ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


06/03/2019, 7PM

Members Present: Chairman, Mark Springer; Supervisor, Nathan Kuntz; Assessor, Mark Splonskowski; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch; Road Supervisor/Zoning Board, Roy Kuil; Weed Board, Terry Mauch & Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz

Members Absent: Supervisor Dave Nehring

Chairman Springer opened the June meeting of ACT. He asked if there were any corrections or additions to the May minutes, finding none Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Chairman Springer 2nd the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.


Consent Agenda: Kaylee Schwartz was not at the meeting to discuss putting a modular home on a lot on Omar St in Glasser Subdivision. There was a discussion and there are several modular homes in the subdivision. Inspector Hillig said the modular home must be on a foundation and must have a 3rd party inspection. After discussion Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to allow a modular home to be built on Omar St and Chairman Springer 2nd the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

School Board Report: Chairman Springer said there would be a school board election Tuesday, June 4th there is one position open and Roy Kuil is running for the position. Chairman Springer also said the school had encountered some plumbing issues and will be getting estimates and will keep ACT in the loop on the costs that are encountered. He also said the school has 57 students enrolled for the 2019-2020 school year so far.

Assessor’s Report: Assessor Splonskowski said things quiet and there hasn’t been any complaints. He had been to the county tax equalization meeting and there was no one there with any complaints. Dan Reis asked Assessor Splonskowski way his property taxes went up $1,600.00 he did buy some additional property and sold some so he gained 7 acres of pastureland. Assessor Splonskowski said he would like to come to Mr. Reis’ property, and they could discuss the matter further.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Vetsch said there is $71,358.37 in checking, $189,088.315 in savings and the township has received $131.34 in interest so far this year. She also said she had no invoices to pay for the month.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Hillig reported he had 8 inspections, he issued permits and fielded 15 phone calls.

  1. Permit #2019-6 Dusty Hasper 5100 93td St SE a pole barn with bathroom and frost walls 88’x64’x16’, 5,632 sq. ft. valuation of work $ 129,536.00 permit fee $838.95 pd check #5110

  2. Permit #2019-7 Kathleen Ketterling 1200 Apple Way new home walk out basement and attached garage 43’10”x62’10”x8’ 2’093 sq. ft. valuation of work $364,574.00 permit fee $1,663.09 paid check 4374

  3. Permit #2019-8 Rick Johnson 8500 Lincoln Road pole barn 24’x14’x14 960 sq. ft. valuation of work $21,120.00 permit fee $460.00 paid personal money order #001182

  4. Permit # 2019-9 Judy Fredrick, 8425 Kittie Lane garage 30’x28’x8’ 840 sq. ft. valuation of work $17,640.00 permit fee $199.75 paid check # 7341

  5. Permit # 2019-10 Jason Lawson 6730 Omar St pre-built yard shed on skids 20’x12’x8’ 240sq.ft. valuation of work $5,040.00 permit fee $93.00 paid check # 1463

  6. Permit #2019-11 Trent Guthmiller 10310 62nd Ave SE 2-yard sheds on concrete blocks with tiedowns 8’x’10’ & 16’x30’ 560 total sq. ft. valuation of work $8960.00 permit fee $196.00

Total Valuations for May $546,870.00 total permit income $ 3,451.79


Framing, Apple Way; Concrete Wall; Footing on 93rd St SE; Concrete Wall, Apple Way; Concrete Wall on 93rds St SE; Framing 66th St SE; Partial Framing on Herman Dr; Final 11813 Lincoln Rd Other inspections 101 St SE structure in major disrepair, needs condemning, Randy Asslinger; 8302 Kittie Lane old storage shed with rubbish stored inside, there is a possibility there is no permit for the for either shed.

Road Supervisors Report: Supervisor Kuil gave a road report on phone calls he received on the township roads for the Month of May. s that were included in the report: Creekside Dr east & west of 93rd St SE & S of Apple Creek Rd, Apple Way, Cresthill sign down, 62nd Ave SE east of 66th St SE, 22nd Ave SE around 119th St SE, Bar D , Susan Dr & Irish Lane, Elsa Rosa Dr & 4th Ave SE around 80th St SE. The roads will have to dry out before any real work can be done and gravel added. In talking with Marcus Hall, he said the county is behind this year weather and a personnel shortage are the major reasons for the road problems this spring.

Weed Board Report: Weed Board Member Mauch said he had been out checking for leafy spurge and he did not find much in the township. His recommendation was to not have Fertilawn spray and he would get Milestone from the county and use his sprayer to do the spraying. He felt there was not enough spurge in the township to justify the cost.

Zoning Board Report: Chairman Springer asked Mr. Hoerer if he had any updates on his property on 9005 Lincoln Rd. He said he is disabled and was having a hard time moving things. He also stated he was operating a salvage business out of his home. Another point he made was he moved to the country so he could do what he wanted with his property. He was reminded he was living in a residential area and the township had ordinances against have junk and excess vehicles on his property. Chairman Springer reminded Mr. Hoerer that there are rules he needs to follow, and he needs to be respectful of his neighbors. He also stated the township has been patient with him in the past. Since he has chosen not to work with the board, the board will pursue what ever avenue available to get the matter settled.

Chairman Springer said he had gotten some information from the Bismarck Planning & Zoning Department regarding Morton Subdivision south of Hwy 10 and east of 52nd St SE. The Bismarck Planning and Zoning meeting will be June 26th and he is planning on attending and will report back @ the July meeting.

Other Business: Clerk Meidinger asked if she could take one of the old laptops home to move old floppy disks to usb sticks. Chairman Springer said he saw no problem with her using the old laptops.

48th Ave SE approach update Dusty Hasper was at the meeting an said he is not going to use the 48th Ave SE section line approach to access his new home. In talking with Marcus Hall his property is in 2 sections with 2 addresses. He will use the section line approach for the shop which will have the 5100 93rd St SE address (Paul Zent’s old address). The new house will have the approach south of the shop and its address will be 5206 93rd St SE. Mr. Hasper asked if he could put the road closed sign back up and the board agreed the road is closed due to damage in the back end of the section line.

Arnold Scheive update: Chairman Springer said he had done some checking about the section line dispute and he found out that as long as there is 33’ on the section line so a vehicle can pass that meets the requirements of the law so there is no issue since there is 33’ on either side of the fence. Since both parties are at times in violation the township will consider this issue closed and will not discuss the section line further.

Chairman Springer asked if there was any other business to discuss being none, he adjourned the meeting @ 8:28 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk, ACT


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