ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


02/04/2019, 7:PM

Members Present: Chairman, Dave Nehring; Supervisors Mark Springer & Ken Selzler; Assessor, Mark Splonskowski; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Weed Board, Terry Mauch and Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz.

Members Absent: Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch & Zoning Board, Rick Solberg

Chairman Nehring opened the meeting and asked if there were any corrections or additions to the January minutes. Being none Supervisor Selzler made a motion to approve the minutes as written and Supervisor Springer 2nd the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Consent Agenda: Toni Haider from SEH Inc. was at the meeting to ask the board for help on getting vehicles off the right of way @ the James Grabinger property on Majestic Street to gain access to the Lincoln Water Towers. There is a 40’ easement on the private drive now. The City of Lincoln is putting in a 12” water line for the water towers and needs access to do the project. They have an access agreement with Mr. Pinks Jr. if additional access is needed. The City of Lincoln is also asking for ACT to do maintenance on the road. A discussion followed and Chairman Nehring said he would call and talk to Mr. Grabinger about the vehicles on the right of way and a letter will also be sent asking them to move the vehicles. Supervisor Selzler said the township will work with them about the road later, right now the most important issue is getting the vehicles off the right of way. Supervisor Selzler asked who will be responsible for the road. If the township had jurisdiction of the road it would have to be up to county specs. The board agreed there must be more discussion on this topic. But the vehicles on the right of way will be the 1st item to deal with. Brandon Schnook said Lincoln will work with ACT to come to an agreement regarding the road.

School Board Report: Supervisor Springer reported the school board had to update smoke alarms. They are kick starting a 3 to 5 year plan. They are also looking at possible changes to the school year if the legislature goes from number of days to number hours for defining the school year.

Treasurer’s Report: No report due to the absence of Treasurer Vetsch. Clerk Meidinger had 4 old bills from AC School Board for repair and replacement of the septic system, a bill for work done to the roof and a bill for Bismarck Tribune legal ad for road supervisor. After some discussion Supervisor Selzler made a motion to pay 50% of cost for bills submitted for the School Building repair and septic bills including the engineering cost. The motion was 2nd by Supervisor Springer and was unanimously approved. Supervisor Springer made a motion to reimburse Clerk Meidinger for the cost of the ad placed in the Tribune for the Road Supervisor positon the motion received a 2nd from Supervisor Selzler and was unanimously approved.

    Feburary Bills  
    Paid To Descripton of Service
10906 $ 93.96 Cyndy Meidinger Bis Tribune Ad
10907 $ 38,468.75 Apple Creek School Board School Building Repairs
total $ 38,562.71    


Assessor’s Report: Assessor Splonskowski said he had not been doing much assessing since the cold snap but has been working on building permits and getting things ready for tax equalization in April.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Hillig did not issue any permits for January

3 inspections

  1. 1785 80th St SE final inspection

  2. 6605 Eric Ave final inspection

  3. 6600 55th Ave SE framing inspection

4 phone calls

  1. Accessory building size

  2. Question on an addition

  3. Questions on insulation

  4. Questions on stair framing

Zoning Board: Chairman Nehring opened the tabled Zoning enforcement issue from the January meeting regarding debris with a discussion following. The decision of the board was there will be a public hearing@ the March 4th meeting to adopt Burleigh County’s ordinance on debris. The issue will also be on the ballot @ the March election.

Hoerer Complaint: A discussion followed regarding the state of Mr. Hoarer’s property on Lincoln Road. Chairman Nehring said the township has sent letter to Mr. Hoerer to clean up the property; Mr. Hoerer has been to a meeting stating he will clean up the property but not much has been done. The Health Department has been called and the township does not know what is being done on that end. Right now the township doesn’t have much they can do. He went on to say that is why the township needs to adopt the Burleigh County debris ordinance so the township more power to enforce infringements of the ordinance. Supervisor Selzler made a motion made a motion to send Mr. Hoerer a certified letter informing him he is in violation of ACT Zoning Regulations and the letter delivered by the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department. The motion was 2nd by Supervisor Springer and the motion was unanimously approved.

Jack McLean who lives at 2165 66th St SE wants to change the zoning to agricultural from residential. He has 37 acres and wants to get a break on his real estate taxes. The board asked Assessor Splonskowski how it is handled. Assessor Splonskowski said that the land is assessed differently than the residence. He had a copy of Mr. McLean’s tax statement and said he will work with Mr. McLean on the assessment.

Weed Board: Mr. Mauch said there was nothing to report other than all the weeds are dead or should be.

Chairman Nehring asked for other business being none he adjourned the meeting. Time of adjournment was 8PM

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger, Clerk ACT


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