Public Hearing City of Lincoln Annexation of Lincoln Meadows Court


09/09/2019, 6PM

Chairman Springer opened the Public Hearing of ACT at 6:02 PM.

Members Present: Chairman, Mark Springer; Supervisors, Nathan Kuntz & Dave Nearing; Assessor Mark Splonskowski; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Road Supervisor/Zoning Board, Roy Kuil; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch; Weed Board, Terry Mauch and Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz.

The purpose of the meeting

  1. to discuss the proposed annexation of Lincoln Meadows Court by the City of Lincoln

  2. to nominate a spokesperson to represent the people of Lincoln Meadows court in the upcoming mediation on September 30 with the City of Lincoln.

Chairman Springer introduced the members of the ACT board to the audience, Brandon Schoock was there from Lincoln, Chris Nyhus attorney, was present to represent the owner/s of Lincoln Meadows Court, and Justin Hagel, attorney was present to represent the City of Lincoln.

Chairman Springer said he wanted to get an understanding of what direction the residents of the court would like ACT to take in the September 30th mediation with the City of Lincoln. He asked for any input from the audience. The people attending the meeting wanted to let the ACT Board they were not in favor of the proposed annexation. Their lot rent would be increased substantially due to the tax increase the court would see by being annexed into the City of Lincoln. Secondly the homeowners would also see a large tax increase to their homes. The residents would not see any additional benefit by this annexation. Services would still be the same. The owners of the court would still provide street repair and snow removal, policing would still be the responsibility of Burleigh County. In their eyes they stand to lose much and gain nothing.

Attorney Nyhus said going over paperwork sent to him and the owner/s of the court he could not see much benefit for the court to agree to the annexation. He also said he could not go into specifics because of the future mediation. Chairman Springer asked Attorney Hagel if he had anything to add. Mr. Hagel said he did not want to comment because of the future mediation.

Chairman Springer said he agreed with the residents of the court and said ACT Board will support the resident as much as possible.

Chairman Springer said he would be willing to represent the people of the court at the September 30th mediation meeting. He also said he would have no problem if the members had another person in mind to represent them. Chairman Springer also said that Attorney Thomas Kelsch would be representing ACT and the residents of Lincoln Meadows Court or whoever the members chose. Mr. Kelsch has a lot of experience in this type of situation so Chairman Springer feels Mr. Kelsch will serve the members of the Lincoln Meadows and ACT well. Chairman Springer said he cleared his schedule so he can attend the hearing.

After discussion Supervisor Nehring made a motion to have Chairman Springer represent the members of Lincoln Meadows and ACT with the legal advice of Thomas Kelsch the township legal counsel @ the September 30th mediation hearing. Supervisor Kuntz 2nd the motion. The motion was unanimously approved

Chairman Springer asked if there were any more discussion on the issue being none, he adjourned the Public Hearing on the proposed City of Lincoln Annexation of Lincoln Meadows Court@ 6:36 PM.


Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger, Clerk ACT

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