ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


07/01/2019, 7PM

Members Present: Chairman, Mark Springer; Supervisors Nate Kuntz & Dave Nehring; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Road Supervisor/Zoning Board, Roy Kuil; Treasurer, Jammie Vetsch and Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz

Members Absent: Assessor, Mark Splonskowski and Weed Board, Terry Mauch.

Chairman Springer opened the July meeting and asked if there were any additions or corrections to the June meeting. After discussion Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to accept the minutes as written, the motion was 2nd by Supervisor Nehring and the motion was unanimously approved.

Consent Agenda: Arthur Goldammer was at the meeting to present a proposed subdivision in the township. The proposed subdivision location is east of 93rd St SE on the north side of 62nd Ave SE the proposed subdivision would have approximately 48 lots. He and Dale Pahlke are the owners/developers. They are looking at developing the subdivision in 2 or 3 phases depending on how fast the lots sell. Mr. Goldammer asked what the township would require as far a permits and fees. Chairman Springer suggested he contact Greg Hilling regarding building permits and Roy Kuil regarding approach permits. Chairman Springer said he was in contact with Marcus Hall Burleigh Co Hwy Dept and the county requires the subdivision be paved. He also said there would need to be a public hearing regarding the subdivision. Clerk Meidinger stated she would need a minimum of 2 weeks to get notice for the public hearing. Mr. Goldammer said he will be contacting Burleigh County to see what they require and will get back to the township about a date for the public hearing.

School Board Report: Chairman Springer said the school board had their election and Roy Kuil was elected to the school board. He also stated the school board is still in the exploring the process to add a gymnasium. They are also considering a kitchen/meeting area in the building. They have approached Larry Brendel about purchasing some adjoining land to allow for the expansion. So far Mr. Brendel has not responded to the request from the school board. There are 57 students expected for the 2019-2020 school year and there could be several more students enrolled later. The school board is replacing the basement ceiling due to water damage. At this time, it is not known if there is more damage other than the ceiling tile.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasure Vetsch reported there is $ $75,371.34 in checking & $189,302.38 in savings. She also worked with the IRS and the township received a $1,000.00 refund from the IRS. There is $6,615.82 in bills to pay including 2nd quarter payroll. After discussion Supervisor Nehring made a motion to approve all bills submitted and Supervisor Kuntz 2nd the motion the motion was unanimously approved.

July Bills

10931 $531.86 Greg Hillig mileage

10932 $48.72 Roy Kuil mileage

10933 $27.62 Dave Nehring mileage

10934 void

  1. $589.24 Burleigh Co. Flood Repairs

10936 $165.31 Dave Nehring 2nd qtr. hours

10937 $101.59 Mark Springer 2nd qtr. hours

10938 $64.65 Jerry Kunz 2nd qtr. hours

10939 $2,031.70 Greg Hillig 2nd qtr. hours

10940 $1,847.00 Mark Splonskowski 2nd qtr. hours

10941 $238.72 Roy Kuil 2nd qtr. hours

10942 $83.12 Terry Mauch 2nd qtr. hours

10943 $240.11 Jamie Vetsch 2nd qtr. hours

10944 $517.16 Cyndy Meidinger 2nd qtr. hours

10945 $101.59 Nathan Kuntz 2nd qtr. hours

10946 $27.43 Cyndy Meidinger reimbursement for office supplies

Total $6,615.82


Assessor’s Report: No report due to the absence of Assessor Splonskowski.

Chairman asked Dan Reis if his property tax question from last month had resolved. Mr. Reis he and Assessor Splonskowski resolved the problem.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Hillig reported he had 6 phone calls, 15 inspections, 2 meetings and 3 check on projects over 1 year old.

Phone Calls: Yard sheds; setback; remodel AC School; variances; anchoring structures and outbuilding size.

Inspections: Pole Footing & depth for pole building, Lincoln Rd; Septic tank & drain field, 93rd St SE; pole footing depth, 93rd St SE; drain tile & sump pit, 93rd St SE, ; pole footing depth, Creekside Dr; floating slab, Pond Place; final yard shed, Omar St; framing inspection Creekside Dr; deck framing, Eric Ave; footings, Kitty Lane; final on modular home, 80th St SE; pole footing depth, 80th St SE; framing inspection 93rd St SE; concrete walls, Kittie Lane, gas line inspection, 93rd St SE

Meetings: Apple Creek School remodeling & Burleigh Co Inspections

Check on projects over 1 year old: 80th St SE deck; Hillard Dr, home; 66th St SE roof

Inspector Hillig said he was working with Burleigh County on a shop building owned by Ronnie & Colleen Morlock 9234 Lincoln Road that is in violation of ACT Building Inspections. There was a discussion and Supervisor Nehring agreed with the findings of Inspector Hillig and the board also concurred. Inspector Hillig has a letter drafted form Burleigh Co. Building Inspections for the board to review. After review Chairman Springer stated the board would sign the paperwork and Clerk Meidinger will get it sent off.

Road Supervisors Report: Supervisor Kuil stated he did some inspections on 62nd St SE east of 93rd St SE and he had determined after driving 62nd St SE to Guthmiller’s approach the road needs repair. Zoning Board Member Kunz also asked Supervisor Kuil if he would inspect Northgate Dr there are spots that are soft and need addressing. Inspector Kuil said he called the county on the downed road sign @ Cresthill Rd & Sunnyview Rd and the county has put it back up. He also said the county will refund the approach permit ($50.00) fee to ACT for 1200 Apple Way the permit was issued by the county by mistake.

There was discussion on the approaches on 62nd St SE for the Pahlke land there are 2 approaches paid for by Dale Pahlke and there 3 approaches. There was a discussion and the board recommend from now own using GPS coordinates for approaches if there is no 911 address.

Zoning Board: Chairman Springer suspended the regular meeting of ACT and opened the Zoning Board.

Lincoln Road Property Cleanup Update: Mr. Hoerer was at the meeting and said he was cleaning up his property. Chairman Springer said the matter has been turned over to the County States Attorney but if Mr. Hoerer gets the property cleaned up the township will work with him. Mr. Hoerer stated he feels he is being singled out by the township unjustly. Chairman Springer stated that was not the case, that there had been complaints and the board had to act accordingly. He thanked Mr. Hoerer for attending the meeting and giving an update on the progress. Treasurer Vetsch said she went by the property and has seen improvement.

Omar St lots: Chairman Springer asked Clerk Meidinger for a report. She stated she had gotten an inquiry on the lots and the county had stated the lots were less than five acres and could not be sold. The lots had been developed in 1978 or earlier before the restrictions on the size was voted on. The board agreed that the lots are grandfathered in so they could be sold as is.

Meadow Run Dr. Variance: Mike Schwartz @ 1008 Meadow Run Dr. was requesting a variance to put a carport on his property. The placement would be is 2 ½’ from the property line there are no utilities on that side of the property, and he has written & signed consent from the neighbors Mark & Shari Sayler (1009 Pond Place). He has talked to the county and the county is ok with it also. After discussion Zoning Board Member Kuil made a motion to approve the variance for the carport. The motion was 2nd by Zoning Board Member Kunz. Roll Call Vote: Kuil, yes; Kunz, yes; Supervisor, Nehring, yes; Supervisor, Kuntz, yes and Chairman, Springer, yes, motion carried.

City of Lincoln Annexation of Lincoln Meadows Trailer Court: The City of Lincoln wants to annex Lincoln Meadows Trailer Park. Zoning Board Member Kuil asked if the residents own their lots or rent the lots. The lots are rented so the snow plowing, and road maintenance is the responsibility of the owner of the court. The court has its own water supply. The one thing that would be resolved would be policing. Right now, it is the counties responsibility for law enforcement. If it were annexed to Lincoln, law enforcement would be the City of Lincoln’s responsibility. Chairman Springer will contact the owner of the court and see what his feelings are about the annexation. The meeting will be Tuesday July 16th @ the Lincoln City Hall @ 7 PM.

Morton Platt: Terrance and Kathryn Morton are requesting to plat 3.6 acres that housed Robert’s Floral in the past. It seems the property was never plated and can’t be sold until it is plated. The property is zoned commercial now and will be sold as commercial. A discussion followed and the result of the discussion was a motion from Zoning Board Member Kunz to allow the Morton’s to plat the property so it could be sold. The motion received a 2nd from Zoning Board Member Kuil. Roll call vote, Zoning Board Member Kunz, yes; Zoning Board Member Kuil, yes; Supervisor Nehring, yes; Supervisor Kunz, yes and Chairman Springer, yes; Motion Carried.

Chairman Springer asked if there were other Zoning issues to discuss being none, he adjourned the ACT Zoning Board and reconvened the ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting.

Weed Board: Supervisor Nehring questioned the spurge report from Weed Bboard Member Mauch from the June meeting. He would contact Weed Board Member Mauch & discuss the matter and report back @ the August meeting. Marv Abraham said wormwood was also a problem that would need to be looked at.

Chairman Springer asked if there was other business to discuss being none, he adjourned the meeting @ 8PM.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk, ACT

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