ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


10/04/2021, 7:00pm

Apple Creek Township

Regular Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 4, 2021 7 p.m.

  1. Call to Order- 7:00pm CST
    1. In attendance; Terry Mauch, Jerry Kunz, Roy Kuil, Eric Richard, Mark Springer, Dusty Hasper, Jamie Vetsch, Greg Hillig, Mark Splonkowski
  2. Minutes – review
    1. Motion To approve minutes; Dusty 2nd Eric
      1. Vote: all approve
  3. Update on Township records, emails
    1. Follow up with the officer’s association we should not have separate emails. All Township business should be on an agenda and discussed at meetings instead of emails. If email is written it needs to be printed and presented to the board to be discussed as public record.
    2. Follow up on the Fireside coming to make records electronic,
      1. Jamie is working with the school schedule. The Township records are stored in a place that Fireside would need to enter a classroom to get them. We are working on a schedule as to not disturb any class time to get the records for Fireside. Working to figure out a day that the kids are not in school as a best option.

4. Area Reports-

A. School Board Report- Waiting on the check to be made up by CREA as the business manager for the school. The check will be made up after the school board meeting to go through the final process.

1. Special meeting covid- No changes will be made. General feedback is parents get to decide if their child will wear a mask to school. Principle can make small changes if needed. If a full mask mandate is suggested it would need to go through the school for approval if not a statewide mandate.

a. Next meeting Tuesday 5th 6pm

B. Treasurer’s Report-

1. Checking- $143,385.80, Savings- $251,362.62.

a. Bills that need to be paid payroll- $4,444.34 Total Taxes: $736.31. Motion to pay bills- 1st Eric 2nd by Dusty. Vote- all yes

  1. Jamie will stop by the bank to see what is holding up the special account for the 66th street project.


C, Assessor’s Report - going well good response. Moving onto building permits to reassess the value of those properties.

  1. Board to Mark- How are things zoned in the township?
    1. Answer- Ag, commercial, or residential
  2. Board to Mark- Are you ensuring that the properties you are assessing are zoned properly?
    1. Answer yes- to be zones Ag there has to be a minimum of 10 acres. Most properties are residential or agriculture properties in the Township.

c. County website is updated once a year if there is an error on your property contact Mark Splonkowski

D. Building Inspector’s Report – 10 inspections, 1 new home, 4 calls, things are going well

a. Board would like to address a garage in the process of being built that is falling down that was brought to the attention of the board. Eric invited the property owner to the meeting and they are present.

b. The board needs a plan from the property owner as it needs to be addressed and action taken. Greg has also talked with the owner. OSB is weathered, Truss need to be inspected. The property owner plans to take the 2nd story down and truss only the 1st floor. Greg had called a truss company on behalf of the owner and they will come out and inspect to see if the existing truss can be repressed and used or if new ones will be needed.

c. Board requested a tine frame that action will be taken to correct.

Answer: Owner has materials and siding just not sure when he can get it done.

d. Board response: We need a real goal/timeframe. The permit might be 2 or more years old. County has date on their permits if not done by such date the permit expires. We don’t want to do that but we need a time frame. It was decided that by the November 1st 2021 meeting that the property owner returns to the meeting with an update after the truss system could be examined to give a timeline to ensure that the issue is being resolved.

E. Road Supervisor’s Report – 1 permit, phone calls, Email to county on troubled roads.

a. Board questions on core samples that were taken- Are we going to hear any more about them.

b. Answer- More than likely not getting back on some of the other roads. The road we did get the sample results from that road was fixed. I want to look into a new plan on a few consistently bad roads in the Township for the next year. The upfront cost could be high but 7 years maintenance free pretty much. Will discuss in the spring after more research. Morton County has a road that was processed in this manner 7 years ago and still in really good shape.

F. Weed Board Report – noxious weeds update – Nothing new

A. Weeds on private property – have not heard back from the county

a. question- is that property the city of Lincoln or the Township – City of Lincoln we have no jurisdiction.

B. Floor discussion – If it were Township ETA, we would be responsible. The county has already stated they were taking action on the property according to a person on the floor that reached out to the county. The weed board will call the county to see if action has been taken if not will pass on the information to the proper jurisdiction.

5. Zoning Board –

- Update on Adam Schmidt, 624 Brome Ave – Commercial use complaint

A. Parties are present at the meeting- Eric drove by and the it looks good. Board considers this issue resolved the parties took the necessary action.

B. Floor Discussion in regards to what you can have on your property vs what is commercial equipment?

a. This is not as easy to answer as an agriculture property is going to need different equipment to operate their property and feed their animals vs what a residential home owner would need to operate and maintain their home.

C. Sunrise Road was brought up during this point of the meeting as the property in question is on Sunrise. The Road supervisor and the board noted that this road was built before the new county specs were done for roads. This road is being considered for options on how to fix the road.

- Update on Terry Hoerer property- Was not present. Lawyer is moving forward with court and hopefully in the next weeks an answer will be made.

- Update on Anthony LaFond chickens- No fence was put up as the chickens are gone. Board considers this issue as resolved. Board will reach out to property owner and let them know that the issue is now resolved.

- Update on sign discussion from Sept. meeting – Property owners submitted special use permits

A. Floor Discussion on the permits- who fills out the paperwork for the sign the sign owner or the property owner?

a. Answer- Property owner for any business-related special use permit.

B. Floor discussion- Should there be limits on special use permits?

a. Answer- Every year a special use permit should be reviewed and the board review to ensure they are still in compliance. The board has not been following but has made a plan to ensure that all special use permits going forward are reviewed every year to ensure compliance being met.

C. Floor Discussion- How big of a sign can a person have?

a. Board will get back on that answer when we find an answer with specific dimensions.

D. Floor Discussion- How much was charged for the signs?

a. Answer- Each special use permit is a $100 fee. So, each sign cost $100.

E. Motion to approve the special use permits for both signs- 1st by Dusty 2nd by Roy. Vote- all in favor motion passes

F. Floor discussion back to special use permits- questions from the floor- So if someone new moves in does that make my special use permit disappear since neighbors need to sign off?

a. Answer- As long as there are no complaints and the owner is staying within compliance there should be no changes. It would still be subject to yearly review to ensure staying in compliance with the permit issued.

G. Floor discussion- question from the floor has any action been taken on Climax concrete or the other concrete business next door.

a. Board answer – No action has been taken as no written complaints have come in so they are not on the priority list.

- Zoning regulations update- 2010 was the last time Township’s zoning regulations were updated. They need to be updated. They should be updated every 5 years.

A. Floor discussion came from a complaint/question that sent to board. Person was not in attendance to know if there was a complaint or just a question – How many horses can a person have?

a. Answer- 2 horses per 5 acres, 1 per 2 acres.

B. What to do about other animals/livestock on your property or on the roads. Suggestion would be to call the sheriff if on the roads if it is on your property the sheriff cannot take action it will be a civil matter.

6. Adjourn – 7:49pm

next meeting, Nov. 1 at 7 p.m.

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