Regular Meeting


04/03/2017, 7PM to 9PM

Members Present: Chairman Kerry Olson; Supervisor, Paul Zent; Assessor Mark Splonksowski; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Road Supervisor, Chad Schneider; Weed Board, Terry Mauch and Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz.

Members Absent: Supervisor, Dave Nehring; Treasurer, Keith Bayle and Zoning Board Member, Rick Solberg.

Chairman Olson opened the meeting and the vote for chairman was tabled until the May meeting due to the absence of Supervisor Nehring. Chairman Olson noted the requested January Minute change requested by Grady Wolf. The minutes’ change was regarding the autos on Chris Krein’s property in ACT.

There was also a request by Marv Abraham to have the picture of the dog kennel included in the minutes. The board stated the picture would not go on the website but will be included with the hard copy in the minutes.

The results from the election were Kerry Olson, Supervisor; Rick Solberg, Zoning Board; Keith Bayley, Treasurer and the budget request for $110,000.00 was approved.

School Board Report: Larry Rhode reported the school board is checking on siding on the west side of the building. Mr. Rhode stated at the last school board meeting the vote was to change Apple Creek School to K-5 with the 6th grade moving to Simle in Bismarck. Funding will be an issue. He thinks there will be funding for the next school year 2017-2018 but the school board is not sure of future funding. With AC School going to K-5 Mrs. Knittle resigned her position as 6th grade teacher and principal. The school board is looking to find a principal. Now, Mr. Rhode does not know if any other teachers will be resigning.

Mr. Rhode said he is not running for school board again due to medical issues he is facing. There are 2 positions open on the school board. Chairman Olson wished him well and thanked him for his school board updates.

Supervisor Zent said he had talked to Nyles Schwartz about the school roof and Mr. Schwartz said he would look at the roof and give a bid on asphalt and tin for the roof. When Supervisor Zent gets the bid, he will pass the info to the school board.

Treasurer’s Report: There was no report due to the absence of Treasurer Bayle. Clerk Meidinger gave a summary of the checking account. The balance as of 3-31-2017 $273,639.09. That balance included a deposit from Burleigh County for $36,902.87, interest $26.98 and a return of the tape recorder for $26.50 and bills paid $23,031.13.

Chairman Olson suspended the regular meeting of ACT and opened the Zoning Board. Chris Krein was at the meeting to give a progress report. He said since the ground is drying up he has been able to move cars off the property. Now, he has moved about 40 cars off the property. When questioned about the May 1st deadline for removal of all vehicles he said he thought he would be able to meet the dead line.

Trent Guthmiller was at the meeting to visit with the board about the purchase of a 40-acre Platt on 62nd Ave SE and 93rd St SE. The property is owned by Dale Pahlke. Supervisor Zent said there has been no info passed on to the board about the property and the county has not been contacted about the 40 acre Platt. The township will require a Platt of the property. Mr. Guthmiller has been in contact with Road Supervisor Schneider about the approach permit he also said he will work with the township to get required permits and platting done. Mr. Guthmiller will need to contact Greg Hillig about building permit.

Magilke dog kennel has been removed there is still clean up to be done but the dogs are gone.

Chuck Serr asked about the Lengenfelder subdivision. The board stated Mr. Lengenfelder was @ the county commission meeting to get approval from the county commission. Mr. Serr’s question was whether the 20 acres could be subdivided again. The board stated it could be but in no less than 5 acre plats. Also, there would be a process to follow and the surrounding neighbors would have to be notified.

With no other Zoning business to discuss Chairman Olson closed the Zoning Board and reconvened the regular meeting of ACT.

Weed Board: Weed Board Member Mauch said there is not much going on right now. Fertilawn has the contract to spray weeds again. For spraying on personal property, the county will do a cost share with the property owner $35.00 a quart for Milestone and you can get up to 9 quarts that should do 40 acres. Chuck Serr said he has Brent Ternes do his spraying for a reasonable rate.

Assessor’ Report: Assessor Splonskowski said he sent out 60 notices for tax increases. He also stated all the building permits are checked out and done. He had not received may calls from the notice of tax increase. He has received calls on Red Oak and Burr Oak areas about the market values and over assessment. So that will be his focus to get that area taken care of. He also states the tax equalization meeting will be Tuesday, April 18th 7 PM @ the school. The mill levy for Bismarck is 188.88 and for ACT is 172.08.

Road Supervisor’s Report: Road Supervisor Schneider said he had 1 approach permit for Trent Guthmiller, permit # 17-3-10310 $50.00 paid by check # 13884.

Clarissa Klein was at the meeting to inquire about the paving on 119th St SE and if there was any progress. Chairman Olson said Steve Keller in Mees Addition who was getting a petition going for the paving. So far there has been no other conversation about the paving. Supervisor Zent stated the bulk of the traffic was coming from Mees addition and that area by the last traffic count. Road Supervisor stated the county will not have the money to do extra jobs this summer since their budget has been cut quite drastically. He also stated the cost for 1 mile of paving goes for 1 million dollars. At last year’s cost the township’s share would have been $200,000.00 + making it a budget breaker. Supervisor Zent asked if the chloride worked last year. Ms. Klein said it did for a while. Supervisor Zent said the county will do the chloride treatment again since there is a medical condition that is aggravated by the dust. Trent Guthmiller said there is another product available it is a foam product that is less expensive and not so corrosive to the vehicles that are driving on the road. Supervisor asked if Road Supervisor Schneider would contact Gene Small @ the county and request the chloride treatment. Road Supervisor also asked Ms. Klein to contact Gene Small @ the county. It carries more weight if a resident of the township calls and makes a request.

Building Inspectors Report: Inspector Hillig said he had 3 building permits for the month

2017-1 Don Hawkinson @ 2620 93rd St SE shed 8’ x16’ w x12’ 128 sq. ft. valuation $2,048.00 permit cost $40.00 paid by check # 1715

2017-2 Lance Piatz 8022 Jeaner Place 40’ x 30’ x 12’ 1200 sq. ft. heated garage/w floating slab valuation $19,200.00 permit cost $262.20 paid by check # 1586;

Lowell Malard 10900 62nd Ave SE room addition 29’ 10” w x 16’ x 8’ 710 sq. ft. and a 42’x 40’w x 10’h 11680 sq. ft. attached garage and demo existing garage valuation $91,725.00 permit cost $763.72 paid by check #6929. Permit revenue for March $1065.92 The total building permit

Total building permit income for the month is $6,147.84

Theresa Matdche is looking to purchase @ a lot in Fainmans’s Sunrise Addition the address of the lot was 810 Sunyview Ave. and will be 810 Sunrise Ave. They are looking at putting up a house with the garage underneath and the house on the top. Supervisor Zent said she should talk to Building Inspector Hillig after the meeting. Clerk Meidinger will get her a copy of the covenants.

There was a question on what needs a building permit. Inspector Hillig said buildings under 120 sq. ft. do not need a permit.

Carolyn High Elk has an outstanding permit #2017-3 for a 40’x 14’ x 7’ 560 sq. ft. prebuilt shed valuation of $8,960.00 permit cost $197.25 that has not been paid. The shed was moved to 9005 Palomino Dr. but she does not live on the property. Inspector Hillig has tried to phone her several times but no response so he wants a letter written to her regarding payment of permit. Clerk Meidinger will send a letter and email a copy to Inspector Hillig.

Other Business: Arnold Schieve was at the meeting and asked why nothing had been done about removing the fence on the section line between property owned by him on one side and Alvin Brown on the other side. Mr. Schieve states the section line crossing is public and there should not be a fence there. Road Supervisor Schneider said there is a number on the sign and a phone number to call the railroad. The rail road will say whether the crossing is private or public. There was a discussion and a board member will do follow up and report back @ the May meeting.

Chairman Olson asked for other business to discuss being none he adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted.

Cyndy Meidinger.

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