Annual Meeting 2022


03/15/2022, 7:00pm

Annual Meetings & Elections


Clerk Jamie Vetsch opened the meeting at 7:01pm

  • Opened the floor for nominations for Moderator
    • Marv nominates Gaylen Dewing – 2nd Mark Springer
    • No other nominations – Vote to approve Gaylen as the moderator
      • I’s have it- Gaylen is Moderator
  • Waive the reding of last years minutes –
    • Unanimous all in favor
  • Moderator calls for Nominations for the judges
    • Lori Reese, Janel Schwab, and Monte Scible
      • Monte withdraws his nomination
      • Key hesinger is nominated from the floor
    • I’s have it judges are Loti Reese, Janel Schwab, and Kay Hesinger
  • Moderator has members of the board in attendance to introduce themselves, state their position, and when term is up
    • Jamie Vetsch- treasurer/Clerk
      • Treasurer is up this year
      • Clerk is an interim position and up for election this election
    • Mark Springer- Chairman/Supervisor – Supervisor up in 2023 and New chair will be decided at the next meeting
    • Eric Richard- Supervisor 2024
    • Dusty Hasper- Supervisor this election
    • Jerry Kuntz- This year
    • Roy- Zoning/Road Supervisor – Zoning 2023, Road supervisor is a hired position no term
    • Mark Splonkowdki – Assessor- no term hired position
    • Terry Mauch – Weed board no term
  • Any old business – Hearing non
  • New business –
    • Jamie Vetsch proposes a resolution- Would like to change building size in the zoning to be consistent with the county with a difference in height.
      • Resolution to be considered from the county zoning regulations- was read to those in attendance
        • Roy Kuil 2nd the resolution
    • Moderator opens floor to discussion before voting on the resolution
    • Moderator has Jamie state her resolution for clarification for vote-
      • All Allowable accessory buildings to a residence shall be limited to a maximum of four percent (4%) of the area of the parcel, a maximum wall height of sixteen and one-half (16 ½) feet and a maximum building height of twenty-eight (28) feet.
        • Buildings: barns, stables, storage building, and detached garages. Attached garages are not included in the above computations, provided the area occupied by an attached garage does not exceed one and one-half times the area of the foot print of the dwelling portion of the principle structure to which it is attached.
  • Moderator asks for a vote from the floor – I’s have it resolution passes zoning update approved to allow for bigger out buildings.
  • Rick Hesinger makes a proposed amendment to the zoning ordinances:
    • The ordinance an to be amended. 1.8.1 minimal lot size requirements for Apple Creek Township Zoning ordinance/bylaws are herein established five (5) acres.
      • Amendments: changing minimal lot size requirements shall be submitted to a vote of Apple Creek Township electors for approval only at the annual Apple Creek Township meeting. 2nd Marv Abraham
        • Floor was opened for discussion
        • Vote- I’s have it- Amendment to make changing lot size in the Township go before a public vote at the annual elections only.
  • Budget was read by treasurer Jamie Vetsch and presented to the public to view and review. Requesting $130,000 in apportioning.
    • Mark Springer makes a motion to approve the budget, 2nd Roy Kuil
      • Floor discussion – none
        • Vote to floor- I’s have it budget passes
  • Moderator proposes a ballot and asks for nominations
    • Jamie Vetsch for treasurer nomination
      • Any other nominations hearing non
    • Stephen Schnaible nominated for clerk
      • Any other nominations hearing non
    • Monte Scible nominated for supervisor
      • Any other nominations hearing non
    • Jerry Kuntz nominated for zoning board
      • Any other nominations hearing non
  • Opened the voting – 8:30pm
  • Closed the polls at 9:00pm
  • 49 voters
    • Monte Scible elected as supervisor 3 year term with 48 votes
    • Jerry Kunz elected as zoning 2 year term with 49 votes
    • Jamie Vetsch elected as treasurer 2 year term with 49 votes
    • Stephen Schnaible elected as clerk 1 year term with 48 votes
    • Measure #1 $130,000 apportionment approved with 48 votes
    • Write in Marv Abraham for clerk 1 vote

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