ACT Board of Supervisors Meeing


08/05/2019, 7:PM

Members Present: Chairman Mark Springer; Supervisor, Nate Kuntz; Assessor, Mark Splonskowski; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Road Supervisor/Zoning Board Member, Roy Kuil; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch; Weed Board, Terry Mauch and Zoning Board Jerry Kunz.

Members Absent: Supervisor, Dave Nehring

Chairman Springer opened the meeting @ 7:02 PM and asked if there were any corrections or additions to the July Minutes being none, Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to accept the July Minutes as written, Chairman Springer 2nd the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.

Consent Agenda: Nothing to discuss.

Chairman Springer introduced Bismarck Rural Fire Department Chief, Michael Voigt. Chief Voigt in turn introduce Bob Mehlhoff the President, Board of Directors for Bismarck Rural Fire Department. Chief Voigt talked to the members about the role of the rural fire department. He also touched on Lincoln Meadows Trailer Court and that the department has 4 tanker trucks for areas that have no fire hydrants or hydrants that are not working up to standards. He also said the Rural Fire Department has an agreement with the City of Lincoln if there should be a fire in the court the Fire Department can access the water from the City of Lincoln. He also asked the members how they felt about the job the fire department was doing and if there were things that could be improved. Clerk Meidinger stated she was grateful for the work the department is doing. There was a fire @ her neighbors several years ago and the fire moved to her property. The department put the fire out before any damage was done to the buildings. Overall everyone was happy with the performance of the fire department. Brandon Schoock said there will be a railroad overpass on 66th St SE in 2023.

School Board Report: Chairman Springer reported he is no longer President of the School Board he has stepped down to Vice President and the new President is Greg Knutson He also said the school board has put $200,000.00 into the building fund for a school gymnasium. There still has been no response from Mr. Brendel about selling some property so the school can expand.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasure Vetsch reported there is a balance of $73,137.33 in checking there is $189,302.38 in savings as of August 5th, 2019. She also stated from January 1st, 2019 to July 31st there has been $6,250.31 in income from permits, building and approach. There was 1 permit for approaches and the rest are building permits. There are 2 invoices to be paid 1 for gravel for $24,323.40 and 1 for postage reimbursement to Clerk Meidinger. After discussion Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to pay all invoices submitted for payment. The motion received a 2nd from Chairman Springer; the motion was unanimously approved.

Assessor’s Report: Assessor Splonskowski said has not had many complaints on property taxes. The county is looing @ a tax increase, but he does not think it will be as high as the 25% that has been talked about. He is also starting to do some re-evaluations in to keep evaluations currant. He will be re-evaluating Pine Meadows 1st & 2nd; East Ridge 1st & 2nd; Country Club 1st and Bar D Estates.

Building Inspector’s Report: Assessor Hillig issued 6 building permits for July, did 9 inspections, had 1 meeting with Burleigh Inspections and answered 13 phone calls.


  1. #2019-12 Sherry Norbeck, 6505 Eric Ave yard shed on skids 18’x8’.x10’ total of 144 sq. ft. valuation of work $3,024.00 permit fee $88.25 pd check # 4379

  2. #2019-13 Dusty Hasper 5206 93rd St SE, new home slab on grade 65’x29’x10’. with an attached garage 43’x30’x10’ ft. total of 3,434 sq. ft. finished, valuation of work $430,489.00 permit fee $1,882.00 paid check #1381

  3. #2019-14 Mark Springer 9150 22nd Ave SE, finish basement valuation of work $6,000.00, permit fee $104.00 paid check # 2564

  4. #2019-19 Jessie Bauman 9000 Bar D Road new double wide mobile home 80’x28’x8’ 2,440 sq. valuation of work $138,784.00, ft. permit fee $825.37 paid check $ 3291

  5. #2019-20 John Polkrabek 4507 Majestic St new deck composite decking valuation of work $3.375.00 permit fee $95.00 paid check # 3634

  6. Eugene Halverson 9100 Bar D Road shop addition on floating slab 12’20’16’. 240 sq. ft total shop building is 1,552 sq. ft. valuation of work $5.040.00 permit fee $94.75 paid check #4591

Total new building valuation to township for July is $586,912.00 income from permits is $3.089.37

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Kuil said he has 1 approach permit to issue but he and Clerk Meidinger are working on revising the approach permits. As of 7/25 Northgate Dr. was under construction with a new culvert being installed, 62nd Ave SE from 93rd St SE to 119th St Se has been improved and is looking good. Roads he feels need work are Susan Dr. & Irish Lane in City View. Paintball Way from 38th Ave SE running to the end has no crown. 22nd Ave SE from 119th St SE to 132nd St SE has been done but still needs attention; Bar D Rd also needs gravel. Terry Mauch said Pleasantview Road also needs some attention. Supervisor Kuil said he would follow up and see what needs to be done.

Chairman Springer suspended the regular meeting of ACT and opened the Zoning Board.

  1. Dusty Hasper wants approval from the township to have the pins on his property moved so the buildings will be on 11 acres and 29 acres will have no buildings he will have a survey team out to reset the pins. This is being required by the bank. Mr. Hasper had a photograph of the property and locations of the lot pins now and the new location of the pins. After discussion Zoning Member Kuil made a motion to approve Mr. Hesper’s request to move lot pins on his property, Zoning Member Kunz 2nd the motion. Roll Call Vote Zoning Board Kuil, yes; Kunz, yes; Supervisor, Kuntz, yes and Chairman Springer, yes; motion carried. Mr. Hasper will bring in a copy of the new lot plat and he will take a copy to the county register for their files.

  2. City of Lincoln proposed annexation report: Chairman Springer said he and several other ACT board member and residents attended the meeting @ Lincoln on July 16th,2019. He also said the township attorney Thomas Kelsch is looking over the request for annexation and will represent ACT when it goes to mediation.

  3. Pahlke Ranchette Subdivision on 93rd St SE and 62nd Ave SE Chairman Springer wanted to start the conversation on this subdivision. He said he knows of 2 other subdivision in the works, but they all want smaller lot sizes than the 5-acre lot size that ACT requires. If the township were to change the lot size it would need to be @ Annual Meeting and Election in March. Some of the questions needing addressing are what the county will do about Apple Creek Road. The road is deteriorating, too narrow for the vehicles traveling on the road, has no shoulders and was built in the 50’s so defiantly needs improving.

  4. Another question to be answered is what the impact on the schools will be. AC School will need to be enlarged; Lincoln School is looking @ portables. These as well as other questions need to be addressed, lot size and a community septic system. This is an issue that will take a lot of consideration. Also, if Lincoln follows through with their plan to gobble up land to 80th St SE ACT will lose tax base. So, in order to try and keep the residents tax bills as low as possible ACT will need to look @ lot a size as a viable option. Chairman Springer said this is only the beginning of the discussion in order to make sure residents are informed. He asked if there was any other Zoning business to discuss, being none, he closed the Zoning Board and reconvened the regular meeting of ACT,

Weed Board Report: Inspector Mauch said he sprayed the spurge he had found. He was asked about wormwood. He had not sprayed for wormwood because the county has done much spraying for wormwood. There was a question about spurge in empty lots in Lincoln Meadows Trailer Park. He said he would talk to Gray Hartman with the County Weed Board to what can be done.

Other Business: Reminder the September Meeting will be the 9th because of the Labor Day Holiday falling on a regular meeting night.

Chairman Springer asked if there was any other new business being none, he adjourned the meeting @ 8:30PM

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger,

Clerk, ACT


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