Annual Meeting


03/16/2010, 7:00 PM

The 2010 Annual meeting was called to order by clerk, Cyndy Meidinger and the minutes from the 2009 meeting were read. With no corrections or additions Paul Zent made a motion to accept the minutes as read 2nd by Ken Selzler the motion was unanimously approve d with a voice vote of the residents the in attendance.

Next order of business was to vote for three judges from the audience. Rick Solberg, Gail Lengenfelder and Leon Meidinger were voted judges from the audience.

Paul Zent was voted in as moderator and the meeting was turned over to him.

Moderator Zent introduced the member of the board at the meeting and went on to give a report the of the last year to this point

He went on to list the staffing changes the board saw in the last year. A new road supervisor, Lorin Wolf new Treasurer, Shawn Whitney and Dave Nehring’s resignation.

Shawn Whitney gave the treasures report from 2009.

The township was able to do more graveling in 2009 thanks to the budget increase. He went on to say the township was asking the same amount ($95,000.00) again this year so the township can continue to put more money in road upkeep and set aside money for future paving projects.

ETA update the township had gotten the 2-mile juristition back from the city of Bismarck. The township was satisfied with letting Bismarck take jurisdiction of the flood plain (they have larger pockets) and Bismarck wanted jurisdiction of the area So of Lincoln (Copper Ridge) the city had worked with Chad Wachter at the start of the project so ACT was ok with letting them have that area.

The township is working on getting a website up and running. Moderator told the audience if anyone had any input to contact one of the supervisors.

He also said the township was asking for a vote to rewrite the zoning regs since they over 20 years old and there are items that the zoning regs do not cover. This will be a long process and the township will be asked for input and the new regs will be voted on @ the 2011 election.

Moderator Zent asked if there were any questions from the audience being none he introduced the candidates. Ken Selzler for a supervisor for 3-year term, Kerry Olson, supervisor for a 1-year term, Burton Pfliger supervisor 1-year term, Jerry Kunz, zoning board 2-year term, Janel Schwab, zoning board 2-year term. He then opened the floor for other nominations. With no other nominations, he adjourned the annual meeting and the polls were opened for voting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cyndy Meidnger
Clerk ACT

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