ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


12/03/2018, 7 PM

Members Present: Chairman, Dave Nehring; Supervisors, Mark Springer and Ken Selzler; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch; Weed Board, Terry Mauch and Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz and Rick Solberg

Members Absent: Assessor, Mark Splonskowski.

Chairman Nehring opened the meeting and the minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed. Chairman Nehring asked for corrections or changes being none Supervisor Springer made a motion to approve the minutes as written, the motion received a 2nd from Supervisor Selzler. The motion was unanimously approved.

Consent Agenda: Nothing to Discuss

  1. of Lincoln ETA Discussion: Beth Dooley and Toni Haider from SEH Inc., an engineering firm and Brandon Schock, of Lincoln Commissioner were there to represent the City of Lincoln with a request for Extra Territorial Zoning. This meeting was an informational meeting to gather input from ACT on what would be needed from ACT to make this work for the of Lincoln. Chairman Nehring stated that ACT had recently gotten back from the City of Bismarck the 2 miles that was taken from ACT. One reason the residents were against ETA was ACT residents were not able to vote in Bismarck elections and if Lincoln would get ETA the residents would again lose their right to vote in city elections. The residents moved to ACT, so they could be free of some of the strict city regulations and enjoy the country lifestyle. Supervisor Selzler stated he and former Supervisor Zent spent a lot of time at the legislature working to get the Zoning back and he would not be in favor of giving up any of ACT Zoning. Chairman Nehring said another reason for ACT not being in favor of this it would cause significant loss of revenue which would mean a loss of services to our residents. A discussion followed, and the result of the discussion was Chairman Nehring asked the members of SEH Inc. and Brandon Schock, Commissioner of Lincoln go back to the drawing board and rethink their proposal and come back with other options.

Mr. Schock also wanted to talk about the road to Club Fido and snow removal on that street. Commissioner Schock stated the City of Lincoln was willing to do snow removal on Fido Drive from 22nd Ave SE at no expense to ACT. A discussion followed, and Supervisor Springer made a motion to allow City of Lincoln to do snow removal on Fido Drive at their (City of Lincoln) expense. The motion received a 2nd form Supervisor Selzler. The motion was unanimously approved.

School Board Report: Supervisor Springer said the school board is moving along with the 3 to 5-year plan. Out of the discussion it was realized that a lot of the parents want some type of building that could be utilized for athletics. There are plans to use grant money for the structure to lessen the burden on ACT tax payers. The school board will meet next week, and any updates will be reported @ the January meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Vetsch said she had several bills submitted for payment; reimbursement to clerk Meidinger for the NDTOA annual meeting admission, Burleigh County for tree trimming & IRS for tax adjustment. Supervisor Selzer made a motion to pay all bills presented and was 2nd by Supervisor Springer. The motion was unanimously approved. Treasurer Vetsch reported there was a checking account balance of $34,475.80 and a savings balance of $156,686.81. She also said she and Clerk Meidinger discussed getting a PDF program for the purpose of file sharing. She will look info free programs to see if there is a good free program or if necessary, the township might have to purchase a program. She will report back @ the January meeting.

Treasurer Vetsch also asked about getting an accountant to work with her. Chairman Nehring stated he agreed with the suggestion. He asked her if she had someone in mind. She said she had been working with Andrew Zimmerman Law they have offices in Bismarck and Napoleon. She wanted suggestions from the board if they had someone in mind. Chairman Nehring suggested she use someone she was comfortable working with since she would be having the most contact with that person.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Hillig reported he issued 2 permits for November, took 6 phone calls and did 5 inspections. Permits issued:

  1. Permit #2018-18 to Ronnie & Colleen Morlock @ 9234 Lincoln Road for a pole barn with finished interior (ridding arena) 104’x70 x 12’ 7,280 sq. ft. valuation of work $182,000.00 permit fee $630.25 pd check # 6015

  2. Permit #2018-19 to Dominick Johnson 8121 Brads Way attached garage 28’ x 20’ x 9’ 560 sq. ft. valuation of work $11,928.00 permit fee $154.07 pd check #1018.

Total new taxable valuations for ACT are $193.928.00 and permit fees for Dec. are $784.32.

Phone calls:

  1. Address info on Trent Guthmiller property

  2. Requirement on attached deck

  3. Requirements for ice water heater

  4. Requirements for engineered septic system

  5. Requirements for hand rail on steps

  6. Call regarding double wide mobile home on Bar D Road


  1. Interior walls 8121 Brads Way

  2. Inspect piers and tied on 170180th St

  3. Framing Inspection 1201 100th St SE

  4. Final Inspection 1201 100th St SE

  5. Final Inspection 5901 66th St SE

Road Supervisor: Clerk Meidinger said she was waiting to discuss the Road Supervisor training before placing the ad on the township web site. She talked to Denise Brown training coordinator for NDLTAP ACT can use them as a training resource either online or one on one if needed.

She also talked to Burleigh County Engineer Marcus Hall and the county would also be happy to assist with any training needed.

Clerk Meidinger reminded the board they needed to decide on the 2019 Road Maintenance agreement. Supervisor Selzler made a motion to approve the 2019 Road Maintenance Agreement with a 2nd from Supervisor Springer the motion was unanimously approved

Weed Board: No report

Zoning Board: Terrance Hoerer update, Clerk Meidinger said she drove by the place several days ago and she has not seen much improvement other than it looks like the stuff is being moved to the back of the property. Inspector Hillig will be talking to the County Building Inspector, Ray Ziegler about this type of issue and will report back @ the January meeting.

Other Business: Treasurer Vetsch suggested the township get a Facebook page to get the word out since a lot of people don’t know about the township webpage. Chairman Nehring said it would be good to link the Facebook page to ACT webpage. After discussion the board agreed and asked if Treasurer Vetsch would be interested in working on the project. She said she would be willing to work on the project and if anyone would be interested in giving a hand with the project that would be great.

Chairman Nehring asked if there was any other business to discuss. Being none, he adjourned the meeting @ 7:45

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk, ACT



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