Regular Meeting


09/12/2016, 7PM

Members Present: Chairman, Kerry Olson; Supervisor, Paul Zent; Road Supervisor, Chad Schneider; Building Inspector, Shawn Whitney; Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz; Weed Board, Terry Mauch; Treasurer, Jenn Bauer and Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger.

Members Absent: Assessor Mark Splonskowski, Zoning Board, Rick Solberg & Supervisor Selzler

Chairman Olson opened the meeting and the minutes of the last meeting were discussed Chairman Olson noted one correction on capitalization of the last name Thorn for a building permit. With no other corrections or additions Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected. The motion was unanimously approved.

School Board Report: Larry Rhode representing the school board stated there are 63 students attending Apple Creek School for the 2016-2017 school year.

He also had a list of items to be repaired water leaks in the basement, Lorin Wolf was contacted to put in drain tile, Cashman did landscaping to help the water drain away from the building. Nathan Jenson will donate 4-6 20’ American Elm trees and the teachers suggested the trees be placed on the west side of the playground. A window had to be replaced in one of the portable classrooms.  ACT will review the bills and make a determination on cost share as the bills come in.

Treasurer’s Report:  Clerk Meidinger reported there was $175,044.28 in the checking account. Treasurer Bauer read a list of bills to pay after review Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve all bills submitted and a second from Chairman Olson. The motion was unanimously approved.



 $               82,125.73

Burleigh County

township gravel projects


 $                       75.00

AC School (Board)

ACT share of tree removal & cleanup


 $                       16.01

Bismarck Tribune

Jane Borr/Kenton Magilke public hearing


 $                       38.63

Cyndy Meidinger

office supply reimbursement










 $                     140.00

Paul Zent

3rd Qtr. Wages


 $                       80.00

Ken Selzler

3rd Qtr. Wages


 $                     120.00

Kerry Olson

3rd Qtr. Wages


 $                     120.00

Jerry Kunz

3rd Qtr. Wages


 $                       40.00

Rick Solberg

3rd Qtr. Wages


 $                     120.00

Chad Schneider

3rd Qtr. Wages


 $                     120.00

Terry Mauch

3rd Qtr. Wages


 $                     120.00

Jenn Bauer

3rd Qtr. Wages


 $                     563.33

Cyndy Meidinger

3rd Qtr. Secretarial duties


 $                     794.21

Shawn Whitney

3rd Qtr. Wages


 $                     146.14

Shawn Whitney

3rd Qtr. Re-imbursement mileage & seminars


 $                       25.24

Chad Schneider

3rd Qtr. Mileage


 $                       40.00

Kerry Olson

3rd Qtr. X meetings



 $               84,684.29


 $                       60.00

Rick Hessinger

building permit


 $                     350.00

Mary Beth Johnson

building permit


 $                     450.00

Larry Bayer

building permit


 $                     860.00




Assessor’s Report:  No report due to the absence of Assessor Splonskowski.  

Zoning Board:  Mr. Krein was not in attendance at the meeting to report on the progress of the car removal from ACT. Zoning Board member Kuntz stated Mr. Krein was @ the City of Lincoln meeting and wanted to get approval from the City of Lincoln to have a car lot on 66th St SE and Northgate Dr. Mr. Kunz said Lincoln did not seem to have any objections regarding the request. Chairman Olson will contact Mr. Krein and inform him that the ACT Board has bent over backwards to accommodate him but now the ACT Board wants the cars moved ASAP since he did not attend the meeting to give an update. Addendum Mr. Krein did phone each of the supervisors after the meeting to discuss the issue. The supervisors will report back @ the Oct. meeting.

Chuck Serr was @ the meeting and wanted to know about the dogs being kenneled on the Jane Borr property and why people weren’t notified. Clerk Meidinger stated there was notice in the tribune.  Mr. Serr also stated that people were not using the approach to the property (8909 Palomino Drive) and just driving through the ditch to gain access to the property. The board asked clerk Meidinger to send a letter requesting this be stopped and the approach be used to access the property.

 Alvin Braun attended the meeting in response to the letter from the township board. The letter had directed Mr. Braun to relocate the fence that he had attached to power line poles located about 15 feet into the section line right-of-way. Mr. Braun stated that the poles were used for fencing because the poles made that portion of the section line impractical for the movement of large farm equipment. It does not interfere with cars or trucks. He also stated he would move the fence should a legitimate need occur. His response was acceptable to the board. This section line has been a cause of dispute in the past. (Note Mr. Scheive was not in attendance @ the meeting). The board would consider vacating the section line if it would help relations between the two parties.

Weed Board Report: Weed Board Member Mauch had nothing to report.

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Schneider reported the graveling should be done for the season. He says Tony Tank doesn’t want to get an approach permit. He also stated the County is implementing a new standard to require a culvert on any new approach. Mr. Schneider has not heard any more from Mr. Gandy about reducing the size of his approach. There was a discussion and it was decided to send the Gandy’s a letter asking them to attend a meeting and or contact Supervisor Schneider about how to change the approach size.

 Zoning Board member Jerry Kunz wanted to know if anything could be done about the gravel washing into Dave Dienstmann’s ditch. It was the consensus of the board that there was noting that could be done.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Whitney had 3 building permits # 3016-11 for Mary Beth Johnson 6900 62nd Ave SE  30’x48’ 1440 sq. ft. pole barn valuation of work $30,240.00 permit cost $350.00.

# 2016-10 for Larry Bayer 40’x60’ shop w/10’ sidewalls 2,400 sq. ft. valuation of work $50,400.00 permit cost $350.00 and $ 100.00 for the variance for additions sq. ft. of building.

#2016-13 Rick Hessinger 10’x15’ storage building with a floating slab valuation of work $3,150.00 permit cost $60.00

Inspector Whitney also asked about the Caroline Hankinson building. Clerk Meidinger said she did not have a currant address and she called the number that she had and it was not a good number. Mr. Whitney said he would email an address for Carol Hankinson. He also stated the City of Lincoln was adopting a 4% size increase for out buildings. Mr. Whitney said he would contact Ray Ziegler @ the county and see if this was a county wide increase and report back.

Other Business: Supervisor Zent stated the county will be discussing the county budget @ the Sept 22nd Burleigh County Commission meeting.

Grady Wolf brought to the attention of the board some corrections he noted for the minutes of the June 6th meeting and the July 11th meeting the June minutes should state that Brandon Schock said a fence will be put on the property north of Lincoln and the cars will be moved. The July minutes omitted there was a motion made and 2nd to approve a fine of $100.00 per car if they were not moved within 30 days.

Chairman Olson asked if there was any further business to discuss being none he adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted


Cyndy Meidnger

Clerk ACT




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