Regular Meeting


08/03/2015, 7:00 PM

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chairman, Ken Selzler; Supervisors Paul Zent & Kerry Olson; Building Supervisor, Shawn Whitney; Zoning Board Jerry Kunz; Weed Board, Terry Mauch & Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Road Supervisor, Chad Schneider; Treasurer, Mark Ezell and Zoning Board Rick Solberg.

Chairman Selzler opened the meeting.

School Board Report: Erick Kroh questioned about the payment on the parking lot improvement. Mr. Kroh said the school board agreed to pay ½ of the expenses which came to $1,102.86 each.  He also stated the enrollment for the 2015-16 school year is between 54 or 55 kids.

Zoning Board Report: Nothing to report. There was a discussion about home based businesses. The board stated they would act on the issue if someone would come forward with a formal complaint.

Weed Board Report: Nothing to report.

Assessor’s Report: Mark Splonskowski was not at the meeting due to medical problems but he left computer recommendations with Supervisor Zent. HP Pavilion laptop with 17.3” screen for $599.99; HP Pavilion laptop with 15.6” screen $579.99 and an Asus laptop with a 15.6” screen for $399.99.  After discussion Supervisor Zent made a motion to contact Mark Ezell to get his input then choose the best one of the 3 above laptops and give Mark the approval to purchase one so he can get programs loaded to get up to speed as the township assessor, there was a 2nd from Supervisor Olson. With no other discussion a roll call vote was taken Supervisor Zent, yes; Supervisor Olson, yes and Chairman Selzler, yes; motion carried.

Supervisor Zent will contact Al Vietmeier the County Assessor to discuss the $27,000.00 charge for assessing the township and report back @ the next meeting.

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Schneider was not @ the meeting but Jerry Kunz had a request for gravel on a street off Northgate Road. He didn’t remember the name of the street that has a steep hill there is no gravel and with the rain we had previously the road was pretty impassable. Now it is need of blading when the next rain comes. The supervisors will let Chad know so he can get with the county to fix the road.

Melinda Kempel had a speed limit sign request in Apple Meadows 1st Addition. Chairman Zent will have Supervisor Schneider contact Burleigh County to get signs installed @ the entrances to the subdivision.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Whitney said Markwed wants an additional approach on 93rd St SE. The board said this road is a county road and Mr. Markwed will need to contact Burleigh County to request the permit. Marv Abraham was at the County Commission meeting and the approach request was discussed there. There was a vote on the approach with 2 voting no. When Commissioner Woodcox found out Markwed was not in attendance the matter was tabled until the next meeting.

There was one building permit for Tim Boeshans for a pole barn (detached garage with a floating slab) @2920 Susan Drive. The size is 38’ x34’ /w 14’ sidewalls = 1292 sq. ft. valuation of work $27,132.00 permit cost $350.00 paid by cash.

Dick Lateer said his subdivisions covenants did not allow a pole type building, inspector Whitney said he didn’t find anything stating no pole buildings in the subdivision.

Inspector Whitney said he had 3 footing inspections, 3 framing inspections He also said he received several complaints about people who are in violation of township & county zoning regulations. One is @ 8275 Irish Lane the owner is using a residential lot as a commercial lot for storing old cars, washer/dryers, signs and crating, creating a home for skunks & rats making this a health and safety hazard.

The 2nd is 8109 Jeaner Place the storing abandoned cars and a pile of junk creating a health and safety hazard.

Chairman Selzler also had a complaint about fireworks being shot off @ 2600 93rd St SE after the 4th of July disturbing the peace. A letter will be written to the property owners.

There was a complaint about a new family living on Lincoln Road who have a large number of animals and lots of stuff strewn all over the property making it quite unattractive.  The supervisors suggested he needed to file a formal complaint with the county. The form   can be download from the county website. The supervisors suggested the township add a complaint form to the ACT website. Shawn will work on a form and report back @ the next meeting.

There was also a question on address of new residences. Who do we contact to get the right address? Clerk Meidinger will try and get an answer and report back @ the next meeting.

Shawn said there is a training session he would like to attend in Medora on Sept 16 &17th with mileage, lodging and the fee for the seminar on inspections the cost will be approximately $900.00. After discussion Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve reimbursement for the training session and costs related to the training session, with a 2nd by Supervisor Olson. Roll call vote, Supervisor Zent, yes; Supervisor Olson, yes; and Chairman Selzler, yes. Motion Carried.

Inspector Whitney asked Chairman Selzler if he would make the inspection on Shawn’s foundation. Chairman Selzler agreed to do the inspection.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Ezell was not @ the meeting to give a report. Inspector Whitney questioned when he would get paid for his services. He turned in 3 months of inspections and has not gotten paid. The board tried to contact treasurer Ezell and could not reach him. Chairman Selzler had stopped in @ Dakota Community Bank and they gave him check blanks that had been ordered and had not been picked up.  Clerk Meidinger said she had bills that needed payment that have been outstanding for several months. She volunteered to write the checks out but could not sign them. The supervisors would need to sign them. After discussion Supervisor Zent made a motion to pay all bills except for the $27,000.00 charge for assessing to the county until he could meet with Al Vietmeier to discuss the charges and request an itemized statement, the motion was 2nd by Supervisor Olson.  With no further discussion on the issue a roll  call vote was taken, Supervisor Zent, yes; Supervisor Olson, yes and Chairman Selzler, yes. Motion was carried.

Shawn Whitney Insp May, June & July ck # 10600 $873.68

Burleigh County Invoices  201000001,2015000006, 201000047 & 2015000213 less $27,000.00 for assessing ck # 10601 $63,259.86

Bismarck Tribune ads ck # 10602 $12.00

WSI WSI INSURANCE ck # 10603  $253.75

Northern Improvement ACT share of  crushed asphalt for school parking lot ck # 10604 $540.37

Great American Trucking delivery of crushed asphalt for parking lot ACT share ck # 10605 $562.50

TOTAL PAID $ 65,502.16

Other Business: ATV discussion on Majestic & 48th Ave. Supervisor Olson and Clerk Meidinger talked to Ray Ziegler at the Community Meeting sponsored by KLJ & the Bismarck MPO about the issue before the meeting and Mr. Ziegler stated that is in the City of Lincoln’s extra territorial jurisdiction.

 The Community Meeting was on Burleigh County Future Land Used Study held @ Apple Creek School on Thursday July 23rd. This community meeting gave an overview of Burleigh County today and focused on issues related to future growth in the study area. The planning team wanted to hear from area residents, property owners, business owners and other interested parties.  There was community discussion & keypad polling. Some of the questions asked were how did the population growth affect the residents and was it positive or negative. Where did the people want commercial zoning and questions regarding traffic? The study area includes portions of 11 townships within Burleigh County (Apple Creek, Burnt Creek, Crofte, Fort Rice, Gibbs, Glenview, Lyman, Menoken, Naughton, Phoenix and River View). There will be a meeting in October with the findings there is a website for residents to go to and vote. The website is so please go to the website and vote. Remember we need to participate it is not enough to let things go then complain when we don’t like something.


With no further business to discuss Chairman Selzler adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk ACT

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