn will look to see what is available.


Road Supervisor - Chad Schneider

Chad reported that magnesium chloride, for dust control, costs $3.00 per foot - 500 foot minimum. Usual application is 1000 feet.

Supervisors Zent and Olson approved county road maintenance rates for 2015.


Treasurer’s Report - Mark Ezell

Not in attendance.

Supervisors Zent and Olson approved payment of bills.


Other Business

Jerry Kuntz brought information about meetings held October 15 and November 5 about the intersection of Poplar Lane and Northgate Drive. Discussion followed about removal of trees and placement of stop signs. Approved request to county for stop signs at Poplar/Northgate, Maple/Northgate, and Northgate/Poplar. Also approved a stop ahead warning sign for Northgate east of the Northgate/Poplar stop sign.

Removal of trees was also approved by Supervisors Zent and Olson.

Discussion about the township web site.

Minutes are not available to township residents. Concerns expressed about the web support the township is receiving. The web site problems will be discussed with the township clerk.


Judy Fredrickson requested information on process a building permit for a structure. She lives on Kitty Lane.


Dave Marquart requested information on getting a building permit.


Supervisors Zent and Olson approved the appointment of Shawn Whitney as Building Inspector for Apple Creek Township.


Chad Schneider questioned whether the approach permit is issued to the builder or land owner. Will be issuing to land owner.


Meeting adjourned.

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