Regular Meeting


03/02/2020, 7:05PM

Members Present: Chairman, Mark Springer; Supervisors Nate Kuntz & Dusty Hasper; Assessor, Mark Splonskowski; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Road Supervisor/Road Supervisor, Roy Kuil; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch; Weed Board, Terry Mauch and Zoning Board, Jerry Kuntz.

Chairman Springer opened the meeting @ 7:05 PM and asked if the board had a chance to review the minutes from the February meeting. After discussion Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to approve the minutes as written with a second from Supervisor Hasper and the motion was unanimously approved.

Consent Agenda: Chairman Springer put Chris Hall from SEH Engineering on the consent agenda. Mr. Hall wanted assistance from ACT Board regarding the Right of Way for the Grabinger Subdivision. (James & Kathy Grabinger’s address is 4100 Majestic Street). He has been in conversations with the Grabingers to remove vehicles and other items from the right of way. This will allow the City of Lincoln and SEH access to the Lincoln Water Towers. ACT also agreed to the right of way allowing the City of Lincoln to access the water towers. The problem is the Grabingers agreed to move the vehicles and other items from the Right of Way and have not done so. Mr. Hall did say there had but been a path plowed through the Right of Way to gain emergency access and some of the items are frozen to the ground and can’t be moved. He was asking for help from the township to get the process going. A discussion followed and Chairman Springer will contact the township attorney and have a letter written with a deadline being the end of May for the stuff to be moved or there will be other actions taken which could be assessed to the Grabinger’s property taxes. This is a problem the township faces when people are non-compliant with requests from the township. It was suggested to impose a $500.00 fine against the property

School Board Report: School Board Representative Kuil said there were 3 applicants’ willing to step up to the plate to do the foot work for the multi-use building. Chairman Springer suggested Building Inspector, Greg Hillig be included to give input on the building and Treasurer Vetsch be included to participate on behalf of the township on the budget end of the discussion. Clerk Meidinger said she had contacted PreSort Plus about a mass mailing to township members regarding the multi-use building and adopting Burleigh County Zoning Regulations and the quote was $1,179.11. The question was asked how many pieces and if that included Lincoln. Clerk Meidinger said she thought the bid did include Lincoln and it was decided not to include Lincoln & Copper Ridge the piece count was 2,673 pieces. Clerk Meidinger said she would get a revised quote for the April meeting.

Albright Public Hearing: Chairman Springer opened the Public hearing to hear the request from Dwight Albright asking for a variance to allow him to build a 4,500 sq. ft. building on the lot he wanted to purchase on Omar St. He would not build a house immediately since he has a house in Lincoln that he wants to pay that off before building on Omar St. He does intend to build a home in the future. He also stated he would store 1 or 2 empty trucks in that shop. He has a business in the Oil Patch out west and the trucks would be stored empty. He also took the time to visit with the surrounding neighbors to tell them his plans. There were 2 people who would not give consent 1 was afraid his property values would drop and the other has a business and uses a truck and stores it on his property. Chairman Springer said he would leave the hearing open if there were other questions and there would be a vote @ the Zoning Board.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Vetsch said there was in checking $102,173.23 and $249,774.63 in savings. She suggested she needs to move money to the savings account since the checking balance is larger than the agreed max balance the township should have. There are 5 bills to pay 3 to Clerk Meidinger for Tribune ads for additional meetings 1 to herself for envelopes and 1 to BCTOA for $250.00 for yearly dues. She also suggested the township set up ach payments to pay for tribune ad and supplies. It had been done this way in the past because the township was not able to get a credit card because there was no one person who technically permanent. Chairman Springer agreed and Treasurer Vetsch said she would set it up. After discussion. After discussion Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to pay all bills presented and allow Treasurer Vetsch to move funds from checking to savings and to set up an ach accounts to simplify paying invoices. The motion received a 2nd from Supervisor Hasper and was unanimously approved. Clerk Meidinger said the township received an ach deposit on 2-10-2020 from Burleigh County for $51,837.41 the source of the money is

Load pass $43.17

General Fund $42,708.29

State Aid Distribution $7,182.29

Township Road Distribution $1,903.66



Assessor’s Report: Assessor Splonskowski reported he was getting ready for the Tax Equalization meeting in April and suggested the board set a date for the meeting. After discussion it was agreed to meeting on April 7th for the equalization meeting @ the school @ 7PM. There was also a discussion on an abatement for Scott & Tamera Bulman @ 1994 66th St SE. The property was split into two lots because of a family member wanted to build on the property but that did happen. So, the property owners want to combine the property. Assessor Splonskowski said the assessor’s dept had no problem with the change and said there was no problem with the board approving the abatement. After the discussion Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to approve the abatement 2nd by Supervisor Hasper the motion was unanimously approved.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Hillig had 4 inspections for February

  1. Kittie Lane – framing

  2. Herman Drive- framing

  3. Brads Way Framing

  4. Jenner Place framing

He had 1 phone call on stair-rail height

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Kuil had one approach permit issued to Kameron Nagle @ 9995 62nd Ave SE Permit # 2020-01 paid check # 2040 $50.00 He checked on a road flooding issue caused by a frozen culvert. There was also a road issue brought to his attention in Sunrise where the road curves and there is a flooding issue. Supervisor Kuil said he would check into it and report back in April.

There was also discussion on the deterioration of Apple Creek Road and 93rd St SE and those roads would need not only to be fixed but improved because those roads would not be able to handle the increase in traffic that future development would bring. It was brought to the attention of the group the County Commission was discussing resurfacing AC Road from the Burleigh Co Detention center to 52nd St SE. It was suggested the residents need to put pressure on the commission and the highway dept to let them know we are serious about the terrible sate of our roads in the township and not just keep putting us off.

Zoning Board: Chairman Springer asked if there was any further discussion on the request from Dwight Albright for an oversize building before a home was built. Chairman Springer said he felt the board could not go against the present Zoning Regulations. With no further discussion Zoning Member Kuil made a motion to approve the request and it was 2nd by Zoning Member Kunz Roll Call Vote, Zoning Member Kuil, no; zoning Member Kunz, no; Supervisor Kuntz, no; Supervisor Hasper, no and Chairman Springer, no. Motion Carried.

Request from Mitch & Allison Ward to have a Modular Home placed on 29 acres in C&L Estates. They are asking if there needs to be a parcel platted out for their home. They were told in the past in a situation like this, 5 acres was platted out and zoned residential and the remaining land was zoned agricultural. The modular home will need to be placed on a foundation or piers to meet building specks and to keep in contact with Building Inspector Hillig on how to proceed.

There was also discussion on ACT allowing smaller lot sizes to be able to increase tax base to help the township provide services. Assessor Splonskowski suggested from an assessing standpoint this would be good for the township because it would mean additional revenue, better services etc. but that would be a decision the board and or the residents of the township would need to make. After a discussion most of the people present were not in favor of smaller lot sizes. Chairman Springer said he and the board want the question of lot size be decided @ an election by the people rather than the board make that decision. It was brought up that with the smaller lot sizes there would be more people sharing the cost of services. Example in January 2019 – September 2019 Building Inspector Hillig issued building permits with a value of $ 1,374,311.00 that will bring in and extra $585.00 in additional revenue per year. Also, with a larger population base that would help keep AC School viable longer. Also, the road situation would definitely need to be addressed.

Apple Meadows Subdivision was up for discussion, but it was resolved @ the County Commission meeting. The subdivision would have various lot sizes with the smallest lot size being 1 ½ acres.

There were 2 reminders 1 BCTOA Meeting Wed March 11th Bismarck AmVets Club 9:30 2nd Annual Meeting & Election Tuesday March 17th 7PM. 3 supervisor position will be voted on, clerk and 1 zoning member and the budget for the next year.

With no other business to discuss Chairman Springer adjourned the public hearing, the zoning board and the regular meeting of ACT @ 8:45.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk, ACT

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