Agenda Regular Meeting


12/02/2019, 7PM

Members Present: Chairman, Mark Springer; Supervisors Nate Kuntz and Dave Nehring; Assessor, Mark Splonskowski; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Road Supervisor/Zoning Board, Roy Kuil; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch Weed Board, Terry Mauch.

Members Absent: Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz.

Chairman Springer opened the meeting and asked if there were additions or corrections to the minutes from the November 4th meeting. Supervisor Nehring noted one correction Assessor Splonskowski was referred to Assessor Springer. Clerk Meidinger said she would make the correction. Supervisor Nehring made a motion to approve the minutes with the noted correction. Supervisor Kuntz 2nd the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.

Chairman Springer made 2 announcements 1 first was the death of Arnold Schieve a long-time resident of ACT and the death of Alexis Griffin, Zoning Board Member Jerry Kunz’s granddaughter.

Consent Agenda: Nothing to discuss.

School Board: Chairman Springer said the AC School Christmas program will be at Simile School @ 7PM Wed, Dec 3rd. As a side note since AC School does not have room for programs the board needed to find a place to have the program and pay for the use of the space.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Vetsch reported she had $68, checking and $189,538.36 in savings. She had 3 bills submitted for payment. She also wanted the board to know if they had any extra meetings to submit for payment, she wanted them submitted by Dec 20th so they could be paid before the 31st of December. Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to pay all bills submitted. Clerk Meidinger asked if the motion could include 4th quarter payroll. Supervisor Kuntz amended his motion to include the 4th quarter payroll. Supervisor Nehring 2nd the motion to pay all bills submitted and including 4th quarter payroll. The motion was unanimously approved.

10970 $ 128.39 Cyndy Meidinger office supplies
10971 $ 3.18 Cyndy Meidinger office supplies
10972 45.54 Cyndy Meidinger office supplies
10973 $ 299.95 Tao Interactive webpage management
10974 $ 55.41 Dave Nehring 4 qtr pay
10975 $ 73.88 Mark Springer 4 qtr pay
10976 $ 55.41 Jerry Kuntz 4 qtr pay
10977 $ 1,422.19 Greg Hillig 4 qtr pay
10978 $ 1,847.00 Greg Splonskowski 4 qtr pay
10979 $ 219.33 Roy KuiL 4 qtr pay
10980 $ 92.35 Terry Mauch 4 qtr pay
10981 $ 221.64 Jamie Vetsch 4 qtr pay
10982 $ 526.40 Cyndy Meidinger 4 qtr pay
10983 $ 92.35 Nathan Kuntz 4 qtr pay
Total $ 5,083.02    


Assessor’s Report: Assessor Splonskowski said he will be going through Finman’s Subdivision and updating the files. He said the residents have been very cooperative when he calls to set up appointments and goes out for the visits.

Building Inspector’s Report: Building Inspector Hillig reported he had 5 inspections and 5 phone calls on upcoming spring building. He said he wanted to go out in the township and review projects to make sure they were completed or where they are in the process. After discussion the board gave Inspector Hillig approval to check on the properties he wanted to check out.

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Kuil said he had 1 call on a pothole on 93rd St SE and by the next day after the call when he went out to check on it the pothole was repaired. He also got a call from Karman Nagel who bought a 5-acre lot in Glasser Subdivision. He was requesting to have the address changed from Omar St to 62nd Ave SE. To get it changed Mr. Nagle contacted emergency management and had not heard back. The lot has an approach on 62nd Ave SE now and he would be willing to put a culvert in if the Supervisor Kuil insisted it have a culvert. Mr. Kuil said he was going to wait several days and then contact emergency management to help facilitate the request for change of address.

Chairman Springer said he had been in contact with Markus Hall about the possible closure of part of Apple Creek Road by the slough. If that would be closed it would cause a hardship for the residents that use that part of the road. Engineer Hall’s opinion is it is too costly repair that stretch of Apple Creek Road. Brandon Schoock from Lincoln City Council suggested ACT and City of Lincoln should work together to push the issue on Apple Creek road.

Chairman Springer wants Mr. Hall to keep him in the loop. He also said he wanted a sit down with Mr. Hall and himself and Road Supervisor Kuil to discuss snow removal in the township.

Chairman Springer said the County Road Maintenance Agreement needed to be discussed and the board would have to decide what they wanted to do. After discussion Supervisor Nehring noted the cost of the agreement was not increased from last year which was a plus. Supervisor Nehring made a motion to approve the Maintenance Agreement for 2020. The motion was 2nd by Supervisor Kuntz and the motion was unanimously approved.

Sean Johnson from Prairiewood Subversion had a request to get the culverts steamed cleaned because there is a problem with them plugging up. This would have to happen in the spring. Clerk Meidinger said she thought this was a problem to be brought to the Burleigh County Water Resources Board. She was going to contact County Commissioner Kathleen Jones and get answers and report back @ the January meeting.

Chairman Springer suspended the regular meeting of Act and opened the Zoning Board.

1st item to discuss was the increase in Zoning Ordinance violations and the difficulty in enforcement. A discussion followed and the board wants to get public input and have the township residents get a better understanding of the ordinances and have them updated; the last update was 2011. Zoning Member Kuil made a motion to contact the township Attorney, Thomas Kelsch to get the paperwork started. The motion was 2nd by Supervisor Nehring. Roll call Vote Zoning Board Member Kuil, yes; Supervisors Nehring and Kuntz, yes and Chairman Springer, yes. Motion was carried.

2nd item to discuss was a complaint from Shawn Whitney from Mees Addition. He has a neighbor who has chickens and roosters. He doe does not have a problem with the chickens just the roosters that are crowing. The township regulations do not cover that, so it was suggested for Mr. Whitney to go to the covenants committee in his subdivision to see if he could get help from them. Clerk Meidinger will send an email to Mr. Whitney with the suggestion.

3rd item was Supervisor Kuntz was asking permission to subdivide 5 ½ acres out of 100 acres so he could get a loan on his house with 5 ½ acres. A discussion followed and the result was Supervisor Kuntz recusing himself from the vote. It was determined the board would need a copy of the purchase agreement between Nathan Kuntz and Alvin Braun. It was also stated the board did not want to hold up the sale of the home so Supervisor Nehring made a motion to approve the 5 ½ acre subdivide out of the 100 acres owned by Braun’s and Nathan will provide the board with a copy of the purchase agreement. The motion was 2nd by Zoning Member Kuil. Roll call Vote Supervisor Nehring, yes; Zoning Board Member Kuil, yes and Chairman Springer, yes; Motion Carried

4th item to discuss was the pending said of an Omar St lot. Clerk Meidinger wanted to discuss the pending sale of her lot so there would be no confusion about the sale. Dwight Albright has a purchase agreement for the lot. He wants to put a 4,000 sq. ft. shop on the property before he builds a house. Clerk Meidinger said she was in a 3-way conversation with the selling agent, Hunt Baustad, Mr. Albright and herself. She told them the township allows out buildings of 1,200 sq. ft. with no house on the property. She also told them he might be able to make it work if he went to the neighbors in the subdivision and get their input and have them sign an informal agreement that they agree with the larger pole building. Mr. Albright stated he would be using the shop for his trucking business to store his equipment. There are 2 property owners in the subdivision that have a truck stored in their shops. Mr. Albright plans on visiting with the people in the subdivision sometime in December and attending the January meeting to discuss the matter with the township board. There is contingency is set to expire on the 18th of January pending approval from neighbors & ACT Board and cost of dirt work on land to make the building work.

With no other Zoning issues to discuss Chairman Springer adjourned the Zoning Board and reconvened the regular meeting of ACT.

Weed Board Report: Weed Board Member Mauch had nothing to report.

Chairman Springer said board members could talk with each other if no real township business was discussed because 2 would constitute a quorum.

With no other business to discuss Chairman Springer adjourned the meeting of ACT @ 8:02 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk, ACT

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