03/02/2015, 7:00 PM

Apple Creek Township Minutes March 2, 2015

Members present Paul Zent, Ken Selzler, Kerry Olson, Shawn Whitney Chad Schneider, Jerry Kuntz, Terry Wald

Members absent: Ann Willoughby, Mark Ezel

School Board - Larry Rohde reported that the school has three new students for a total of 59. Basketball season is over. Maybe losing the Pine Oak Loop and Red Oak drive area. Residents are petitioning to change to the Bismarck School District. Change would be costly to the school because of loss of tax base. A March 18 meeting tentatively set.

Zoning - Larry Smith on behalf of land owner Pat Smith for requested a set-back variance for a storage building to be constructed south of Apple Creek Road near 80th Street. Set back requested is 200 feet rather than the 250 feet required. Air photo showed set-back for the existing home and garage at 185 feet. The storage building would be built slightly above flood level.

Township meeting was closed and the zoning board was opened.

Motion by Ken Selzler to approve the variances for the reduced set back for the storage building. Second by Jerry Kuntz. Unanimously approved.

Eric Sundby of Sun Built Homes, on Behalf of Rueben Duran, requested a zoning change for a 40 acre lot off 48th Avenue. Currently there is a house on the 40 acres. Request is to change the zoning to one five acre lot with a 90 foot easement for a road. Discussion about whether is should be changed to two five acre lots. Also to reduce the easement to 75 feet along the wests side of the lot. The remaining 30 acres would remain agricultural. Mr. Sundby contacted the owners who approved changes.

Ken Selzler made a motion to approve the zoning change to two lots and 75 foot easement on the west side of property. Seconded by Jerry Kuntz. Unanimously approved.

Zoning board was closed and township board was reopened.


Weed Board - nothing to report.

Assessor not in attendance, Kerry Olson will contact the County Assessor about tax abatement.

Building Inspector - Shawn Whitney reported a new permit was issued to Grady Wolf for a new house on 55th Avenue SE. Three permits were finalized for a shed, storage building and a house. A pole barn to be built in City View Heights appears to be planned over a septic drain field. Shawn is also checking the set backs. Also in City View Heights a modular home, on the Johnson property east of the development, constructed with access to with access to Kitty Lane. Chad Schneider, Road Supervisor, said the plat of City View Heights show that Kitty Lane butts up to edge of the Johnson property which would allow for access. No action was taken. Variance for a building permit was requested by Orvis Millang to build a 15 foot by 35 foot lean-to on his shop.

Ken Selzler made a motion to approve the variance. Motion was seconded by Kerry Olson. Unanimously approved.

Discussion about some temporary buildings in Meese Edition. A house for sale on Elsa Rosa drive has two temporary buildings covered in plastic and a tarp. Shawn will contact the home owner and realtor informing them that temporary buildings must be removed before the sale is finalized. Shawn will be attending building inspection training on March 19 and 20. May attend the Burleigh County Township meeting on March 17.

Road Supervisor - nothing to report.

Treasures Report - not in attendance.

Other buisness - Arnold Schieve requested the board to have hay bales moved that are situated on the Braun property across Apple Creek Road from Arnold. He claims the hay bales are located on the section line and would restrict his access to his property south of the railroad tracks adjoining Brauns property. After a lengthy discussion about property access, private railroad crossings and whether the bales were actually located on the section line, Ken Selzler volunteered to drive to property and look at how the hay bales were situated and report back to the board the next meeting.

Ken and Kerry will attend the Burleigh County Township meeting on March 17.

Motion to pay bills by Ken Selzler. Seconded by Kerry Olson. Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned.

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