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08/03/2020, 7:PM


Members Present: Chairman, Mark Springer; Supervisor, Dusty Hasper; Assessor, Mark Splonskowski; Building Inspector, Greg Hillig; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Road Supervisor/Zoning Board, Roy Kuil; Treasurer, Jamie Vetsch and Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz.


Members Absent: Supervisor, Nate Kuntz and Weed Board, Terry Mauch


Chairman Springer opened the meeting and asked if there were any additions or corrections to the July Meeting. Supervisor Hasper questioned Mr. Murray’s previous variance/special use permit stating it should be one or the other


Consent Agenda: Shooting range across the street from AC School. Chairman springer said he had been searching to see if there had been an agreement between ACT and the state regarding the use of the shooting range. He was not able to find any previous board member that remembered any type of written agreement except maybe a verbal agreement. He has been in contact with the Board of Corrections Office to see if they had any type of agreement. He wanted to make it clear he had no issues with the range and knows law enforcement needs the practice. He just wants to find a better scheduling of the practices due to the noise factor.  A discussion followed resulting in Chairman Springer agreement to contact the AC School Board and the Board of Corrections to try an facilitate a meeting between the school, ACT and Board of Corrections @ the next school board meeting to  discuss the issues and see if an agreement can be negotiated.


School Board Report: Roy Kuil said the AC School board sent their reopening plan to the Burleigh County Nurse and the Superintendent of Schools for their approval if approved it will then go to DPI for their input. Mr. Kuil said it could be a lengthy process. The school board had been busy trying to fill the teacher & principal positions which took up a lot of time, so this got put on the back burner. He also said the school board is still waiting on the state for comments on the proposed multi use building for the school.


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Vetsch reported there is $96,333.94 in checking & $250,348.15 in savings.

She has a bill from the County Hwy Dept for additional township gravel for $47,873.77. She has also been doing some forecasting for the upcoming budget and running some scenarios and the board will have to start cutting some corners due to the loss of revenue because of the covid 19 economy turn downs. Right now, we are ok, but our road budget might be smaller in the future. We were just getting the roads up to snuff and if this keeps up the roads could take a hit.  There was a discussion and the result of the discussion was Supervisor Hasper making a motion to pay the gravel bill the motion received a 2nd from Chairman Springer and the motion was unanimously approved.

Assessor’s Report: Assessor Splonskowski did sent Bud Lung a letter of determination about his property in ACT. He also has been doing evaluations in the township and he was out and talked with Dominic and Denise Johnson @ 8121 Brads Way. Their property had burned last year and needed to be reevaluated. He said other than that thinks are going ok.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Hillig said he issued 4 permits for July, did 16 inspections, and had 11 phone calls.


  • Permit # 2020-18 Kirt Pelster @ 5901 66th St SE pool shed on floating slab 20’x24’x8’ 480 sq. ft.

Valuation of work $10,000.00 permit fee $135.00 paid check # 1139

  • Permit # 2020-19 Randy Strom 6730 Omar St new drain field 470 ft. permit fee $75.00 pd cash

  • Permit # 2020-20 Caroline Hankinson 90005 Palimino Dr. 84’x57’x9’ 5,232 sq. ft. total valuation $406,263.00 permit fee $1799.68 pd check # 4394

  • Permit # 2020-21 Justin & Jamie Jacobson 2600 93rd SE storage shed with concrete floor 20’x16’x8’ 320 sq. ft valuation $6,720.00 permit fee$116.00 pd check #1139

Total valuations for August $423,063.00 total fees paid for August $2,126.55


  • Creekside Dr reinspect framing

  • Herman Dr pre sheetrock inspection

  • 66th St SE floating slab inspection

  • 93rd St SE concrete wall inspection

  • Elsa Rosa drain tile inspection

  • 93rd St SE drain tile inspection

  • Palamino Dr footing inspection

  • 93rd St SE drain field inspection

  • Pond Place framing inspection

  • 119th St SE footing inspection

  • Pond Place gas line inspection

  • Creekside Dr framing inspection

  • Creekside Dr final inspection

  • Palamino Dr concrete wall inspection

  • Pond Place lateral backing reinspect

  • 66th St SE inspect wind damage on roof trusses

Phone Calls:

  • 93rd St SE rebar placement on walls

  • Insulation of concrete walls

  • Drawings for septic system

  • Special use permit

  • Breaking f a portion of land Houston Engineering

  • Drain tile

  • Septic system

  • Pouring basement floors

  • Road approach cost to code

  • Storm damage on structure under construction

  • Rebar placement for footings

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Kuil said he worked with Dan Murray about his blind approach into his property on Apple Creek Road.  Mr. Murray was wondering if he should have one approach or he could have 2 approaches since the one approach was a hazard.  Upon inspection and discussion, they decided the best option was to have 2 approaches one for entrance to the property and one to exit the property. Mr. Murry will return the paperwork with a check and then the permit will be issued. Road Supervisor Kuil said otherwise he has had a very quiet month.

Chairman Springer suspended the regular meeting of ACT and opened the Zoning Board.

  • Hamilton-Odell & Risser guinea hen complaint update. Chairman Springer has done a lot of work and found out a $2,000.00 penalty can be imposed to the property and the birds can be removed and destroyed. The offender can and will be charged for all expenses caused by the removal of the birds and legal expenses can be charged to the offending landowner. After discussion Zoning Board Member Kuil made a motion to proceed with the removal of the guinea hens from Reiser’s property and all expenses and costs in doing so will be charged to the Reiser’s property the motion was 2nd by Zoning board member Kunz. Roll Call Vote; Zoning members, Kuil and Kunz, yes; Supervisor Hasper, yes and Chairman Springer, yes. Motion Carried. Chairman Springer will contact the County States Attorney and get the process started. He apologized to the Hamilton-Odell’s for the length of time this has taken but hopefully they will see some results.

  • Bar-D-Road goats and sheep issue. There have been complaints from neighbors of sheep and goats going to neighbors yards and making a nuisance. After discussion Zoning Board Member Kunz made the motion to proceed to remove the offending animals and have all expenses charged to the owners. The motion was 2nd by Zoning Member Kuil. Roll Call Vote; Zoning Members Kunz and Kuil yes; Supervisor, Hasper, yes and Chairman Springer, yes. Motion Carried and Chairman Springer will proceed and get the process started.

  • Chairman Springer said he will see about an executive session to discuss the Zoning Issuers and see who they can be resolved and make enforcement possible.

Chairman Springer asked if there was any other zoning business to discuss being none, he adjourned the zoning board meeting and reconvened the regular meeting of ACT.

Weed Board:  There was no report due to the absence of Board Member Mauch. Clerk Meidinger said she had gotten an email tell her Mr. Mauch would not be able to attend the meeting. He did say we was able to contact the gentleman with the weed question and he gave him instructions on how to proceed.

Chairman Springer asked if there was any other business to discuss. He did remind everyone the next meeting will be the 14th of September due to Labor Day weekend.  With no other business to address the meeting was adjourned @ 8:33 PM

Respectfully submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk, ACT



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