Regular Meeting


01/09/2017, 7PM

Members Present: Chairman, Kerry Olson; Supervisors, Paul Zent & Dave Nehring; Treasurer, Keith Bayley; Road Supervisor, Chad Schneider; Weed Board, Terry Mauch; Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz & Rick Solberg and Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger

Members Absent: Assessor, Mark Splonskowski

Chairman Olson opened the meeting and the minutes from the previous meeting were discussed, with no corrections Supervisor Zent made a motion to accept the minutes as written, a 2nd came from Supervisor Nehring. The motion was unanimously approved.

 School Board Report: Larry Rhode said the school had their annual inspection by the fire department and the school needs a key to the ACT office area so that can be opened for inspections. All portables need fire alarms. The school will use card keys to access the building starting Monday January 16th, 2017. There will be a buzzer for school access during school hours. All metal keys need to be turned in to the school. Mr. Rhode said the school board was looking to get bids for future shingle replacement on the main school building. There was a suggestion to look at metal roof prices also. The board will decide on a cost share when all bids are in.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bayley had a spreadsheet for the board of the wages paid out and what should withholding that should have been paid. Since the wages were paid with no withholding it is up to the township to pay all withholding to bring the township currant. He also said the best way to handle this in the future is to treat every officer as an employee. Treasurer Bayley had a total of 5 invoices for the board to review for payment.  After discussion Supervisor Nehring made a motion to pay all bills submitted and follow Treasurer Bayley’s recommendation on the withholding. The motion was seconded by Supervisor Zent. The motion was unanimously approved.



Shawn Whitney

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Cyndy Meidinger

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Zoning Board: Grady Wolf was at the meeting to find out why all the cars from C&K Auto have not been moved by his property. Mr. Wolf was quite upset and he feels the township board is not helping him get rid of the cars. The deadline was to be January 1st when the cars were to be removed. Supervisor Nehring said he would go and visit with Chris Krein to make the board’s intent clear that the cars need to be moved asap. Addendum: In the ACT files a letter was found that was sent July 26th 2016 asking Mr. Krein to attend the August 1st meeting to discuss the issues. The letter went on to state that if the vehicles were not moved by Saturday August 23rd a fine would be penalty of $100.00 per car per day would be assessed to his property taxes.

There was also discuss on the dog kennel owned by Kenton Magilke on Jane Boar’s property. At the November meeting the variance was rescinded and all dogs and buildings needed to be removed by December 30th. Supervisor Zent will contact Tom Moe NDTOA legal counsel to find out how to go about this. He will also get suggestions on legal counsel for ACT.  A letter will be sent to Ms. Boar and Mr. Magilke asking them to attend the next meeting on Feb 6th and informing Ms. Boar that the township fine will be $500.00 a dog a day and it will be levied against herproperty taxes and a copy will be sent to Mr. Magilke.

Assessor’s Report: No report due to the absence to Assessor Splonksowski but there was one request for a Disabled Veteran’s Credit for Nathan Jenson. There was discussion and Marv Abraham wanted make sure the credit was legitimate.  Supervisor Zent said he would contact the assessor’s office about the credit which is for an 80% credit on Mr. Jenson’s taxes

Weed Board: No report.

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Schneider said he and Chairman Olson went over the map provided by the county for additional snow plowing. The additional work will be to push snow back from the roads in problem areas. Supervisor Schneider said he had also talked to Gene @ the highway department to get input from the equipment operators on where they felt the biggest problems were. After discussion Supervisor Zent made a motion to accept the recommendations of Chairman Olson and Supervisor Schneider for additional snow blading and to accept the $150.00-$250.00 per hour cost. Supervisor Nehring 2nd the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Building Inspector’s Repot: Inspector Hillig said he had one final on a house. Needs to work with Shawn on permits he has questions on. Supervisor Zent wanted to make it clear that Mr. Whitney could not bill the township for the time he would use to help Inspector Hillig.

Chairman Olson asked if there was other business to discuss, being none he adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk ACT

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