Regular Meeting


09/08/2015, 7:PM

Members Present: Chairman, Ken Selzler; Supervisors Kerry Olson & Paul Zent; Assessor, Mark Splonskowski; Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz & Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger

Members Absent: Zoning Board Member, Rick Solberg; Road Supervisor, Chad Schneider, Treasurer Mark Ezell and Weed Board Member, Terry Mauch.

Chairman Selzler opened the meeting and stated he was going to change the order on the agenda.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Whitney had a permit request from Scott Hoffman for a 40’x40’ shop in City View. Mr. Hoffman was requesting to put the shop 7’ from the property line.  His reason was if he went the 15’ that the township requires his shop would be right next to the house. He has a shed that is 7’ from the property line so the 2 buildings would be in line. City View covenants have a 25’ setback.

A discussion followed resulting in several options for Mr. Hoffman. He could change the location for the shop. If he wanted to keep the location he would need to have a public hearing but the time line is running out to get the building up this fall. He could also get 80% of the landowners in City View to sign a document approving the variance. Mr. Hoffman stated he would change the location of the shop. He and Inspector Whitney would work out a new location.

Inspector Whitney stated he had his training coming up the next week (September 17-18) in Medora so he would need Chairman Selzler to come and do the inspection of his house before he goes to training.

There were several people from City View with complaints about a pole building being built @ 8275 Irish Lane owned by Ron Joern. The first issue was the pole building. The covenants state no pole barn but it also states no farm animals can be in the subdivision and ACT does allow pole buildings. Another issue to be addressed is there is lots of stuff cluttering up the yard and the neighbors find the place unattractive. A discussion followed with these results. The board strongly recommended the residents organize a new covenants committee and inform the residents of the new covenants. Inspector Whitney will contact Ray Ziegler @ the county and see about a cease and desist order to stop the construction of the pole building. Clerk Meidinger will send a letter requesting Mr. Joern attend the October meeting to discuss the state of his property.                              

Inspector Whitney had 3 footing inspections, 1 framing inspection, issued 2 building permits, 1 foundation inspection, 1 slab inspection, 1 final inspection and a breezeway issue for Marv Abraham was discussed.

Permits issued for August:

Permit #2015-21 Mathew & Tanya Noonan 3000 93rd St SE stick build home 1608 sq. ft. valuation $247,395.00 permit cost $1775.00 paid ck # 11424

Permit # 2015-22  Scott Hoffman 8144 Kittie Lane stick & frame shop 40’x40’ w/16’ side 1600 sq. ft. valuation $33,600 permit cost $350.00 paid cash.

August total valuation addition $ 280, 995.00 permit income $2125.00

School Board: Eric Kroh reported there a 62 kids in class this year and a total of 13 kindergarteners with a teacher for every class.

Mr. Kroh also reported the  parking lot is done and they are waiting on a bid for the gutters.

Treasurer’s Report: Supervisor Zent said Mark Ezell had a stroke on the August meeting date that is why he was not at the meeting. He is improving and will not be able to fulfill his term. Therefore clerk Meidinger contacted Kay Schoenhard to fill the position which will be up for election in 2016. Ms. Schoenhard was introduced to the board. Supervisor Olson asked Ms. Schoenhard her qualifications. Her reply was she has an Undergrad in Business Administration & Computer Information Systems with a Master’s in Business Administration and Masters of Management.  Supervisor Zent asked if anyone had any other questions, being none he made a motion to accept Ms. Schoenhard to the position as treasurer, Supervisor Olson 2nd the motion. Roll Call Vote, Supervisor Olson, yes, Chairman Selzler, yes and Supervisor Zent yes. The bills were presented to the supervisors for approval for payment. Supervisor Zent made a motion to pay all bills submitted except for the $27,000.00 for accessing to the county until the currant checking account balance could be determined. The motion was 2nd by Supervisor Olson. Roll Call Vote, Supervisor Olson yes, Chairman Selzler yes and Supervisor Zent yes, motion carried.

Checking account balance as of 9-10-15 is $149,394.26 before currant bills were submitted.

ck # 10553

Kramer Agency

Building Ins.

$            327.10

ck # 10554

ND Ins Dept.

Fire & Tornado Fund

$            272.46

ck # 10555

Shawn Whitney

Insps./ salary

$            542.27

ck # 10556

Best Buy

assessor computer & accessories

$            734.25

ck # 10557

Cyndy Meidinger

supply reimbursement

 $             31.64

ck # 10558

Cyndy Meidinger

3rd Qtr. wages

 $            580.00

ck # 10559

Ken Selzler

3rd Qtr. wages

 $            160.00

ck # 10560

Kerry Olson

3rd Qtr. wages

 $            120.00

ck # 10561

Paul Zent

3rd Qtr. wages

 $              80.00

ck# 10562

Kaylene Schoenhard

3rd Qtr. wages

 $              20.00

ck# 10563

Burleigh County

township assessing &                 FEMA project 2011

 $       27,255.55



 $       30,123.27



Weed Board Report: Weed Board Member Mauch was not at the meeting but Kathy Mauch said there was nothing to report. She did say if anyone needed to spray leafy spurge now was a great time to spray. The spurge seems to take it to the root better in the fall.

Assessor’s Report: Mark Splonskowski had nothing to report but inquired about the status of the computer. The board responded they approved purchase of a computer @ the August meeting.  The board would issue a check to Best Buy and Mark could purchase any 1 of the 3 that he recommended.

Road Supervisor’s Report:  No report due to the absence of Supervisor Schneider.  Supervisor Zent talked to Melinda Kempel about Apple Meadows Subdivision and the speed limit issue. Since the subdivision was a county approved subdivision Supervisor recommended she contact the county and request a speed limit sign. He also said he would bring up the tree removal on the south side of Apple Creek Road & east side of 93rd St SE. There is a tree in the ditch and obstructs the view @ the intersection. He would also discuss the mowing or lack of it and there is a culvert on 119th that has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

Other Business:  Chairman Selzler read a letter from Russell Meyer about the property of Nathan Jensen in Glasser Subdivision. The letter stated Mr. Jensen had not cleaned up the property there is still a lot of stuff scattered around the property. Mr. Meyer also referenced that Terry Mauch had not gotten a permit for a building.

For the Jensen issue a certificate of occupancy will not be issued until the property is cleaned up the intent would be to keep Mr. Jenson from moving into his house until the property is cleaned up. As for Terry Mauch, Supervisor Zent said a permit was issued but there might be a size discrepancy.

Supervisor Zent said he would contact Inspector Whitney to contact the owners of Harmony Stables. There is a possibility of a new building going up so there needs to be discussion about a permit.

Clerk Meidinger suggested on having a public hearing on zoning issues. This led to a discussion and the consensus from the board the best time to address this would be at the annual meeting in March.

Chairman Selzler asked if there was any other business to discuss being none he adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk ACT




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