Regular Meeting Via Zoom


05/04/2020, 7:PM

Since the COVID 19 Virus this meeting of ACT was held via Zoom

Members Attending: Chairman, Mark Springer; Supervisors, Nathan Kuntz and Dusty Hasper; Assessor, Mark Splonskowski; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch & Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz.

Members Not Attending: Building Inspector, Greg Hillig. Road Supervisor/Zoning Board, Roy Kuil; & Weed Board, Terry Mauch.

Chairman Springer called the meeting to order @ 7:10 PM. He then asked if the board had any additions or corrections to the April Minutes being none, Supervisor Kuntz made a motion to approve as written and Supervisor Hasper 2nd the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Consent Agenda: Nothing to discuss.

School Board Report: School Board is still conducting teacher contract negotiations there has been a lot of discussion between all parties. There will be a new 5th grade/principal in the fall of 2020 her name is Cari Kramer. Clerk Meidinger said she had talked to the owner of the Omar St home and there might be 3 student entering AC School District in the fall.

The building committee is working on land value for the Brendel property behind the school that the school board would like to purchase. Chairman Springer asked if Assessor Splonskowski could help with determining the value. Assessor Splonskowski said he would be willing to give an assessment of value.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Hillig was not present so he sent his report via email

1 Permit #2020-2 Tim & Karen Hagen @ 9120 Creekside Drive new shop 80’x40’x16’ total 3,200

sq. ft. valuation of work $67,200.00 permit fee $485.69 pd ck #3587


  1. Permit #020-3 Patriot Homes @ 6300 Omar St new home 73’x69’x9’ 5,34 sq. ft. total for main floor and basement valuation $450,390.00 permit fee $1,974.78 pd ck 6417


  1. Permit #2020-4 Corby & Alison Ward 8644 Pleasantview Rd new manufactured home

70’x30’x10’ total sq. ft. 2280 valuation $180,000.00 permit fee $758.45 pd ck 1022


  1. Permit #2020-5 Adam Helman @ 9001 Bar D Rd 2 decks (1) 10’x20’ & 16’x2’ valuation of work $876.00 permit fee $124.53 pd ck 1034


  1. Permit #2020-7 Derik Maatella @ 1000 Meadow Run Dr. septic system repair permit fee $7.00

Pd ck #1887

Total new valuation for April, $698,466.00 total permit fees paid for April, $3,418.45.

Inspections for April:

  1. Gas line Hillard Dr
  2. Basement final Herman Dr
  3. Garage Final Brads Way
  4. Septic System Apple Way
  5. Roof 93rd St
  6. Septic Location Pond Place
  7. Footings Omar St
  8. Septic Meadow Run

Phone Calls

  1. Basement Final
  2. Electrical Requirement
  3. Septic System
  4. Accessory Building height
  5. Set back
  6. Patio & decks


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Vetsch reported there is $86,417.84 in checking and $250,010.12 in savings. Treasurer Vetsch asked about computers for the treasurer and clerk and an accounting software package. She asked if Chairman Springer would want to do the research on the items. Chairman Springer said he was ok for her to find what she wanted and bring the info to the next meeting. There is a $5,000.00 max per purchase, and this would be below the max price. This way when the clerk or treasurer left all paperwork would stay with the township. Supervisors Kuntz and Hasper agreed with Treasurer Vetsch going forward with the project. Treasurer Vetsch said she only had one bill to pay that was to reimburse Clerk Meidinger for a roll of stamps which is $55.00. After discussion Chairman Springer made a motion to pay the reimbursement to Clerk Meidinger, approve the treasurer’s report and have Treasurer, Vetsch and Clerk Meidinger sign the check. The motion received a 2nd from Supervisor Kuntz and the motion was unanimously approved.

Road Supervisor’s Report: In the absence of Supervisor Kuil Supervisor Kuntz said there was a request from Boyd Township to split the gravel cost on 132nd St SE since it is a shared road and ACT has split the cost in the past. Treasurer Vetsch asked if there had been a cost for gravel discussed. Supervisor Kuntz did not have the info. Clerk Meidinger said she would contact Supervisor Kuil to see if there had been any conversations on cost. After discussion Supervisor Springer made a motion to approve the cost share with Boyd Township and Supervisor Hasper 2nd the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Supervisor Kuntz said there had been a request from residents on 22nd Ave SE that had chloride put on their road last year to reduce the dust wanting that done again this year. The Chloride treatment is quite expensive and Clerk Meidinger suggested contacting NDLTP and have someone come to a meeting and give input about the roads. Chairman Springer said that would be a good idea and to make the contact when we have a regular meeting again to get it setup.

There was a question about an easement on some property on Apple Creek Road by the AC Road bridge over the creek. A landowner has a parcel of land and there is a shared driveway and one of the adjoining landowners claims there is no easement for the property in question. The consensus of the board is it is a county issue. The property in question is going to be sold and has other issues that need addressing.

Zoning Board: Chairman Springer suspended the regular meeting of ACT and opened the Zoning Board. The first item to discuss was a request from Jim Foerderer about a road into his property so he could develop the land. The board does not do roads and if he wants a road built that would be up to him as the developer. Supervisor Hasper had approached the county before about the making a section line a road a private drive and the road would have to be up to county specs the liability and cost of maintenance would have fallen on him. Supervisor Hasper talked with Engineer Hall and he stated that the section line would not see a road for a long time.

  1. other item for discussing was a large shop on 5901 66th ST SE owned by the owner of Deuces Wild Septic System. original permit for the shop was issued by ACT. There have been questions about the permit and the type of zoning attached to the property. Chairman Springer stated if someone has been going around talking to businesses or other landowners on behalf of Apple Creek Township, they need to come to the township first. They do not represent the township. This property was annexed into the City of Lincoln so most of the questions need to be addressed by the City of Lincoln. re have also been complaints that Deuces Wild is dumping sewage on property owned by the member of the City of Lincoln Town Council. Zoning member Kunz said if that is the case that issue would belong to the City of Lincoln since it was annexed to Lincoln. Supervisor Hasper said the board needs to work with surrounding jurisdictions so there is no misunderstanding about different zoning issues. He also brought up the issue of running a business out of a home. re are many zoning issues that the board needs to review and get the zoning regulations updated and get an updated zoning map made. Treasurer Vetsch suggested the township consider sending out a newsletter maybe once a year to all township residents with relevant township information. board agreed this would a good way to get information out to the residents. Chairman Springer asked if there was other zoning business to discuss, being none, he adjourned the zoning board and reconvened the regular meeting of ACT.
  2. Board: Nothing to discuss.

Other Business: Clerk Meidinger reminded everyone to make sure and complete the 2020 Census online. Chairman Springer said hopefully the next meeting will be held @ the school.

With no other business to discuss Chairman Springer adjourned the meeting @ 8:16 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger,

Clerk, ACT





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