Regular Meeting


10/05/2015, 7 PM

Members Present: Chairman Ken Selzler; Supervisors Kerry Olson & Paul Zent; Building Inspector, Shawn Whitney; Assessor, Mark Splonskowski; Road Supervisor, Chad Schneider; Zoning Board Member, Jerry Kunz;  Treasurer, Kaylene Schoenhard and Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger.

Members Absent: Weed Board member Terry Mauch and Zoning Board Member Rick Solberg

Chairman Selzler opened the meeting.

Discussion on September minutes, Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve the minutes as written with a second from Supervisor Olson, the motion was unanimously approved.

School Board Report: Eric Kroh reported AC School has afterschool program for the parents of AC School students. The program provides supervision to students after school until 5:30 the cost of this program is $100.00/mo. for the first child and $50.00 /mo. for each additional child. AC School also has a program starting at 7:30 AM the cost of this is $1.00/day/child. Last year the afternoon program had 11 children attending. This year there are 17 attending.

Chairman Selzler said he has received several complaints about the warning lights @ the school being on longer than necessary. School Board Member Kroh said the school either has or will address this issue.

Zoning Board: City View complaint, regarding Ron Joren’s property in City View. Mr. & Mrs. Joern were[cm1] [cm2]  present to answer questions regarding the complaint. Chairman Selzler asked Mr. Joern what his plans for the pole building were.   Mr. Joern said he was going to use metal siding the same color as his house on the pole building and when the building was complete, he would put in a concrete floor. Chairman Selzler stated ACT does not have a problem with pole buildings but the surrounding neighbors have brought the complaints to the attention of ACT.  Chairman Selzler asked about the stuff (wood pallets, pieces of lumber, signs etc.) scattered over the lot. Mr. Joern stated he has cleaned up some of the stuff and would continue to do so. Chairman Selzler stated the property would need to be cleaned up because of health and welfare issues. If Mr. Joern does not, clean up the property, the matter would be turned over to Burleigh County Building Inspections Department and any cost incurred for cleanup would be charged to Mr. Joern. There was also a complaint about the business trucks parked on his property. The board said Mr. Joern would need to refrain from parking commercial vehicles in his yard. Chairman Selzler told Mr. Joern he and the supervisors recommend the residents of City View get its covenants committee reorganized. This would require an election of members to the committee.  It would behoove Mr. Joern to attend the meetings so he could have some input.  Chairman Selzler also stated the residents of City View could contact Shawn Whitney who was on the committee for Mees Addition when they got their covenants’ committee reestablished for guidance.  It was also stated the residents of City View should include all residents of the subdivision in the discussion of the covenants.

Robert Griffin Complaint: Mr. Griffin had a complaint about many vehicles being stored on property owned by Kris Krein south and east of Lincoln in Wilhelm’s Subdivision. Mr. Krein was at the meeting and he stated he had talked to the neighbors of his property and they were all ok with him using his property for temporary storage.  He also stated he missed talking to Mr. Griffin, but has talked to him recently and Mr. Griffin knows this is temporary. Mr. Krein owns C&K Auto and with the City of Bismarck doing roadwork around his business in Bismarck, he lost storage space until the project is complete. A discussion resulted with Mr. Krein agreeing to remove the vehicles after the City Bismarck completes the road project. The board agreed to allow Mr. Krein 1 month after the project would be complete to have all the vehicles removed.

Mr. Griffin also stated James Hayden is beginning to store construction items on his property at 5101 66th St SE. in Wilhelm’s Subdivision. A discussion followed with Joe Larson agreeing to talk to Mr. Hayden and let him know that storing construction items is against ACT Zoning Regulations.  If that does not resolve the problem, other avenues will be pursued at the November meeting.

Weed Board: No report do the absence of weed board member Mauch.

Assessor’s Report: Assessor Splonskowski stated he had purchased a laptop and printer. He turned in the receipts for the computer. He said he would purchase the printer for himself but would turn in receipts for paper and ink. The laptop is in the process of having programs installed. Assessor Splonskowski said his main goal was to get on top of building permits while the weather was still nice. When it gets cold and permits slow down he would work on catching up with the rest of the paper work.  Supervisor Zent said clerk Meidinger will work on getting the filing caught up October 23 during teacher’s convention.  Maybe Assessor Splonskowski could come to the school and check on the permits that have been turned in to the township.

Road Supervisor’s Report:  Supervisor Schneider had 3 approach permits

Angela Laber 8330 Palomino Dr. Check # 765 for $25.00.

Caroline Hankinson 9005 Palomino Drive MoneyGram # 206326032022 for $25.00

Tim & Chelsie Boeshans 2920 Susan Dr. cash $25.00

Total dollar amount for approach permits submitted is $75.00

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Whitney reported he issued 2 building permits

Timothy Kuennen @ 2594 93rd St SE for a 40x60’ pole building 2400 sq. with no concrete and stick frame garage 42x34 ft. with a floating slab check # 7249 for $500.00 with total valuation of $78,624.

Harmony Stables2897 93rd St SE for several 3 sided horse shelters with roof12x48, 12x24,13x88 and 16x42 check # 4597 for $180.00. No valuation given for the shelters

Total dollar amount for building permits submitted is $680.00 giving a total income from all permits turned in at this meeting $755.00

Inspector Whitney also stated he did 4 inspections; final for Lee Auch’s shop. Mr. Auch was informed he would need an entry door in the shop in addition to the overhead door. This is required in case of fire and the overhead door could not be opened so there would be an additional exit. Other inspections for the month Jenson draftstop check, final framing for Upham and final inspection for Grady Wolf. There was discussion on the setback for the Kuennen buildings. Inspector Whitney will contact Ray Ziegler and discuss setback requirements with him to get a solution and he will inform Mr. Kuennen of the results.

Inspections training Inspector Whitney said he learned a lot at the training and North Dakota Building Association put on the seminar.

Chairman Selzler said he did the inspection for Inspection for Shawn Whitney’s building.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Schoenhard reported she went to Dakota Community Bank to sign a signature card and was not able to sign because the bank said they did not have the card. Treasurer Schoenhard will try again to get the card signed. Clerk Meidinger stated the board should consider moving the accounts to a different bank. Supervisor Zent said Treasurer Schoenhard should try again and if need be contact one of the supervisors and have them come to the bank to straighten the mix-up out.

There was a balance of $149,347.52 as of 9/30/15 in checking and a

Savings account balance of $20,422.29 as of 9/22/15

Bills Submitted

10564  void                                

10565 Krafty Web Works web training $ 210.00

10566 Cyndy Meidinger Postage Reimbursement $3.94

10567 Bismarck Tribune Balance remaining for ad $1.28

10568 NRG Anti-Virus for computer $38.94

10569 Chad Schneider 3rd Qtr. Pay $379.55

10570 Shawn Whitney Training Reimbursement $848.76

Total bills submitted for the month $1,482.47


Supervisor Zent made a motion to pay all bills submitted with a second by Supervisor Olson. The motion was unanimously approved.                                                                                                                                 

Other Business:  Dan & Lori Reis said the address issue with their son’s mobile home address still had not been resolved.  Inspector Whitney will contact Marla McMonagle at Burleigh County Building/Planning & Zoning and get an address for the Reis’.  Inspector Whitney said he would need a Platt map of the property.

Clerk Meidinger inquired about the windrowing of gravel on 62nd Ave SE the problem being when there is substantial rainfall the windrows cause a dam and water follows the windrow cutting into the roadbed. In addition, the windrowed gravel is doing no good in piles it should be on the roadbed.  Road Supervisor Schneider explained that because of the dry conditions some windrowing is required. Loose gravel cannot be compacted into the road surface during dry conditions. However, large windrows should not be left along the edge of the road. Supervisor Zent asked Road Supervisor Schneider to contact Burleigh County and ask them to stop windrowing on 62nd Ave SE for the winter.

With no other business to discuss Chairman Selzler adjourned the meeting.


Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk, ACT










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