Regular Meeting


10/03/2016, 7:PM

Members Present: Chairman, Kerry Olson, Supervisor Ken Paul Zent; Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz & Rick Solberg; Weed Board, Terry Mauch; Assessor, Mark Splonskowski; Road Supervisor, Chad Schneider and Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger

Members Absent: Treasurer, Jenn Bauer and Supervisor Ken Selzler

Chairman Olson opened the meeting the minutes from the last meeting were discussed Supervisor Olson noted several changes regarding the Alvin Braun section line complaint. Supervisor Zent made the motion to approve the minutes as corrected. Chairman Olson 2nd the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.

School Board Report: Larry Rhode was @ the meeting and stated the trees were planted they were approximately 10 to 25 ft. tall.  

Mr. Rhode also presented the board with several bills for the township to review and decide on payment options. One bill was from Cashman’s Nursery for $200.50 and one from Handy Andy Repair for work done for $747.41

Clerk Meidinger stated she was contacted by the insurance dept. about the shingle damage and the insurance dept. wanted the date the damage happened, the extent of the damage and the possible dollar amount of the damage.

Treasurer’s Report: Clerk Meidinger in the absence of Treasurer Bauer gave the financial report, as of September 30 the bank balance was $174,988.27. A discussion on the bills presented from the resulted in a motion from Supervisor Zent to pay $100.00 of the Cashman Nursery bill and pay $286.00 of the Handy Andy Repair bills and $24.67 for reimbursement to Clerk Meidinger for stamps and office supplies. Chairman Olson 2nd the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.  Clerk Meidinger stated that Treasurer Bauer had the checkbook so no checks could be written at the meeting. She will email Treasurer Bauer the bills so she can cut the checks and make arrangements to get supervisor signatures so bills can be paid.

Zoning Board: Zoning Board Member Solberg stated they had nothing new to report. C&K Auto was discussed and Chris Krein was not @ the meeting to answer questions on the progress of the car removal. Terry Mauch stated he thought about 100 cars had been moved. Mr. Krein arrived late and apologized for being late. He stated he is doing the dirt work and Dakota Fence is putting up a gate so he can start moving cars onto his property on Divide Ave. in Bismarck. After the gate is installed the cars will begin moving quickly; but for now about 30 cars have been moved. He also stated the first cars to go will be in Grady’s line of sight.

Lengenfelder Subdivision Request: Pat Lengenfelder was @ the meeting with a request to subdivide the east ½ of lot 6 in C & L Estates. A discussion followed and it was decided that the neighbors be advised of the subdivision and get their approval. A public hearing on the subdivision will be held @ the November meeting. Clerk Meidinger will get a notice out in the Tribune.

Magilke Dog Kennel: There were a number of residents around the dog kennel owned by Kenton Magilke and on the property owned by Jane Borr @ 8909 Palomino Dr. at the meeting with complaints about the kennel and the constant dog barking day and night. After discussion it was determined by the board to send a letter to Mr. Magilke to attend the November meeting to answer complaints by surrounding land owners. It was also stated by the board Apple Creek Township needs to look into doing a consent meeting before any variances be granted to allow neighbor input.  It was also discussed to put notice of special meetings on the webpage.

Sharon Schumann subdivisiond: Terry Mauch stated Sharon Schumann wanted to move a house onto her property to allow a caregiver to live on the property to facilitate homecare. Ms. Schumann was not at the meeting to state her case about subdividing the property in C & L Estates. She owns 35 acres in the subdivision. Mr. Mauch stated this is a FYI for the board.

Weed Board Repot: Terry Mauch stated he had nothing new to report.

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Schneider said he had nothing new to report. Clerk Meidinger found an address for Tony Tank.  A letter will be written to Mr. Tank requesting he attend the November meeting to discuss his avoidance of getting an approach permit for his property with a culvert under the approach @ 1300 Apple Way Bismarck ND 58504 in East Valley Estates.

Clerk Meidinger stated she had sent a letter to Michael Gandy about the wide approach on his property.  Another letter will be sent to the Gandy’s requesting they attend the November meeting to discuss his approach.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Whitney was not @ the meeting to give a report but he had contacted Supervisor Zent and said that building was pretty quiet for the month and he would contact Clerk Meidinger and turn in some fees for permits. Clerk Meidinger stated she had not been contacted and did not have any checks from Mr. Whitney.

Assessor’s Report: Assessor Splonskowski was @ the meeting and said he was finishing up the ag land and would be starting on residential properties and working on building permits. Supervisor Zent asked Mr. Splonskowski to bring a list of properties that he has been working on to the next meeting and all subsequent meetings.

Chairman Olson asked if there was other business to discuss being none he adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

ACT, clerk

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