Regular Meeting Via Zoom


10/05/2020, 7:PM

Members Present: Chairman, Mark Springer; Supervisor Dusty Hasper; Assessor, Mark Splonskowski; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger; Road Supervisor/Zoning Board, Roy Kuil; Treasurer; Jamie Vetsch; Weed Board, Terry Mauch and Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz.

Members Absent: Building Inspector, Greg Hillig and Supervisor Nate Kuntz

Chairman Springer asked if the board had time to read the minutes from the September meeting and if there were any additions or corrections. Supervisor Hasper made a motion to approve the minutes as written for September. Chairman Springer 2nd the motion and the minutes for the Sept meeting were approved as written.

  1. Agenda: Request for a chicken coop from Anthony Lafond. He is requesting to build a chicken coop on his property @ 2150 93d St SE. Chairman Springer said there will need to be a public hearing and he also suggested Mr. Lafond type up something telling the neighbors what he would like to do and have the neighbors sign with approval or disapproval. Mr. Lafond also said there would be no guinea hens on the property. Clerk Meidinger suggested they do not have roosters in the coop because of the noise factor. Clerk Meidinger will get a notice in the tribune for the public hearing in November.

School Board Report: School Board representative Roy Kuil sad the school board will not be able to have public meetings because of the threat level proclaimed by the health department and governor. For now, all school board meetings will be held online. The only board members that will meet @ school will be the principal, Dottie, and the school board president. The threat level will have to go to blue or green before public meetings will be held @ the school. The school will be doing some remote classroom sessions as well as in class teaching for the children.

Treasure’s Report: Treasurer Vetsch reported there is $53,623.63 in checking and & $250,616.13 in savings. She has not gotten 3rd qtr. payroll done yet but will get it  out this month. Supervisor Hasper made a motion to approve payment of 3rd Qtr. payroll and the motion received a 2nd from Chairman Springer. The motion was unanimously approved. Treasurer Vetsch said she will get the checks written, signed, and mailed out this month.


$ 304.76

Mark Springer

3rd Qtr. Payroll


$ 83.12

Dusty Hasper

3rd Qtr. Payroll


$ 83.12

Jerry Kunz

3rd Qtr. Payroll


$ 55.41

Nathan Kuntz

3rd Qtr. Payroll


$ 2,382.63

Greg Hillig

3rd Qtr. Payroll


$ 753.13

Greg Hillig

3rd Qtr. Mileage


$ 1,847.00

Mark Splonskowski

3rd Qtr. Payroll


$ 555.49

Roy Kuil

3rd Qtr. Payroll


$ 125.28

Roy Kuil

3rd Qtr. Mileage


$ 27.71

Terry Mauch

3rd Qtr. Payroll


$ 267.82

Jamile Vetsch

3rd Qtr. Payroll


$ 526.40

Cyndy Meidinger

3rd Qtr. Payroll





Assessor’s Report: Assessor Splonskowski said thinks are going well. He reported Sylvia Burge's lot is unbuildable so he agreesd the tax valuation should be less. He will be in contact with her and discuss the options.

He also said the abatement for Dominic & Denice Johnson, 8121 Brad’s Way should have gotten an abatement for 2017 because of a fire. It was turned in to late and they did not get the abatement in 2018 the property did get reassessed last year and the property does qualify for an abatement due to fire for last year and this year. After discussion Supervisor Hasper made a motion to accept Assessor Splonskowski’ recommendation on the abatement request for Dominic and Denice Johnson. The motion was 2nd by Chairman Springer and was unanimously approved.

Building Inspectors’ Report: Inspector Hillig was not present @ the meeting and Clerk Meidinger said he was out of town and 2 permits, 8 phone calls and 12 inspections for September.

Building Permits:

  1. Permit 2020-23 Stan & Cyndy Meidinger deck addition with pergola and pergola over patio permit fee 190.22 pd check #581
  2. Permit 2020-24 Troy Backhaus @12920 10th Ave SE 2 story addition to existing home with a 12’6” deck. 360 sq. ft each floor for a total of 760 sq. ft. valuation of work $64,2000.00 permit fee $498.08 paid check 31336

Phone Calls:

  1. Rebar for foundation
  2. Draft stops in floor trusses
  3. Questions on appraisal on home on Eric St
  4. On fire blocking
  5. Requirements on home addition
  6. Basement Sheetrocking
  7. Restrictions for accessory buildings


  1. Fire taping & caulking on Creekside Drive
  2. Framing on Elsa Rosa Dr.
  3. Foundation wall rebar
  4. Gas line Hillard Dr
  5. Framing inspection Omar St
  6. Reinspect draft stop basement Elsa Rosa
  7. Pre sheet rock inspection Elsa Rosa
  8. Framing Inspection Palomino Dr
  9. Framing Inspection Mees Lane
  10. Post hole inspection Omar St
  11. Gas Line Elsa Rosea
  12. Final inspection pole barn Elsa Rosa

Road Supervisor’s Report: Inspector Kuil reported the graveling and grading is complete. He did notice that the road crown was bladed down and there is a lot of gravel windrowed. He will contact the county and see if they have time to fix the problems, he found. There was discussion on a possible road approach on Poplar St. for industrial use; but Poplar is a residential St. There were questions if there had been a permit issued. Clerk Meidinger said she would check and report back @ the Nov meeting. Zoning board member Jerry Kunz was @ the Lincoln meeting and he feels the approach is meant to appease the fire department. Supposedly the road would have some type of gate across that the fir department could have access during a fire or a sign stating something to the effect it was an emergency use only verbiage. The approach is in the planning stage but will need to be addressed. Clerk Meidinger will need to contact Greg Kuil to find out when she can get into the school to look @ the approach permit file.


Zoning Board: Chairman Springer suspended the regular meeting of ACT and opened the Zoning Board.

  1. The Lincoln ETA was 1st item for discussion. The was no input from the representatives form the City of Lincoln so the floor was opened for discussion. There is talk of possible expansion to 80th St SE. The township can work with the NDTOA to research possible options available to them to help with the issues that might be caused by the proposed ETA. There is the option of a legal action also.
  2. Bismarck approved the 3,200 sq ft shop request from Copper Ridge. There were documents from surrounding homeowners agreeing with the proposed shop.
  3. The last item to discuss is the executive meeting regarding the zoning ordinance revision. Chairman Springer suggested the meeting be Monday Oct 19th. Clerk Meidinger suggested a program to recognize homeowners who improved their properties appearance and then put the picture of the property on the ACT web page with the residents approval. Chairman Springer suggested on looking into that over the winter to see if that would be something the township would want to pursue.

Chairman Springer asked if there was any other Zoning business to discuss being none, he adjourned the Zoning Board and reconvened the regular meeting of ACT.

Weed Board: Weed Board member Mauch said there was nothing to report.

  1. Springer asked if there was any other business to discuss being non, he adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk, ACT

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