ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


05/03/2021, 7:PM

Members Present: Chairman, Mark Springer; Supervisors Dusty Hasper & Eric Richard, Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Road Supervisor/ Zoning Board, Roy Kuil; Weed Board, Terry Mauch and Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz

Members Absent: Assessor, Mark Splonskowski and Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch.

Chairman Springer opened the May meeting of ACT and asked if there were any additions or corrections to the April minutes. Several typos were noted, and Clerk Meidinger said she would make the corrections and get them on the web page. Supervisor Hasper made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected and the motion received a 2nd from Chairman Springer & received a unanimous vote from the board to approve.

Consent Agenda: No issues to discuss.

School Board Report: School Board Representative Kuil said the school had received the sad news that Dottie Longmeier, the school business manager of 43 years passed away. The school board is looking for a replacement for her position and someone who could take over the secretarial position if the present secretary would leave next year. The board has a replacement for the principal who would also be a PE teacher and would also be able to fill in as a sub it needed. This change made the part time principal position a full-time position. The school also has a teacher’s aide who is an AC School retired teacher and can also sub if needed. There are 72 students enrolled this year and the enrollment has increase beyond the 5- & 10-year projections.

Mr. Kuil asked where the township is in the sale of the school building. Chairman Springer said it was still @ the lawyer’s office, but he would check. Everything is on hold until this issue is solved. Mr. Kuil said the school board is ready to go on the project. They just need the sale of the building to move forward.

The school board will decide on the mask issue next week @ school board meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: There was no report due to the absence of Treasurer Vetsch. Chairman Springer said she had contacted him and said she would not be able to attend the meeting. Clerk Meidinger said she had several invoices from the county for the coring analysis. She also suggested that the treasurer be contacted and asked to provide a quarterly breakdown of expenses. The board agreed that was a valid request. Road Supervisor Kuil asked the board for input on the core sampling and how the board wanted him to proceed. After review Supervisor Richard said the invoices presented needed to be paid. His suggestion was to contact the company that did the coring analysis and discuss it with them. Both Supervisors Richard and Hasper felt there could be a better and more detailed coring sample. Their feeling was the township was not getting the info needed for the core sampling and the money spent. After discussion Supervisor Richard made a motion to pay the county invoices presented. Supervisor Hasper 2nd the motion and it was unanimously approved. Clerk Meidinger asked about an inexpensive printer for the room used for meetings. That way any permits or checks that needed to go out could be printed right away and not go to the printer in the other building. She was not in favor of bring bringing the other printer upstairs because if she needed a printer in the office she would have to go to the other building. After discussion Supervisor Richard made a motion to approve the purchase a printer and ink for up to $200.00. Clerk Meidinger asked if the motion could include that the treasure and clerk sign the checks for payment of the county and the printer. Chairman Springer asked Supervisor Richard if he wanted to change his motion.  Supervisor Richard agreed to change the motion. Supervisor Richard’s amended motion was to pay the coring bills from the county and allow Treasurer Vetsch and Clerk Meidinger to sign the checks to the county and for the purchase of a printer and ink for the township. The motion received a 2nd from Chairman Springer and was unanimously approved. Clerk Meidinger also stated ACT received a check from the county the deposit included $2,568.72 from the general fund, EFT ACT $15.19 road and bridge and an EFT for $201.71 Telecommunication Tax total added to treasury was $2,785.62.


 $      742.61

Bur Co Hwy Dept

 core sampling


 $ 1,176.00

Bur Co Hwy Dept

 core sampling



 extra printer & ink


 $  1,918.61



Assessor’s Report: There was no report due to the absence of Assessor Splonskowski. Clerk Meidinger said she contacted Al Vietmeier from the county appraiser’s office to see what the cost to the township would be if the county took over the assessing responsibility. Assessor Veitmeier said the county charges $17,000.00 which is negotiable. He said the county is doing the City of Lincoln for $15,000.00. If the county took over the assessing responsibility, they would not attend monthly meetings.  Chairman Springer said he would contact Assessor Splonskowski and report back @ the June meeting.

Building Inspectors Report:  Inspector Hillig said he was going to be in the township on Friday and wanted to know if the board was ok with him checking on properties that were not completed. Clerk Meidinger said she did not get the letters out to the 3 landowners about the buildings that were stated and not completed. The board gave approval for the inspections. Inspector Hillig said he had 1 permit, 4 inspections and 7 phone calls in April.


  1. Permit #2021-4   Troy Baker 8330 Palimino Dr rebuild front deck and shoring posts and add a structural wood bean in basement. Valuation of work $4, 200.00 permit fee $186.15 pd ck # 1508


  1. Footing Inspection on Chestnut Dr.
  2. New baring wall on basement on Palomino Dr.
  3. Concrete wall inspection on Chestnut Dr.
  4. Septic System on Chestnut Dr.

                                                                    Phone Calls

  1. On Yarbough property on Omar St
  2. Accessory building on Susan Dr.
  3. Garage Addition
  4. Septic System
  5. Yard Shed
  6. Contractor on Yarbough property
  7. Burleigh County about inspection date for property on Pond Place.

Inspector Hilling will contact the property owners of buildings that are not finished one more time and if nothing happens the township will start with a letter asking the property owner to attend the next meeting if the property owner does not respond then stronger options will be the next to get the property owner into compliance.

Road Supervisor’s Report:  Road Supervisor Kuil said he had gotten the approach permit back from Chestnut Dr but there was only 1 page. Clerk Meidinger will have to contact the owner and get the copy of the 1st page. He said is working on the gravel request to the county and would be interested in input from the board on their thoughts for gravel for the upcoming year.  Zoning Member Kunz asked about Northgate Drive. Supervisor Kuil said that road will have to wait until the county determines the route of the RR Overpass on 66th St. The township does not want to put a lot of work and money into Northgate Drive now to have it ripped up for the overpass. Northgate will still be maintained but there will not be any major improvements until the overpass issues are settled.


Zoning Board:  Chairman Springer suspended the regular meeting of ACT and opened the Zoning Board. -

There was a complaint from Ray Miller stating the person @ 8800 Sunrise Ave is running a business out of his home. He contacted Supervisor Hasper about the problem. After discussion Supervisor Richard said he will contact the property owner and investigate the issues further and report back @ the June meeting.

The county does issue a special use permits for businesses this is something the township will have to check into.

The Terry Hoerer issue has not been resolved so the option left to the township is to pursue a civil suit. In the suite all attorney’s fees and expenses for cleanup will be included in the fees to the offending property owner. There is a state program available to the counties for this and if needed the county will request the use for the township. The program will pay for cleanup and charge the expense to the landowner. Mr. Hoerer will be contacted to inform him of the policy and how it will affect him. There have been several attempts in the past to get this issue taken care of to no avail. This will be a start and hopefully other offending landowners will see the township is serious and will do what is necessary to correct infractions.

There are no updates for the proposed Lincoln ETA. The City of Lincoln would have to give notice to the residents involved in the proposed new ETA. The residents affected by the new ETA would have the opportunity to voice their opinions @ a public hearing before the City of Lincoln could extend their ETA.

With no other Zoning Board items to discuss Chairman Springer adjourned the Zoning Board and the regular meeting of ACT was reconvened.

Weed Board Report: Board Member Mauch said the county Weed Board office is in the County Building off 80th St. He also said anyone that had the county spray for weeds last year will be contacted again this year. The county is giving the township residents a good break on some herbicides. To get to get the herbicide the property would need to be mapped by the ASCS. Terry will get the information on the Facebook page and on the township Web Page.

With no other business to discuss Chairman Springer adjourned the regular meeting of ACT and the next meeting will be Monday June 7th

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk, ACT


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