Executive Road Meeting


02/01/2021, 6:PM

Members Present: Chairman Mark Springer; Supervisor, Dusty Hasper; Road Supervisor Roy Kuil; Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz; Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger.

Chairman Springer opened the special meeting of ACT regarding road issues. Chairman Springer introduced Dale Helglund program director from NDSU NDLTAP Mr. Helglund stated when talking to supervisor Nate Kuntz he determined the problems Apple Creek Township is having with their roads are gravel related.

Dale Heglund introduced Daniel Shirock Assistant County Engineer and Wayne Klein, County Road Supervisor who were there to answer any other questions regarding roads. They will also be addressing the 66th St SE railroad overpass at the regular meeting of Apple Creek Township. They said the overpass is in the planning stages now. Burleigh County is not able to absorb all costs so would like some financial funding from ACT and the City of Lincoln.

Dale Helglund had various samples of gravel, clay, and sand for display. He also explained the differences in relationship to the clay, gravel, and fines and how that ratio and affects township roads. He also said the size of gravel also affects the roads. Grader operators have control of road crown and windrows on roads, and they get blamed for items that are not their fault. One of the main reason roads deteriorate is because the gravel, clay, fines ratio are incorrect. It is not easy to determine the correct ratio and it could take a lot of money to correct bad roads all at once. He also stated the gravel pits in Burleigh County are becoming depleted and good gravel is getting harder and more expensive to find. Townships also can get their gravel specked out. That is the only way to determine the quality of gravel that is being put on their roads. Daniel Shirock and Wayne Klein both said they will be happy to work with Apple Creek Township to come up with ways to improve the township road system.

During discussion, it was determined townships can do a portion of road that is bad with better gravel and come back the following year and do the rest of the road with good gravel.

Supervisor Hasper asked about soy-based gravel products. Dale Heglund stated they are quite expensive and are in the trial stages, but it looks promising but are not widely available just yet.

In closing Dale thanked the board for the opportunity to work with Apple Creek Township to help improve their understanding of road gravel relationship issues. He said he is always willing to discuss any issues the township might have regarding roads.

Supervisor Springer asked if there were any other questions of Dale with no further questions Chairman Springer closed the executive info meeting of Apple Creek Township.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk, Apple Creek Township

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