01/05/2015, 7:00 PM

Approved by ACT Board


Regular Meeting January 5th, 7:00 PM 


Members present:  Paul Zent – Chairman, Kerry Olson - Supervisor, Ken Selzler - Supervisor, Jerry Kunz - Zoning Board Member, Ann Willoughby – Clerk, Terry Mauch - Weed Board,  Chad Schneider – Road Supervisor

Members absent:  Rick Solberg - Zoning Board; Treasurer – Mark Ezell


Chairman Zent opened the meeting.  Supervisor Olson made a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion. The motion passed with Chairman Zent and Supervisors Selzler and Olson voting in favor. Motion passed.   


School board Report: Larry Rohde reported the Apple Creek had first basketball game against Sterling played at the Moffit School.  Basketball practice is being held at Myhre Elementary and another grade school.   Township will consider putting down recycled asphalt in the Spring.  Chad will work with school to put down crushed/recycled asphalt. In front of the school to help reduce the dirt tracked into the school.  Recycle concrete is an option.  It is dustier but would work, if put down with bags of cement and watered it hold down the dust.  State cut school back $70,000 unsure of the reasoning, the school is investigating the reason why. 


Zoning Board Report:  Mr. Jerry Kunz spoke with Terry Wald in reference to homes at intersection ofApple Creek Road and 52nd Street.  There will only be two lots and two homes; the entrance to the addition will be out to the west onto 52nd  ST [ Apple Creek and 52nd ST]. The reason for this is due to one of the lots being in another township and not being of the minimum size upon which a home can be placed.


Assessor’s Report –   Brian Bittner wants his property assessed.  There are some questions about how the property is zoned.  Property was zoned agriculture, property size is 11 acres.  Mr. Bittner states he is storing agriculture equipment in the building on the property. 


Building Inspector’s Report:  One new building permit for a house at lot 4 block 1 Wilhelm Sub-division for Brent Meckle.  There will be a list of items posted on Apple Creek Township webpage on main page. 

Majestic Mailbox numbers need to be changed.  County will provide the numbers but the homeowner is responsible to put up the post with the numbers on it for 911 services to be available.  Letters mailed out with address changes for the residents. Residents will receive mail at both addresses for up to one year. 


Road Supervisor’s Report: Road coming down from Poplar Road (North Gate Addition) has a nice wide approach a the end of poplar off of North Gate.  Proposal was for a three way stop on Poplar and North gate.  Burleigh County would like to set up meeting to discuss the signage specifically a stop signs on Northgate and Poplar.   A stop sign on North gate would prevent accidents  at that intersection; a stop sign on Poplar road really wouldn’t address the issue of visibility at the intersection.


Weed report – No report.


Treasures’ Report:  Motion made to pay bills by Supervisor Selzler, Chairman Zent seconded.  Chairman Zent, Supervisors Olson and Selzler all approved.   Receive checks from

  1. Brent and Carrie Meckle check for $1750.00 for building permit and a check for $25 for road approach permit.

  2. Received $25 cash for access driveway permit for Adam and Heather Schmidt

Motion made during February 2015 meeting to correct the January minutes as follows:

Should read "Treasures' Repor: Motion made to pay bills by Supervisor Selzer, Supervisor Olson seconded."

Other Business


Mr. Zent received a registered letter with maps from township citizen Mr. Arnold Schieve regarding Allen Braun placing bales over the section line between their two properties.  Mr. Schieve is asking that the bales be removed off the section line.   It is unclear whose property the hay bales are on and if the bales are on the section line.  Mr. Schieve thinks the bales are on township property and believes that the township has the authority to have the bales moved.  Paul Zent will continue to follow up on the issues as he has the most knowledge of the situation.  Mr. Schieve was told he could not cross the private railroad crossing as its private. Township does not believe the hay bales are on the section line.  Township will not get involved with this dispute as this is between the landowners and the railroad to settle the dispute.  Township believes Mr. Shieve will need to proceed through the court system as this is a legal matter not a township issue. 


Metropolitan planning organization is asking for one of the members of the Apple Creek Township board to be on their board; Metropolitan Board will be meeting January 28th; city, county and township will work with planner to lay out organization for the county. 


Mr.  Leslie Volechenko has been using a game and fish trail to access his one acre property that is in the middle of Mr. Rick Hessinger’s property.  However he still has to cross Mr. Rick Hessinger’s property to do so.  Mr. Hessinger’s has not given permission for Mr Volechenko to do so.


“A and R” sign company (company name was uncertain) was issued a building permit by previous building inspector; permit written to a Mr. Ron Joern (sp?). Permit allow for a stick building to be built, not a pole barn. He appears to be operating a business which is not allowed under thee covenants of  Igoe Subdivision.  Building is not yet built, property is on Iris Lane.


Meeting adjourned.

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