ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


04/01/2019, 7:PM

Members Present: Outgoing Chairman, Dave Nehring; Supervisors Mark Springer & Ken Selzler; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Road Supervisor no replacement yet; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch; Weed Board, Terry Mauch and Zoning Board Roy Kuil.

Members Absent: Assessor, Mark Splonskowski & Zoning Board Jerry Kunz.

Outgoing Chairman Nehring opened the meeting and asked if the board had time to review the March minutes. With no additions or correction Supervisor Selzler made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Supervisor Springer 2nd the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.

Clerk Meidinger gave the results of the March Election: ACT had a total of 42 persons voting & these are the results: Supervisor, Dave Nehring 39 Votes; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch 39 votes; Terry Hoerer 1 Vote;

Zoning Board, Rick Solberg 18 votes; Roy Kuil, 22 votes; Measure #1 Budget for 2020, yes 39 votes, no 1 vote; Measure #2 Adopt Burleigh County Article 30 & 31 on debris and junk violations and removal yes 18 no 22.

Clerk Meidinger asked for a nomination for chairman for the upcoming year. Supervisor Nehring nominated Supervisor Springer for chairman for the 2019-2020 year and received a 2nd from Supervisor Selzler. The motion was unanimously approved. Chairman Springer said he lost his voice and would not be able to chair the meeting and asked Supervisor Nehring to take over the evenings meeting.

Consent Agenda: Chairman Nehring said the board had 2 liquor license approval requests to consider. The first was from David Duma for Gideons Brewing Company Inc. 6761 Sterling Dr. Unit B Lincoln ND. The second was from Glen Emineth for South 40 Wedding and Events LLC. Gideons Brewing was for renewal and South 40 was to allow for combining the Bismarck and Lincoln jurisdictions for the liquor license. The South 40 property is in 2 jurisdictions for liquor license. Mr. Emineth wanted approval from ACT to merge the jurisdictions to allow for 1 jurisdiction. After discussion Supervisor/Chairman Springer made a motion to grant the liquor license requests for both Gideons and So 40 and allow to So. 40 to change jurisdiction so there would be jurisdiction. The motion received a 2nd from Supervisor Selzler and the motion was unanimously approved.

School Board Report: Chairman Springer said the school board is setting up a school building fund, the school board will be having their school board election in June. There will be a school board meeting on Monday April 8th and the new school year calendar will be discussed. The legislature changed how the calendar is computed from days to hours and the board will discuss how to implement this change. Supervisor Nehring asked if ACT had any outstanding bills with the school board and Chairman Springer said the township had no outstanding bills.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Vetsch reported there was $94,714.37 in checking and $157,088.15 in savings. Bills that need to be paid this month are payroll for 1st Qtr., re-imbursement to Clerk Meidinger for tribune ads and sheriff’s dept for served notice, WSI & webpage maintenance. After review Supervisor Selzler made a motion to approve all bills submitted for payment, the motion received a 2nd from Supervisor Nehring. The motion was unanimously approved.

    April Bills      
    Paid To Descripton of Service   meeting Jan 1 hr
10910 $ 162.72 Greg Hillig mileage 1st Qtr.   meeting Feb 1
10911 $ 92.35 Dave Nehring 1st Qtr. wages   March Meeting 1 1/2 hr
10912 $ 55.41 Mark Springer 1st Qtr. wages   Mar Annual Meeting & Electon
10913 $ 92.35 Ken Selzler 1st Qtr wages   April Meeting 1 HR
10914 $ 55.41 Jerry Kunz 1st Qtr wages   April Meeting Tax Equalization 1 hr
10915 $ 36.94 Rick Solberg 1st Qtr wages   May Meeting 1 &1/2 hr
10916 $ 572.57 Greg Hillig 1st Qtr wages   June Meeting
10917 $ 1,847.84 Mark Splonkowski 1st Qtr wages   July Meeting
10918 $ 36.94 Terry Mauch 1st Qtr wages   August Meeting
10919 $ 434.05 Jamie Vetsch 1st Qtr wages   Sept Meeting
10920 $ 406.34 Cyndy Meidnger 1st Qtr wages   Oct Meeting
10921 $ 75.00 Tao Interactive website maintenance   Nove Meeing
10922 $ 250.00 WSI WSI Premium   Dec Meeting
10923   void      
10924 $ 20.01 Cyndy Meidnger Election ad re-imbusement    
10925 $ 35.00 Cyndy Meidnger Sheriff Dept delivery notice    
  $ 4,172.93        


Assessor’s Report: No report due to the absence of Assessor Springer. Supervisor Nehring reminded everyone the Tax Equalization meeting will be next Tuesday, April 9th @ 7 PM.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Hillig did not issue any building permits for March but he said there a few in the works for the near future. He had 2 framing inspections and 4 phone calls.

Framing Inspections:

  1. Nelson 55th Ave

  2. Morlock Lincoln Rd

Phone Calls:

  1. Foundation Requirements

  2. Insulating

  3. Framing

  4. Addition to existing

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Nehring said there are several people interested in the road supervisor position and asked the group if anyone there had an interest in the position.

Zoning Board Report: Supervisor Nehring introduced Roy Kuil who will be on the board replacing Rick Solberg as zoning board member. Terry Hoerer nuisance and debris issue. There was a discussion and the board agreed that it must be cleaned up. The opposition is afraid the board could get too aggressive about items on people’s property. Supervisor Nehring said he will contact Larry Severson from NDTOA to see if he has any suggestions on how to handle the situation and report back @ the May meeting. Chairman Springer will talk to Anton Sattler of the Bismarck Burleigh Public Health Department and report back @ the May meeting. Supervisor Selzler also wanted Ron King who lives on 80th St & Lincoln Road to be included in this because his property was never addressed properly years ago, and he has 19 vehicles on his property.

Weed Board: Mr. Mauch reported there are no weed complaints at this time.

Section Line Request: Supervisor Nehring suspended the regular meeting of ACT and opened the ACT Zoning Board. Dusty Hasper appeared before the board to inform them they are planning on building a new house and shop on the property formerly owned by Paul & Julie Zent @ 5100 93rd St SE. The house that is on the property will be sold and moved off. They would like to use the closed section line as a driveway to their property. Also discussed was the county does not expect that 48th Ave Section line will become a road for quite a long time, so Marcus Hall from Burleigh County Hwy Dept was ok with using it as a private drive. The trees on the south side of the section line are very close to the section line and would have to be removed. Supervisor Selzler suggested leaving the trees and in the future when a road would be built the trees could be addressed at that time. Mr. Hasper said he would build the road to county specs and would not expect to be compensated later for his expenses to build the road/driveway. Zoning Member Kuil suggested a written agreement between Mr. Hasper and ACT spelling out the details of the road/driveway. Supervisor Nehring stated the township would not pay for maintenance or gravel on the road/driveway and Mr. Hasper was agreeable to that. Supervisor Nehring said he would entertain a motion to approve the road/driveway contingent on execution of agreement between Mr. Hasper and ACT the motion was seconded by Supervisor Selzler. Roll Call Vote Supervisor Nehring, yes; Supervisor Selzler, yes; Zoning Member Kuil, yes and Chairman Springer, yes; motion carried.

Mr. Hasper is also asking for setback variance of 150’ from the center of the road instead of 175’ that is required in the ACT Zoning Regulations. Building Inspector Hillig said the Zent House is 125’ from the center of the road. Supervisor Nehring said there would have to be a Public Hearing which could be held in conjunction with the May 6th meeting of ACT. Mr. Hasper agreed to the time frame suggested by Supervisor Nehring.

Brandon Schoock asked if there was any update on the water tower road. Supervisor Nehring said the owner told him there were no issues to removing the stuff from the easement so the water line could be built. The road in question will need to be built to county specs.

Last item to discuss is the resignation of Supervisor Selzler. Nathan Kuntz had agreed to fill Supervisor Selzler’s term. Chairman Springer made a motion to approved Supervisor Selzler’s resignation and Supervisor Nehring 2nd the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. Supervisor Nehring made a motion to appoint Nathan Kuntz as Ken Selzler’s replacement 2nd by Chairman Springer. The motion was unanimously approved.

With no other business to discuss Supervisor Nehring adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger, Clerk ACT

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