ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


10/07/2019, 7PM



Members Present: Supervisors, Dave Nehring and Nathan Kuntz; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Road Supervisor/Zoning Board, Roy Kuil; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch; Weed Board, Terry Mauch and Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz.

Members Absent: Chairman, Springer & Assessor Splonskowski.

In the absence of Chairman Springer Supervisor Nehring opened the meeting. He asked if there were any corrections or additions to the September minutes. Supervisor Kuntz said he noticed one correction regarding the money the school board set aside for the multipurpose building the school board would like to build. With no other corrections or additions, he made a motion to approve the September minutes as written with the noted correction. Supervisor Nehring 2nd the motion and the motion was unanimously approved. Supervisor Nehring asked if there were any corrections or additions to the September Public Hearing regarding the request by the City of Lincoln to annex Lincoln Meadows Trailer Park. After discussion Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to accept the minutes from the Public Hearing for the Annexation request by the City of Lincoln as written. Supervisor Nehring 2nd the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.

There was no Consent Agenda items for discussion.

School Board Report: School Board Member Roy Kuil said the school board is working on acquiring additional land for the multipurpose building. The school board would like the Brendel property appraised. The School Board is asking if ACT would be willing to pay for the appraisal since the township owns the school. The board feels this would be an expense the township should pay for. There will be a school board meeting this month and Mr. Kuil will give an update @ the November meeting of ACT. He said the school now has 57 students.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Vetsch said there is $66,823.83 in checking and $189,538.36 in savings. She has a bill for legal services for the City of Lincoln Annexation mediation meeting for $3300.00 and 3rd qtr. wages. After review Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to pay all invoices submitted. Supervisor Nehring 2nd the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.

Assessor’s Report: No report due to the absence of Assessor Splonskowski.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Hilling said he wrote 2 permits for September answered 4 phone calls and did 9 inspections.


  1. #2019-23 Mike Schwartz 1008 Meadow Run Dr. car-port addition to existing building

    80’x12’x8’ 960 sq. ft. valuation of work $20,160.00 permit fee $218.95 paid check # 5782


  2. #2019-24 Matthew Schaefbauer 8133 Kittie Lane build attached garage to existing home 36’x28’x10’ 1008 sq. ft. valuation of work $21,168.00 permit fee $229.00 paid check # 212

Phone Calls:

  1. Yarbough property, call on foundations, on garage addition and structural engineer on home on Herman Drive.


  1. Final on home 55th Ave

  2. Framing Inspection on Bar D Road

  3. Footing Inspection on Kittie Lane

  4. Footing Inspection on 22nd Ave

  5. Framing Inspection on Herman Dr.

  6. Wall Inspection 22nd Ave

  7. Floating Slab Inspection Kittie Lane

  8. Gas Line Inspection 8114 Kittie Lane $60.00 paid check #5210 from Dale Franchuk

  9. Re-Inspect framing Bar D Road.

Total valuation for September $41,320.00 total from all permits and inspections $507.95

Road Supervisor’s Report: Road Supervisor Kuil reported things were quiet for the month of September. He did do a drive over on 106th St SE from Apple Creek Road to 22nd Ave SE and 22nd Ave SE from 106th St SE to 119th St SE and he thinks if there is a partial road closure on Apple Creek Road the roads mentioned above will need to be completely resurfaced. the $2 million price tag from the county seems to be high. Other options need to be explored.

Zoning Board.

  1. City of Lincoln Annexation of Lincoln Meadows Trailer Court. Chairman Springer was not @ the meeting to give the report. But he did send an email to board members stating the annexation was approved. Since the minutes were not made public when this meeting happened, he could not give more detail.

  2. Terry Hoerer property clean-up there is some progress, but it is slow, and he seems to be placing the items in his tree row. There are other areas in the township that need clean up example on Lincoln Road east of 80th St SE and Viking Drive. The board needs to concentrate on one area and get that one complete before starting another area.

  3. Pahlke & Goldammer subdivision on 93rd St SE & 62nd Ave SE. There has been no dialog, so it is in Pahlke & Goldammer’ s court. Clerk Meidinger gave a FYI to the board she went through the building permits from Jan 1st to present and the township gained $1,374,311.00 in taxable valuation. The net tax revenue from the increase in valuation is $585.00.


Weed Board: Weed Board Member Mauch had nothing to report.

Other Business: With no other business to discuss Supervisor Nehring adjourned the October meeting@ 7:35 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cyndy Meidinger,

Clerk, ACT




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