Regulr Meeting


09/11/2017, 7PM

Members Present: Chairman, Paul Zent; Supervisor, Kerry Olson; Building Inspector Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch; Weed Supervisor, Terry Mauch and Zoning Board Members Jerry Kunz & Rick Solberg

Members Absent: Supervisor, Dave Nehring; Assessor, Mark Splonskowski and Road Supervisor, Chad Schneider

Chairman Zent opened the meeting, and asked for corrections or additions to the minutes from the August meeting. Being none Supervisor Olson made a motion to approve the minutes as written, the motion received a 2nd from Chairman Olson & was unanimously approved.

Consent Agenda: No discussion

School Board Report: Mark Springer asked the board about the procedure for bids on the school roof. Supervisor Zent said the school board usually takes the lead getting 3 bids and submits the bids to the township for review and discussion.

Mr. Springer stated the school has approximately 58 or 61 students with 16 being kindergarten students. He also stated there are 8 kindergarten students committed for the fall of 2018.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Vetsch reported there is $248,316.74 in checking as of August 31st, 2017. She also stated she will be paying board members monthly since there is no tax info on paying taxes quarterly. She will be taking out for social security and FICA. Bills to pay this month are service reimbursement for tire removal, legal ad reimbursement, Burleigh county for road work and board members monthly pay. After discussion Supervisor Olson made a motion to pay all bills, Chairman Zent 2nd the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.


$ 16.50

Kerry Olson

re-imbursement tire removal


$ 15.77

Bismarck Tribune

public hearing ad


$ 92.35

Paul Zent

3rd Qtr. payroll


$ 36.90

Dave Nehring

3rd Qtr. payroll


$ 92.25

Kerry Olson

3rd Qtr. payroll


$ 719.55

Cyndy Meidinger

3rd Qtr. payroll


$ 55.35

Jerry Kunz

3rd Qtr. payroll


$ 92.35

Rick Solberg

3rd Qtr. payroll


$ 387.45

Jamie Vetsch

3rd Qtr. payroll + extra hours


$ 18.45

Mark Splonskowski

3rd Qtr. payroll


$ 92.25

Greg Hillig

3rd Qtr. payroll


$ 18.45

Chad Schneider

3rd Qtr. payroll


$ 36.90

Terry Mauch

3rd Qtr. payroll


$ 50.00

Kerry Olson

Road Inspection


$ 50.00

Chad Schneider

Road Inspection


$ 80.00

Paul Zent

Extra Meetings


$ 2,466.39

Burleigh Co

Road Repairs


$ 2,213.69

Burleigh Co

Road Repairs and Dust Control


$ 6,534.60




Zoning Board/Public Hearing: Chairman Zent suspended the regular meeting and opened the Zoning Board to discuss the subdivision request from Chuck Schaan. He is requesting to split a 40-acre plat into 2- 20-acre plats. The physical address is 7705 55th Ave SE Bismarck. A discussion was started in the absence of representation of Mr. Schaan. Concerned citizens in attendance were Jerry Lager, Carla Lager, Larry Berger and Grady Wolf. After some discussion Chairman Zent asked for a motion to table the discussion since there was no representation for Mr. Schaan. Chris Schaan, Chuck Schaan’s son arrived after discussion started. Chairman. Zent asked Chris Schaan to address some of the concerns regarding the lot split:

  • Angle of lot because submitted split is not a square or rectangle of equal sides which could cause problems in the future. There was discussion on a different size split example 15 & 25 acre or 22 & 18 acre or any other split that would make square lot lines.

  • Access to the second lot move present cul-de-sac access cost of approach work would be seller’s expense & will need to be up to county specs since the township will be responsible for the maintenance of the road.

  • Is there a covenant that prevents a lot split?

  • Work with township Road Supervisor to make sure approach to new lot is up to township specs and on the property easement.

Chris Schaan stated the lot was his father’s and was part of a divorce settlement that went bad. Mr. Chuck Schaan bought the property back at a sheriff’s auction and now wants to split the property and keep the parcel with the buildings. The other lot will be sold so a home can be built on the property. Chris Schaan stated he will go back and work on figures for access options. They will have to go to the county to get approval for the split. The board is requesting a better drawing of the lot and the proposed split before voting on the split. Chairman Zent will keep Zoning Board open for the rest of the meeting and a decision will be made at end of meeting.

Chairman Zent reconvened the regular meeting

Weed Board: Weed Board Member Mauch stated nothing new going on but many ACT residents have been taking advantage of the cost share for weed spraying. Chairman Zent asked about the problem with baby’s breath along Apple Creek Road and other areas. Mr. Mauch stated baby’s breath is not listed on the state’s noxious weed list.

Assessor’s Report: In the absence of Assessor Splonskowski Chairman Zent stated Mark is working on the ag land and working on new builds.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Hillig reported he issued 5 building permits for August:

  1. Permit # 2017-15 to Mark Springer 9150 22nd Ave SE for a prebuilt lawn shed 240 sq. ft. (24’x10’x8’) Valuation of work, $3,600.00 permit fee $81.19 paid check 2391

  2. Permit # 2017-16 Dominick Johnson 8121 Brads Way new home finished main and basement 3048 sq. ft.(48’x30’8”) Valuation of work $280,416.00 permit fee $751.35 includes gas line inspection and certificate paid check #4282

  3. Permit # 2017-17 Kevin Frank 12451 Lincoln Road Menoken, ND 2 story addition slab on grade with tuck under garage. Total finished sq. ft. 6,204 (84’x40’x18’) valuation of work $323,405.00 permit fee $1448.00 includes gas line inspection and certificate paid check #1312

  4. Permit #2017-18 JW Hayden 5101 66th St SE 2 story slab on grade 1,200 sq. ft. finished (40’x30’x18’) with 2 lean twos and 24’x12’ deck. Valuation of work $134,520.00 permit fee $890.92 includes gas line inspection, septic inspection and certificate permit paid check # 127034

  5. Permit 2017-19 Rick Wald 11761 Hillard Drive Menoken, ND new home with basement & attached garage & 21’x10’ deck total finished 3324 sq. ft. (49’ 6”x30’x10’) Valuation of work $207,781.50

    Permit fee $1,143.20 includes septic inspection, gas line inspection & certificate paid check #2261

    Total permit fees for August $ 4,314.66 total valuations added for August $949,722.50

Inspector Hillig did 9 inspections:

  • Josh Lengenfelder – framing inspection

  • Lowell Malard- framing inspection & final

  • Kevin Frank- footing inspection

  • Josh Lengenfelder – re-inspect framing

  • Loren Guthmiller- framing inspection

  • Mark Springer – shed inspection

  • Lance Piatz – framing inspection

  • Josh Lengenfelder- gas line inspection

  • Lance Piatz- framing re-inspection

Inspector Hillig also had 3 calls on a lot in Mees subdivision. He has not heard anything from Carolyn High Elk. He also reported that Burleigh County is requiring any accessory building over 120 sq. ft. unless housing livestock needs to be on a concrete slab. If the building has water the building needs to be on a 4’ foundation. He also said the county will allow accessory buildings to a total of 4% of the total lot sq. ft. Chairman Zent said this might have to be addressed @ the annual meeting in March. Inspector Hilling will do follow up and report back @ the Oct. meeting.

Road Supervisors Report: Road Supervisor Schneider was not present to give a report so Chairman Zent gave the following update. 119th St SE Chairman Zent said a letter had been sent to Marcus Hall stating ACT would relinquish their control of 119th SE and would pay 1/2 of the cost of paving up to $100,000.00. His feeling is 119th St SE would be paved in 2018 maybe in the spring. He also reported on the approach in Harvest Meadow Subdivision that the county wants to move. He talked with Marcus Hall and the cost would be approximately $3,000.00. Marcus wanted the township to pay for the approach revision and then bill the landowners. Chairman Zent said the township does not pay to build approaches and since this was a county approved approach revision he felt the cost should be the county’s responsibility. This can be done now or when the landowners sell the property. The cost will be the seller’s responsibility.

Larry Berger asked about the speeding on the road by his house. Chairman Zent responded that the township has speed limits signs in subdivision so the sheriff can enforce the speed limits.

Zoning Board Member Kunz said when the county cut weeds on the shoulders of Northgate Drive they left big balls of weeds in the ditch making a big mess. Chairman Zent stated they will contact Supervisor Schneider and have him contact the county with the complaint.

Schaan lot subdivide continuation: Chairman Zent said since there were many more questions that needed addressing, he felt the best thing would be to table this until the Oct 2nd meeting. Chris responded that there was no hurry and with winter around the corner he was ok with tabling the issue until October since there was a lot of information for him to study. As a result, Chairman Zent tabled the issue until the Oct 2nd meeting.

Chairman Zent asked if there was any other business to discuss being none he suspended the Zoning Board and adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cyndy Meidnger, Clerk ACT


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