Regular Meeting


06/05/2017, 7:PM

Members Present: Chairman, Paul Zent; Supervisor, Dave Nehring; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidnger; Road Supervisor; Chad Schneider; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch, Weed Board Terry Mauch and Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz

Members Absent: Assessor, Mark Splonskowski,  and Zoning Board, Rick Solberg

Building Inspectors Report: Inspector Hillig had one building permit for a detached garage @ 9103 Creekside Drive for Noel and Carol Zingg. Total of 1760 sq. ft. there is also a 10'x1'2 ft. shed on the property for a total of out building sq. footage of 1880'. Valuation of work $40,176.00 permit cost $356.45 paid by check #1160. Inspector Hillig also stated he performed the following inspections: Mallard on 62nd Ave SE crawl space inspection; Stoppler on 93rd St SE and Lincoln Rd final basement inspection; Steinke 66th St SE Pole barn final inspection and Wetzel on Meadow Run Dr. Septic system inspection.Variance: Inspector Hillig stated Nathan had a request for a variance for an oversized shop on his property at 6500 Omar St. Mr. Jensen was present at the meeting to answer any questions about the building. He also said he had talked to the neighbors in the subdivision about the building and did not get any negative comments. Chairman Zent suspended the regular meeting of ACT to open the Zoning Board to discuss the variance requested by Mr. Jensen. Chairman Zent asked for any comments from the audience. There was one question as to why the variance. Chairman Zent said that was the process to allow the residents an option to add more buildings to their property. Mr. Jensen has a 10’x12’ ft. building on the property and wanted to add a shop that is 32’x64’ ft. the variance is about 250 ft. over the allowable sq. footage. A discussion followed. The result of the discussion was Supervisor Nehring making a motion to approve the variance, Zoning Board Member Jerry Kunz 2nd the motion. Roll call vote: Supervisor Nehring, yes; Zoning Board Member, Jerry Kunz, yes and Chairman, Zent, yes. Motion Carried. Inspector Hillig also stated Burleigh County does not require a permit for buildings under 120 sq. ft. he feels ACT should follow the county on this issue. Inspector Hillig said he had not heard from Carolyn High Elk. She moved a building to her property in ACT but to date had not contacted Mr. Hilling about the permit and paying the permit fee. A letter was sent but there was no response. Clerk Meidnger said a letter could be resent with a copy of the invoice that was sent and would be sent return receipt.

CK Auto Update: Chairman Zent said he went by the property and could not see many vehicles from the road. Mr. and Mrs. Krein were in attendance to answer questions. Mr. Krein stated there were 6 cabs left to move, 12 pickup boxes left. There have been several deadlines that have come and gone and this issue still has not been resolved. A discussion followed and the result of the discussion was June 25th as the ideal date for completion. The board is willing to grant July 1st as the final date for completion. Chairman Zent said that since progress is being made the board can’t do too much. There will be a determination at the July 3rd meeting on the issue. Zoning Board Member Kunz enquired about the land on 66th St SE and North Gate Drive. He feels there needs to be some type of cover crop on the land. Mr. Krein stated there was someone going put some seed down for a cover crop but he doesn’t know what it is. Also, this is a City of Lincoln issue. Mr. Kunz said he was inquiring because of the dirt problem that he and his neighbors are fighting because of the dirt work being done and the dirt just left to blow.

Pahlke Subdivision on 93rd St SE and 62nd Ave SE: Chairman Zent has been in contact with Marcus Hall the Burleigh County Engineer about the property. Mr. Hall said in his opinion the property should be subdivided and the roads be built to county specs. If that were to happen the subdivision would have to be approved by the county first and then ACT would have to approve the subdivision. Trent Guthmiller was at the meeting and he wanted the road by him built on the section line. There was no one present to represent Mr. Pahlke so there could be no meaningful discussion. The issue was tabled until the July meeting. With no further Zoning Issues to discuss Chairman Zent closed the Zoning Board and reconvened the regular meeting of ACT.

School Board Report: There is a new principal Sonya Miller and she will also teach 5th grade and Mrs. Kraft will change from a 5th grade teacher to 1st grade they still need a 3rd grade teacher. There was also some damage to the floor in the kindergarten portable due to a furnace malfunction. The School board would like to know if ACT would be willing to cost share the expenses. Chairman Zent stated the board would like to look at the estimate for the repair and decide at that time.

Assessor’s Report: Assessor Splonskowski was not @ the meeting but he did contact Chairman Zent and reported that he was working on new permits and following through with the ag land.

  1. Board Report: Mr. Mauch said he had been checking the township for spurge locations.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Vetsch reported the May 31 statement ending balance was $278,765.50. She had 2 bills to pay Kramer Agency and T&R Contracting for culvert repair. Also, there were 2nd Qtr. wages for board members to pay. After review Supervisor Nehring made a motion to pay all bills submitted Chairman Zent 2nd the motion the motion was unanimously approved.



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Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Schneider said the approach on 52nd Ave SE and 66th St SE is fine. The problem is ND Title & Guaranty feels the approach needs to be moved. Don’t know if the county will approve the approach. The township feels moving the approach could cause more problems.

119th St SE the township sent a letter to the county relinquishing control of 119th to the county. Marcus Hall said Gibbs needs to relinquish control of their portion also. Chairman Zent said he had contacted Rick Sander from Gibbs to discuss the issue with him. He said he would take it to his board for discussion. ACT would consider paying up to $100,000.00 for paving of 119th for the county to take control of the road. This will eliminate the special assessment for the residents of Mees Addition. So far Chairman Zent has not heard from the county. Supervisor Nehring asked to table the issues until Supervisor Olson would be at the meeting.

Other Business: Dan Jones was at the meeting and questioned about what kind of livestock he could have if he moved to the township. Chairman Zent said it would depend on where he purchased property and the covenants for the subdivision would be a factor.

With no other business to discuss Chairman Zent adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk, ACT

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