ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


11/01/2021, 7:00pm

Apple Creek Township

Regular Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 1, 2021 7 p.m.

  1. Call to Order-
    1. Attendance: Roy Kuil, Dusty Hasper, Mark Springer, Eric Richard, Jamie Vetsch, Jerry Kunz
  2. Minutes – review
    1. Correct typo – Approve minutes 1st Dusty Mark 2nd motion
      1. Vote: All in favor motion approved
  3. Update on Township records
    1. Fireside came in November 1st at 8:30am and took our records to start the process to get them all scanned and in electronic format. They will follow up with us when complete. They know that if they will be above what has been approved with the estimate they will stop and let us know so that the board can have a vote on any expenses above what has been approved.

4. Area Reports

  1. School Board Report-
    1. Principle from the school was present to introduce herself to the township.
    2. Purchase of the school is complete; check was written and transfer was done at the bank the school officially owns the school.
    3. Next school board meeting November 8th at 6pm
    4. School is looking for participants from the community for the building committee. New interim president Jay Halvorson is heading up the committee and requests any input from the community to contact him. His contact information can be found on the school website. The community can also reach out to the Township Chairman Mark Springer with any questions, comments, or concerns.
    5. Free lunch program has started in November for the school. The school is piloting the program for the rural schools until June 2022. This means that the students are getting a free lunch just as the students in the public schools. There are 82 students in the school.
      1. Question from the floor: How many students are open enrolled in the school currently?
        1. Answer: We do not have the answer right now we can get back to you.
    6. Floor discussion about the school’s growth and estimation on the growth if students for the future for Apple Creek School. A representative from the City of Lincoln was present and noted that the City of Lincoln is looking into building a new school instead of expanding on the existing school. The City of Lincoln is also looking into adding additional schools like a junior high as they look into their future plans for schools.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Checking: $133,038.36
    2. Savings: $51, 362.62
    3. 66th St project: $200,000.00
    4. No bills to sign
    5. Treasurer asked for a motion to move funds from checking to savings to keep the balance in checking as $50,000.00
      1. Eric 1st, Dusty 2nd
        1. Vote: all in favor motion passed.
  1. C, Assessor’s Report
    1. Was not present to give report
  1. Building Inspector’s Report
    1. 7 calls, 6 inspections, 1 permit
    2. 5901 56th Se Garage follow up- Have not heard from the homeowner, Greg will be following up with him in the coming week and report to the board.
    3. Complaint was made on this property due to a structure that is not complete and looks unsafe. Follow up is needed by the board to ensure that the building is following building guidelines and the project is moving forward.
    4. Greg will be leaving as building inspector at the end of the year.
  2. Road Supervisor’s Report
    1. Sunrise should have been grated it was on the list to be completed was not done prior to the meeting. Road supervisor will follow up to ensure it was completed.
      1. Discussion from the floor- The county was on the road today grading.
    2. The work done on 119th St seems to be working.
  3. Weed Board Report – noxious weeds update
    1. No report was not present
  1. Zoning Board
        1. Update on Terry Hoerer property: Lawyer update that a there has been a notice of judgement. The homeowner has 90days to bring the lot up to compliance. 90days from 10/18/2021. If not brought up to compliance than a clean up will be enforced.
          1. Terry Hoerer was present at the meeting: He stated that people are littering on his property. He asked the board why they are picking on him.
            1. Board responded: you were notified to come to the meetings, you have ignored all the letters and requests. The next step was to take it to legal action as the property was not being brought up to compliance as requested.
          2. Terry Hoerer: What is wrong with my yard? It is my yard I can do as I want.
            1. Board: Can we come to the house and inspect your yard to ensure it is up to compliance? Your yard is a mess. You do not have absolute control; your yard still needs to comply with rules and regulations.
          3. Terry Hoerrer: What mess do I have?
            1. Board: You have the court documents to understand what is wrong with the property and what needs top be addressed. You had chances to be present at meetings and never came.
          4. Terry Hoerer: If you send people to my property someone will be hurt.
          5. Board to Terry Hoerer your threatening behavior and comments will be followed up on by the Burleigh County Sherriff’s Department.
        2. Zoning regulations update – assign areas?
          1. Mark would like to split areas of the regulations amongst the board members or have attorney review. This will be to review county updates with ours to see where our regulations need the updates.
          2. Floor discussion: It is decided that special meetings will be done to update the regulations in sections prior to meetings. This will ensure that the Township zoning regulations are in compliance with city of Bismarck & Burleigh County, or as close as needed to meet the needs of the Township.
          3. First Special Meeting on Zoning: December 6th at 6:00pm – what will be discussed- Setbacks, Signs, & tree setbacks will be primary discussion for zoning update. – Meeting Cancelled
  2. Adjourn – 7:36pm
  3. next meeting, Dec.6 at 7 p.m.

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