Regular Meeting


02/03/2020, 7PM

Members Present: Chairman, Mark Springer; Supervisor, Nate Kuntz; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Road Supervisor/Zoning Board, Roy Kuil; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch; Weed Board, Terry Mauch and Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz.

Members Absent: Assessor, Mark Splonskowski and Supervisor, Dave Nehring.

Chairman, Springer opened the February meeting of ACT and asked it there were corrections or additions to the January special meeting and the regular meeting of ACT. Being none Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to approve the minutes as written. The motion received a 2nd from Chairman Springer and was unanimously approved.

Chairman Springer started the meeting with reading an email from Supervisor Nehring informing the board of his resignation from the board to pursue other activities. Supervisor Nehring went on to say he had contacted Dusty Hasper to complete his term. A discussion followed and the result of the discussion was Mr. Hasper agreed to fill in for Supervisor Nehring until the March 17th election and he will be placed on the ballot. The term of that position will be 2022. It was also decided that Supervisor Nate Kuntz’s position will also go to ballot. He is completing the term of Ken Selzler whose term would end in 2021. Therefore, this position will also be put on the ballot. This election cycle there will be 3 Supervisor positions on the ballot, but the 3-year cycle will remain the same. With that Supervisor Nate Kuntz made a motion to accept Dusty Hasper as a supervisor replacement for Supervisor Dave Nehring, the motion was 2nd by Chairman Springer and was unanimously approved.

Consent Agenda: Nothing to discuss.

School Board Report: Roy Kuil school board representative stated there were only 2 people who expressed interest in being on the search committee for the multi-use building, one was a teacher @ AC School and 1 was a board member. Originally the plan was to have 5 members on the committee to get more input from the ACT residents. The school board will be meeting Monday Feb 10th to decide how to proceed. An ad was placed in the tribune, a link to the school was placed on the ACT web page, it was placed on the ACT Facebook page and the school send out a flyer to the parents of the students @ the school.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Vetsch stated there is $109,976.77 in checking and $198,774.63 in savings. She also stated she had 2 small reimbursements one to herself and 1 to Clerk Meidinger but she will pay those with 1st qtr. payroll. She asked for permission to move $60,000.00 to savings where the township will make more money on interest. After discussion Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to allow Treasurer Vetsch to move $60,000.00 to savings. Supervisor Hasper 2nd the motion and the motion was unanimously approved. Clerk Meidinger recommended Treasurer Vetsch have a report on what was spent in 2019 so the board can come up with a budget for 2021 for the 2020 election.

Assessor’s Report: No report due to the absence of Assessor Springer. There was 2 abatements both from Scott and Tamara Bulman for 1994 66th St. SE. Since Assessor Splonskowski was not @ the meeting to give his opinion on the abatement Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to table the abatement until the March meeting the motion was 2nd by Supervisor Hasper and was unanimously approved.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Hillig issued 1 permit, 5 inspections and 2 phone calls.


  1. Permit # 2020-1 Steve & Christine Kellar, 11611 Herman Drive finish basement valuation of work $35,000.00 permit fee $321.95 paid check #4756


  1. Partial Demo 93rd St SE

  2. Final Demo 93rd St SE

  3. Pre-sheetrock Brad’s Way

  4. Re-inspect framing Creekside

  5. Framing inspection Kittie Lane

Phone Calls:

  1. Subdividing 5 acres

  2. California call about lot/s on Susan Drive

Inspector Hillig said with smaller lots community septic systems are the way to go because they must be an engineered system for subdivisions and are determined by the number of homes in a subdivision. If the septic system would use 1 acre of land the subdivision would need and extra 2 acres in case of failure or other problems. Also, the subdivision would have ditches where the septic lines run like the sewer systems in town. Rural water would service the system and the landowners pay a monthly fee for the service. It is a closed system and would provide green space in the development. The county would require the subdivisions to be paved by the developer which would help the township since most people want paved roads.

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Kuil said he didn’t have many calls and has an address for Kameron Nagel on 62nd Ave SE and will get that approach permit completed. There was also discussion about the state of Apple Creek Road east of the slough. It needs quite a bit of repair. Road Supervisor Kuil said he would visit with Marcus Hall and see what the county has in mind. Chairman Springer said he had talked with Marcus Hall and the county will be putting out counters on AC Road this summer to see what the traffic counts are to decide what will happen with that road.

Zoning Board: Chairman Springer suspended the regular meeting of ACT and opened the Zoning Board.

  • Dwight Albright was @ the meeting requesting to build an oversized shop on a lot in Glasser Subdivision he would like to buy. It is a 5-acre lot and the shop size he would build would be 50’x90’ that would be 4,500 sq. ft. ACT Zoning Regs require a empty lot can have a building of 1,200 sq. ft. the county allows 4% of the lot size for accessory buildings which would be 8,712 square feet of out building. Mr. Albright was able to contact 8 of the residents in the subdivision and all but 2 that he contacted said they were ok with the shop. One person who would not sign because was denied the size of shop he wanted and the other was worried the shop would lower his property valuation. After discussion the board suggested, Mr. Albright could have a public hearing @ the March meeting and pay the $100.00 variance fee, or he could wait for the election and see if ACT residents would agree to adopt Burleigh County Zoning Regulations. Mr. Albright said he would be willing to do the public hearing @ the March meeting.

  • As a result of the discussions with Mr. Albright Chairman Springer made a motion to hold a special meeting before the regular meeting of ACT on March 2nd @ 6 PM to discuss adopting Burleigh County Zoning Ordinances. The motion was 2nd by Supervisor Nate Kuntz. Roll Call Vote, Supervisor Nate Kuntz, yes; Supervisor Hasper, yes; Zoning Board Member Kuil, yes; Zoning Board Member Jerry Kunz, yes and Chairman, Springer, yes. Motion Carried.

  • Darrell Carney has a 5 acre lot east of Lincoln address is 7036 Lincoln Rd. and would like to subdivide the lot had questions on septic system and he said the City of Lincoln was pushing pretty hard for him to annex his lot to Lincoln and they would allow the subdivision of his lot. Mr. Carney had to leave the meeting before the board was able to discuss his question at length.

  • The township had received a subdivision request from the City of Bismarck for a subdivision east of 80th St SE and south of 4th Ave SE the final hearing on Apple Meadows 3rd Subdivision will be Wednesday February 26th. At this time no action was taken.

With no further business to discuss Chairman Springer closed the Zoning Board and re-adjourned the regular meeting of ACT.

Weed Board Report: Chairman Springer said the board could re look @ suspending reports during the winter months. Weed Board Member Mauch said the are a few meetings he might be able to attend so it is ok ask for reports.

Other Business: Annual Meeting will be Tuesday March 17th @ 7 PM with election starting after meeting adjourns. 3 supervisor positions will be on the ballot with term limits being staggered to allow for regular supervisor rotation. The clerk position is up for election and 1 zoning member is up for election.

Clerk Meidinger also said there will be a township officer workshop @ Steele ND on February 14th @ 1-3 PM Steele Community Center.

With no other business to discuss Chairman Springer adjourned the meeting @ 8:45.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk ACT

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