Regular Meeting


06/01/2015, 7:00 PM

Members Present: Chairman Ken Selzler, Supervisor Kerry Olson, Building Inspector, Shawn Whitney, Road Supervisor Chad Schneider, Zoning Board Jerry Kunz, Weed Board Terry Mauch and Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger

Members absent: Supervisor Paul Zent and Zoning Board Rick Solberg

Chairman Selzler opened the meeting the first item on the agenda to review the minutes from the May meeting. Kerry Olson noted there were several corrections Mark Splonskowski was offered $22.00 per hour not $15,000 as stated in the May minutes. Kevin Schieve’s last name was misspelled and the building permit for Nathan Jensen cannot be approved until he cleans up his lot and he pays his share of the road costs for Omar St. Supervisor Olson made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected, seconded by Chairman Selzler. Roll Call vote Supervisor Olson, yes; Chairman Selzler, yes motion carried.

Apple Creek School Board Report: Eric Kroh asked the board if they would be willing to cost share the crushed asphalt for the parking lot $1050.00 for the asphalt and Great American Trucking to do the hauling and placing of material $675.00 for a total of $1725.00. Discussion followed with Supervisor Olson made a motion to pay ½ the cost pending the school board’s approval the motion was 2nd by Chairman Selzler. Roll call vote Supervisor Olson yes; Chairman Selzler yes; motion carried. Mr. Kroh   also stated the school board election would be Tuesday June 2nd there are 3 positions open 2-3 year position and 1-1 year position.

Weed Board: Terry Mauch reported he had been checking to see what need to be sprayed.

Assessing Report: Chairman Selzler introduced Mark Splonskowski ACT’s new assessor Mr. Splonskowski will officially start July 1st. Mark works as assessor for Burleigh County so he will be well versed on the requirements of the position.

Treasurer’s Report: No report due to the absence of the treasurer.

Zoning Board Report: Zoning members had nothing to report.

Building Inspectors Report: Shawn Whitney reported on an 80’ x 120’ with 20’ side walls for David Markwed @ 3555 93rd St SE. He is doing a concrete foundation all around. Chairman Selzler said Mr. Markwed might need a variance for the side walls. Roy Kuil  3040 Susan Drive  36x30 garage valuation of $22,600 ck # 14976  $200.00, Nathan Jensen 6500 Omar St 1887 sq. ft. home valuation of $336,666 ck # 2930 $1775.00 and ck # 322 for $500.00 for Omar St cost share. Shawn reported some cleanup was done. 8425 Kitty Lane has some work being done and Shawn will contact Ray Ziegler and they will visit the sight to determine what is being done there. Tony Tank needs to get a change of address from Apple Way to Creekside. Shawn will contact emergency management to find the correct procedure for the change of address. The final inspection was done on 1021 Apple Way for Dusty Schirado.

Road Supervisors Report: Supervisor Schneider reported he was contacted by the sheriff’s department about some garbage that was dumped in the ditch on 119th St SE  south  of  Alvin Braun's residence. The Brauns were asked to clean up the garbage and bill the township for the expenses. Chairman Selzler said there was garbage left on 66th St SE and he cleaned that up. He also said there needs to be a policy set up on how to deal with this problem at the next meeting. Ken said he will contact Lorin Wolf to see if there would be a possibility he would be willing to be the contact person in the future. Chad had 3 approach permits Thomas & Jessica Upham 1103 Meadow Run Dr.  ck #1126 $25.00, Daniel & Deanna Burgard 1915 Maple Lane  ck # 4544  $25.00 and Dustin Abraham 6605 Eric Ave cash $25.00. There has been questions about Mark Leingang’s oversize approach (80’).  He lives in Beacon Loop on the south side of Hwy 10 & 80th St SE. After discussion it was decided to let Mr. Leingang and the county work this out since 80th St is under Burleigh County authority.

The county has been pulling the gravel up off the side of the road on 22nd St SE and 10 Ave SE. There have been more complaints on 119th St SE about the dust and washboards. Chad will talk to Gene about mag chloride on the road but the downside to mag chloride is wash boarding of the roadway. Chad needs to work with the county to make sure the wash boarding is fixed before any mag chloride is applied to the road.   Chairman Selzler said the fix to the problem is to get the county to take over the road so it could be paved.

New Business: Dan Reis was at the meeting to bring to the boards attention the rocks on the approach on 93rd St SE across from Ken Selzler’s home. The rocks are very sharp and when riding horse people have to go up on the highway to cross, making it very hazardous for everyone. Chairman Selzler said he would check into it and report back @ the July meeting.

There were several bills submitted for payment, WSI insurance premium $250.00 and Shawn Whitney for inspections for May 4th through June 1st $412.58.  After discussion Supervisor Olson made a motion to approve all bills for payment, seconded by Chairman Selzler roll call vote Supervisor Olson yes, Chairman Selzler yes, and motion carried.

 Chairman Selzler asked if there was any further business to discuss being none the meeting was adjourned to reconvene Monday July 6th

Respectfully submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk ACT

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