ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


04/04/2022, 07:00 PM

In attendance for regular meeting: Terry Mauch, Jerry Kunz, Roy Kuil, Eric Richard, Jamie Vetsch, Mark Springer, Monte Sicble, Stephen Schnaible.



00:00 --> 00:15
Mark Springer: It’s 7:02. We are going to call the regular meeting of the Apple Creek Township for April the 4th, 2022 to order. Uh, election results… I don’t know if I go [inaudible 00:16 --> 00:17].



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Jamie Vetsch: Those are all in the annual meeting [inaudible 00:20].



00:20 --> 00:34

Mark Springer: Nope, nope, nope, that’s alright. The one thing that we do have to update after the annual meeting is our zoning ordinances. I don’t know if that got reported to the county auditor’s office.



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Jamie Vetsch: I’ve done nothing because of the change of things. I figured it needed to go through the-




Mark Springer: Ok



00:38 --> 00:39

Jamie Vetsch: -change of venues.



00:39 250

Mark Springer: Ok



00:39 --> 00:40

Jamie Vetsch: But there’s the… Your results.



00:41 --> 01:02

Mark Springer: Alright. As reported in our meeting minutes, uh, Monty Seibel, elected 48 votes as supervisor, Jerry Kunz with 49 votes for zoning, Jamie Vetsch as treasurer with 49 votes, if I can read your name… Schnaible?




Stephen Schnaible: Schnaible.






Mark Springer: Schnaible. Thank you.




Stephen Schnaible: Very close.



01:05 --> 01:06

Mark Springer: [Laughing] I was close.



01:06 --> 00:01:15.240

Stephen Schnaible: Closer than most.



01:06 --> 01:42

Mark Springer: Well it’s kind of at an angle on here, so, uh, Stephen Schnaible was elected as clerk with 48 votes, uh, Measure 1 passed with 48 votes, and Marv Abraham got one vote for clerk. Congratulations. [Crosstalk; Laughing 01:26 --> 01:29] So, to start off our first, uhm, meeting after the annual meeting, uhm, we will be going through introductions of everyone, including our zoning board. So I don’t know if you want to start off?


01:43 --> 01:46

Stephen Schnaible: Sure. Stephen Schnaible. Is that it?



01:46 --> 01:48

Mark Springer: Yeah, and you’re the new clerk, right?




Stephen Schnaible: New clerk, yep.



01:48 --> 01:50

Mark Springer: Yep. Ok.



01:51 --> 00:01:37.740

Monty Seibel: Monty Seibel. I don’t know if there’s a whole lot for me to say that ya guys haven’t already heard… from me.




Mark Springer: [Laughing] I’m Mark Springer.




Eric Richard: Eric Richard.



Jamie Vetsch: Jamie Vetsch.



02:07 --> 02:10

Roy Kuil: Roy Kuil, zoning board and road supervisor.



02:11 --> 02:13

Jerry Kunz: Jerry Kunz, zoning board.



02:13 --> 02:17

Terry Mauch: Terry Mauch, [inaudible 02:13-02:15] weed board.



02:18 --> 02:28

Mark Springer: And I did hear from Mark Splonskowski, and he will be unable to attend tonight, but we have our, uhm, tax equalization meeting next week, uh, April 12th, so…




Jamie Vetsch: You have to be present for that one.




Mark Springer: Yes.




Unknown Speaker: Yeah. [laughing]



02:31 --> 02:33

Jamie Vetsch: You’re the only one that has to be… Sorry.




Unknown Speaker: Ok.




Unknown Speaker: Yep.



02:38 --> 02:40

Floor: Is it the school board meeting on April 12th?



02:41 --> 02:43

Unknown Speakers: It is. Yes it is. Yep. In this room.




Unknown Speaker: Oh.




Unknown Speaker: I’ve…


02:46 --> 02:48

Child: It’s the music room.




Floor: We’ve held it downstairs in the basement before.



02:51 --> 02:52

Speaker: I guess we could do that.



02:51 --> 02:55

Speaker: I believe the school board is prior though, is it not?


02:56 --> 02:57

Roy Kuil: We’re at 5:30.



Speaker: Yeah, so if the…


02:58 --> 03:01
Roy Kuil: That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll be done by 7:00.


03:00 --> 03:01
You… you’ll be done… ok.


03:02 --> 03:03
Stephen Schnaible: The tax equalization is at 5:30?


Jamie Vetsch: 7:30


Stephen Schnaible: 7:30


Unknown Speaker: 7:30


03:08 --> 03:18
Mark Springer: Alright. I will inform Mark. We have to have it by, by that date. That was the only date that worked for him, so…



03:09 --> 03:10

Roy Kuil: It starts at 5:30.


03:19 --> 03:20
Jamie Vetsch: That’s the one that was published.


03:21 --> 03:23
Mark Springer: And that’s the published one too, so I guess we’re kind of stuck there.


03:24 --> 03:25
Floor: And if you use the basement-



Mark Springer: Yeah.


03:26 --> 03:28

Floor: -they used to have [Crosstalk 03:27 --> 03:28].


03:28 --> 03:41
Mark Springer: Well, if it goes like we’ve had in the past, again, I mean, you’re welcome to show up, but in the past, we haven’t had that many people. He goes through the tax, and then if you have any questions, that’s what he’s here, what he’s here at every meeting to answer questions, well, except for tonight, but… [Laughing]


03:42 --> 03:44

Speaker: He’s here some meetings.

03:44 --> 03:46
Mark Springer: Most.. yeah. Some. Most.



03:46 --> 03:49
Jamie Vetsch: Any letters that he’s sent out to people, he’s got that on the bottom.

03:50 --> 04:10
Mark Springer: Yes. Yes. Yep. Thank you. Alright, and then, uh, the next order of business, we need to select a new township board chair, because under state law, I shouldn’t have served two terms. [Laughing] Apparently we’ve done it wrong for a lot of different times [inaudible 04:09], so let’s…


04:09 --> 04:18
Eric Richard: Uhm, uhm, [inaudible] ok, I… this is my opinion. I agree with you. I’ll… I’ll… Monty you want it?



04:19 --> 04:20
Monty Seibel: No, I don’t. [Laughing]



04:21 --> 04:53
Eric Richard: I… I… I did this at my first meeting, and the same thing when I showed up, Monty, a year ago, I told D, D, Dusty to take it and he didn’t want it either, so the point is, I will take it, but I’m still gonna need your help, because this isn’t what I do for a living, or this isn’t where I got my skills, right, so rather than screw it up, I am going to rely heavily on Mark. So, anyway,[lauging] if that’s ok with you guys, uhm, I will take the chairman, if everybody votes that, but uhm, we’re still gonna rely heavily on Mark, because he has more, uh, experience than I do.


04:54 --> 04:55
Mark Springer: So, you get the gavel. There you go.


Eric Richard: Anyway.



Mark Springer: The official pass.


04:57 --> 05:04
Eric Richard: I want everybody to know that I, I do not do this for a living or anything like that, so therefore, I’m [inaudible 05:03 --> 05:04], so…


05:05 --> 05:11
Mark Springer: Ope, so now I can make the motion to nominate Eric Richards as the new Apple Creek Township chair.


Monty Seibel: I second it.


Mark Springer: Alright.




Eric Richards: I…


Mark Springer: Uhm, do you accept?



Eric Richards: I accept.


05:16 --> 05:19
Mark Springer: Alright. [laughing] Done. But we have to make it official, so…



Eric Richards: Ok.



Mark Springer: Thank you. Alright…



05:21 --> 05:23
Eric Richards: I’m still going to be sitting right there [inaudible 05:23] by the way.



05:24 --> 05:26

Mark Springer: [laughing] You get to run the meeting now.



05:26 --> 05:27
Eric Richards: Ok, that’s-



Mark Springer: See, I can shut up. [laughing]


Eric Richards: Ok.


05:28 --> 05:30
Mark Springer: Everyone cheers, right? No.[laughing]


05:33 --> 05:35
Eric Richards: So now we’re gonna… we got that all done-


Mark Springer: Yep.


05:36 --> 05:38
Eric Richards: -so now we’re gonna move on to this.


05:38 --> 05:39
Mark Springer: Yep, so we’re on the minutes, yep.


05:40 --> 05:51
Eric Richards: Ok. Right now, uh, meeting’s already called, election results were already discussed, chair board’s discussed, minutes review, uhm, [inaudible 05:50 --> 05:51].



05:52 --> 05:55
Mark Springer: And we also had the, uhm, the annual meeting minutes which-


05:56 --> 05:57
Jamie Vetsch: Those can’t be reviewed until the annual meeting.


05:57 --> 05:59
Mark Springer: Oh. That’s right. That’s right. Thank you.


06:00 --> 06:01
Jamie Vetsch: Yep. That’s why it’s in here, not printed.


06:00 --> 06:02
Mark Springer: That’s not us to review. Thank you.


06:03 --> 06:05
Eric Richards: So we can put that over there. Yep. Uhm.


06:06 --> 06:10
Mark Springer: So, I make a motion that we accept the, uhm, minutes.

06:11 --> 06:12

Eric Richards: I second the motion.


06:14 --> 06:16
Mark Springer: So you get to call the vote. That’s your job.


Eric Richards: I do?


Mark Springer: Yep


Eric Richards: Call to vote.


Mark Springer: Yeah, so… [laughing]


06:20 --> 06:22
Jamie Vetsch: You have to ask each individual board member.


06:20 --> 06:26
Mark Springer: So, then you have to ask each one, yep, each one what we, uh, and then you need to write down, yeah, how we… yeah. [crosstalk 06:23 --> 06:25; laughing].


Stephen Schnaible: Ask each one what?


06:28 --> 06:29
Jamie Vetsch: Ask each one, uhm-


Mark Springer: Yeah, we’re old school.


Speaker: Yep.


Jamie Vetsch: -how they feel about the motion, so it’s the motion to approve minutes right now. And then-


Speaker: This is the fun part.

06:35 --> 06:40
Jamie Vetsch: Monty, Eric, Mark, then you mark down their yes/no’s, and then-


06:40 --> 06:42
Speaker: And who motions, and who seconded it.


06:46 --> 06:47
Stephen Schnaible: [inaudible 06:46 --> 06:47]


06:47 --> 06:51
Jamie Vetsch: I mean your recording to, it’s, it’s up to you, it’s just, sometimes it’s easier to…


06:52 --> 06:54
Stephen Schnaible: Sure. Monty, how do you feel?


Monty Seibel: Yes.


Stephen Schnaible: Mark?


Mark Springer: Yes.


Stephen Schnaible: And…


Jamie Vetsch: Eric.


07:00 --> 07:01
Stephen Schnaible: Eric. Sorry.


07:02 --> 07:15
Eric Richards: Yes. Meeting minutes are approved. Uhm, moving on from that, we’re going to go to area reports, and… Roy, school board report.

07:16 --> 07:18
Roy: Uh, nothing to report at this time.


07:20 --> 07:22
Mark Springer: And I got the letter in the school district.


07:22 --> 07:50
Roy: Yeah, everybody in the district got, yeah, I guess there is something to report. Everybody in the school district received the letter, uhm, regarding, uh, uhm, how we’re looking at, at the future. So, uhm, it’s, it’s important that everybody be made aware that no plans have been made. The committee met twice, and then was dissolved because there was nothing we could do; we didn’t own the school. Now that we own the school, we’re going through the process.


7:51 --> 07:53
Speaker: So, is it a new committee you’re looking for members [inaudible 07:53]?


Roy: Not at this point.


Speaker: No.

Roy: Not at this point. We still have to wait to see, see the demographies.


07:59 --> 08:00
Mark Springer: Ok. Alright. Thank you.



Floor: Hey, Roy?


Roy: Yes.


08:01 --> 08:05

Floor: Uhm, just out of curiosity, is it true that three teachers resigned?


Roy: Yes.


Floor: Ok.


08:09 --> 08:10
Eric Richards: That’s after the season, right?


08:11 --> 08:12
Roy: Yeah, at the end of the year.


Eric Richards: Ok.


Mark Springer: Yep.



08:16 --> 08:19
Floor: There was something in the letter about hiring a demographer?


08:19 --> 08:21
Roy: Yes. The demographer…


08:20 --> 08:21
Floor: Has that been done?


08:21 --> 09:00

Roy: Yeah, that’s been done, uh, basically, uh, the whole intent of that is to find out how many students we are going to have in 10 years, you know, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, because right now with the student population where it is, uhm, we are actually over crowding these buildings. Uhm, so, we’re kind of in the same boat that Lincoln is right now, with more students than we should have in the space we have, and because of the class size, uh, we’re, we’re, getting beyond the, the, 15 to 1 that we like to have.


09:00 --> 09:02

Jamie Vetsch: Have they considered closing down open enrollment?




09:03 --> 09:19
Roy: Uh, it, it’s pretty much done. The only, only way we’ll accept any open enrollment students is if they already have siblings in the school. Because it wouldn’t be fair to tell them, you know, you’ve got a 3rd to 5th grader in the school, tell them no they can’t bring their kinder, kindergartner here.


09:07 --> 09:11
Speaker: [inaudible 09:07] questions [inaudible 09:09] not addressed by the school.


09:19 --> 09:23
Floor: [cross talk 09:19 --> 09:20] Is that just for Apple Creek we’re closing open enrollment?


09:23 --> 09:43
Roy: Yes. Which means the entire area now is closed for open enrollment. Bismarck’s not taking open enrollment, Menoken’s not, we’re not, McClusky and Manning aren’t, uhm, so kids are going to have to go in the school district that their, their in. So, that’s, that’s pretty much where we’re at.


09:31 --> 09:32
Jamie Vetsch: McClusky and Manning don’t.


09:43 --> 09:50
Floor: So, is this demographer, is he going to work with the zoning board and the Apple Creek Township board?


09:49 --> 10:13
Roy: No, because he doesn’t, he, he gets his data from state records, that’s why [inaudible 09:54] important that state records get updated soon with, with what our, you know, class size is. But based on what’s in the current zoning information, he would go based on what’s in the current zoning, and we never got it changed to anything but 5 acres.


10:13 --> 10:14

Jamie Vetsch: It hasn’t changed. It is 5 acres.


10:14 --> 10:40
Monty Seibel: What I would recommend, if you have a lot of school board questions, there is a school board meeting next Tuesday, and a lot of that is going to be addressed, and even if you don’t have students, I would recommend going up, because I believe the school is the heart of the township, and if you have school board questions go to, it, it’s on Tuesday.


Roy: Tuesday at 5:30.


10:42 --> 10:45
Monty Seibel: And I would recommend everybody showing up.


10:46 --> 10:54

Speaker: Roy, you need to update those, or amend those minutes from January 6th, cause it says in there that the last item, that the zoning’s lot size was changed from 5 to 2.


10:55 --> 11:01
Roy: Yeah, I don’t need to update the minutes. [crosstalk 10:55 --> 10:58] On that day, they were updated.


11:01 – 11:05
Speaker: On that day they were [crosstalk 11:02 --> 11:05]



Speaker: And we’re in the process-



11:07 --> 11:17
Roy: We never made the change on our website, so that’s the information that’s being used by the demographer, so the 2, 2, what was it, 2 acres?



Speaker: Yes.


11:19 --> 11:20
Roy: -was never updated on our website


Speaker: Right.


11:20 --> 11:21
Speaker: We’ll get to that in zoning.



Speaker: Yep. Yep.

11:23 --> 11:25
Speaker: So, Roy were… anymore questions for Roy?


11:27 --> 11:28

Floor: That’s April 12th, right?



Roy: Yes


11:32 --> 11:36
Eric Richard: K, if we’re good with that, uh, Jamie, the treasurer’s report.


11:37 --> 12:06
Jamie Vetsch: K, our checking net is $190,457.84, savings is at $134,415.31, the 66th Street project $200,093.72, payroll is $5842.98, the taxes for the payroll are $968.03, and then I have 40, 80, right? Our judges should get 40 a piece, at least that’s what I made the checks out to. K, yeah.


Mark Springer: Yes. Yep.

12:07 --> 12:09
Jamie Vetsch: And then I got three judges I gotta pay.


12:09 --> 12:17
Mark Springer: Yep. Oh, and the other thing too is then we’re gonna have to take Dusty off… add Monty, as far as deciding.


12:17 --> 12:43
Jamie Vetsch: Ooh, yes, I should, k, so I have to put specific verbiage has to be written verbatim in the minutes. We wish to remove Dusty Hasper from all checking’s, saving’s, and 66th Street project’s signing accounts. We wish to add both Monty Seibel and you as a signer to all checking, savings, and the 66th Street account.


Mark Springer: Yep.





12:47 --> 12:53
Jamie Vetsch: I’m thinking, see I went to the bank to check, cause they changed how things have to be addressed in the minutes, so I’m [crosstalk 12:52 --> 12:53].


12:51 --> 12:52
Mark Springer: Oh, ok.


12:53 --> 13:00
Speaker: And everybody has to show up to sign, everybody who’s a current signer, except for Dusty [inaudible 13:00]


13:01 --> 13:13
Jamie Vetsch: Nope, not necessarily, uh, either he can get the things and bring them into the next minutes after he brings the minutes to the bank, or we each go in and decide if that’s gonna be, he, we can’t do jack until… the minutes are verbatim.


13:13 --> 13:24
Speaker: Yeah, no I understand that, uh, I just, just saying what had to happen for the school district, everybody who was a current signer had to go in and sign [crosstalk 13:21 --> 13:24]


13:25 --> 13:27
Jamie Vetsch: Unless, has, do you guys bank at Dakota Community by chance?


Speaker: No.


13:29 --> 13:34
Jamie Vetsch. No. K, then you will have to go into the physical bank to sign, because we can’t bring that out cause-



13:33 --> 13:35
Mark Springer: Yeah. Right.



13:36 --> 13:57
Jamie Vetsch: -in order to ID you guys as non-members of, I forgot that, I had to go through there, everybody else picked up their [inaudible 13:41], so, you have to bring your physical IDs in, but that can’t be done until after the minutes state that we are removing Dusty 100% from all accounts as a signer, and adding two members as a signer to all accounts.


13:40 --> 13:57
Mark Springer: Yeah. Yep. Yep. After the minutes, yep. Yes.



13:59 --> 14:02
Jamie Vetsch: We may have to amend that. I may have forgot a word or two.


Mark Springer: Ok.


14:02 --> 14:04
Jamie Vetsch: It has to be this certain verbiage-




Mark Springer: Sure.


Jamie Vetsch: -according to the bank.


14:06 --> 14:07
Mark Springer: I think we can accept that [crosstalk 14:07].


14:07 --> 14:13
Eric Richards: Ok, we’ll get that in the minutes, and then approve them in April, and then it goes in?


14:14 --> 14:15
Jamie Vetsch: And then, yep, and then we-


Eric Richards: Or May?


14:16 --> 14:23
Jamie Vetsch: Yep, and then we take it to the bank, and then the bank will, uh, get the paperwork started. She’s already got it started for us, knowing that we’re removing Dusty, things like that.


Eric Richards: Ok.


14:24 --> 14:34
Jamie Vetsch: They just needed the names, and for their records you now have to state all accounts. Before we would just say we wanted to remove a signer. I had to state all accounts, checking, savings, 66th Street.


14:36 --> 14:41
Speaker: K, what if you get that done, send out an email or, one-by-one we run in there, and sign it if we have to.


14:42 --> 14:43
Mark Springer: Does this fall under…


14:43 --> 14:46
Speaker: [inaudible 14:43] need to make a motion to do that. [crosstalk 14:46] vote on it.


Mark Springer: Yeah, yeah, so I’ll make a motion.


14:47 --> 14:48

Speaker: Why didn’t you stay on the board?


14:51 --> 14:52
Mark Springer: [laughing] No, you’re right. We do have to make a motion. Thank you.



Speaker: Mark made a motion?


14:53 --> 14:57
Mark Springer: I made a motion to accept Jamie’s verbiage for the change.


14:58 --> 14:59

Speaker: I’ll second the motion.


Speaker: To the bank account.


15:01 --> 15:05
Mark Springer: To the bank account… the bank accounts [laughing], plural [laughing].[silence 15:05 --> 15:18]


Stephen Schnaible: Yep.


15:19 --> 15:23
Mark Springer: Monty… So, you’ll have to call our names out. [Laughing] Yeah. [crosstalk 15:22 --> 15:23]


Stephen Schnaible: Oh, ok.



Monty Seibel: Yes.


Stephen Schnaible: Mark?


Mark Springer: Yes.


Stephen Schnaible: Eric?


Erich Richards: Yes.


Mark Springer: Thank you [laughing].


Stephen Schnaible: Sorry.

Mark Springer: Nope.


15:30 --> 15:32
Jamie Vetsch: Can I also get a motion for bills, please?


15:33 --> 15:39
Mark Springer: Uh, yes, I will make a motion for bills. What bills do we… is this included in the bills or is this something separate?


15:40 --> 15:42
Jamie Vetsch: The, there should… nope, they’re not asking for money.


Mark Springer: Oh, ok.


15:41 --> 15:48
Jamie Vetsch: I think they’re just asking for you guys to vote, or say no to, being present.


Mark Springer: Ok.


Jamie Vetsch: I’ve never seen [inaudible 15:50]


15:52 --> 16:47

Monty Seibel: When it comes to the bills, I’m g-, I am gonna bring this up, because this is part of the township. I brought this up months ago, we actually have a, a quote, it would be about $570. I want to send out either a card or a letter to every person in the township, to let them know our email address, our phone numbers, ‘cause we work for you guys. I want you to have my cell phone number – call me, text me, whatever. And our, like I said, our emails, our… boy. I got the whole thing here. I was going to put all the dates of our meetings, but instead it’s the first Monday of the month. So it’s easy.


Mark Springer: Yep.


16:48 --> 16:50
Floor: Unless it’s a holiday. You better [crosstalk 16:49 --> 16:50].



16:50 --> 17:05
Monty Seibel: Yeah. But that, but I, but I also want to do the email address to the township, or not the email, the website. And then we’re going to ask for your guys’ email addresses back if you have questions, or if there’s a special meeting, we can almost download it into a system-


Mark Springer: No.


17:06 --> 17:08
Monty Seibel: That don’t work? K.


Mark Springer: No.


Monty Seibel: Then we won’t do that part.


17:08 --> 17:13
Mark Springer: I checked with our lawyer. The only problem with that is then we’re responsible if that gets out.


Monty Seibel: K.


17:13 --> 17:16
Mark Springer: Then we can be sued. So, that’s why [crosstalk 17:15 --> 17:16]


17:14 --> 17:17
Monty Seibel: Alright. So, so we’ll skip that one out.


17:17 --> 17:18
Mark Springer: No, it was a good idea, it’s just [crosstalk 17:18]


17:18 --> 17:43
Monty Seibel: But I mean, but I just, that’s $570, and it’s only gonna happen after an election, when there’s a change between the three. But I think, ‘cause like, I lived here for 13 years, and I didn’t know about these meetings. So it’s a $570 charge. And it’s a one time, unless it… but I think more people should know.


17:43 --> 17:44
Roy: Yeah, it’s up to you guys.


17:44 --> 17:46
Mark Springer: Well, I, I thought we voted on it [crosstalk 17:46].


17:46 --> 17:47
Monty Seibel: Yeah, but I’m just letting them guys know.


Mark Springer: No, no that’s good.



Mark Springer: Yeah.


17:48 --> 17:50
Jamie Vetsch: And if, if we have an invoice-


17:49 --> 17:50
Monty Seibel: ‘Cause if we’re spending their money…



17:50 --> 17:52
Jamie Vetsch: We need the invoice to pay it first.



Mark Springer: Oh.


17:53 --> 18:05
Monty Seibel: Yeah. But, uh, we have to wait for the… I don’t want to do it until the website’s updated, because I can’t reference them to a website that’s not up-to-date, ‘cause it still has Dusty Hasper’s name.


Mark Springer: Right.



Mark Springer: Yep.


18:06 --> 18:16
Monty Seibel: But I just, I, I’m just asking for an opinion. I’m sorry, uh, Because I work for these guys. I want them… I want to know their opinion on this stuff if I’m spending their money.


18:07 --> 18:10
Mark Springer: Well that’s… yeah. No [laughing].


Mark Springer: Alright.


18:18 --> 18:21
Floor: [crosstalk 18:18 --> 18:20] We did it at the annual.


18:22 --> 18:33
Monty Seibel: Yeah, but- [crosstalk 18:22 – 18:24]. I’m still… It’s my first time here, so.[crosstalk 18:29 --> 18:31] Yeah, I’m just making sure.


18:28 --> 18:33
Floor: Hey Jamie? Would it be ok if the $40 that you were going pay me for being a judge, I contributed to that?


18:32 --> 18:33
Mark Springer: Nope, that’s good.


18:33 --> 18:37
Jamie Vetsch: Nope. You’d have to do what you want to do. It has to be paid to you legally as a judge.


Floor: Ok.


18:38 --> 18:43
Jamie Vetsch: You have to cash it, and you can choose what you want to do, but it’s, I, you, I can’t, no.


18:43 --> 18:46
Mark Springer: Yep, that… yeah that’s state rules, so… [laughing]


18:44 --> 18:51
Monty Seibel: I’m just… yeah. I’m just… like I said, I’m new to this. I’m [inaudible 18:49]. I just didn’t want to [inaudible 18:51].


18:51 --> 18:53
Mark Springer: Well, let’s make a motion to pay the bills first.


18:52 --> 18:56

Jamie Vetsch: Oooh. For… one more bill! Sorry, I forgot about, uhm- Bismarck Tribune receipt for legal ads again.

18:54 --> 18:56
Mark Springer: Oh, oh, one more bill? Ok.


18:56 --> 18:58
Jamie Vetsch: -the Bismarck Tribune receipt for legal ads again.


Mark Springer: Yes.


18:59 --> 19:03
Jamie Vetsch: Uhm, the tax equalization meeting cost $10.80.


Monty Seibel: Ok.


19:04 --> 19:13
Mark Springer: Ok, well we’ll add that into the bills to be paid, and then we’ll make a motion to accept paying the bills to we can stay in operation another month.


Eric Richards: I’ll second the motion.



Monty Seibel: Yep.


Stephen Schnaible: Approved?


Monty Seibel: Yep.


Mark Springer: Approved, yep.


19:21 --> 19:23

Monty Seibel: K. Yes, uh, yes, uhm…


19:23 --> 19:29
Mark Springer: And then, uh, to your point, I guess we can wait until you submit that, and then we’ll just go ahead and pay that.


Monty Seibel: Yep

19:30 --> 19:31
Mark Springer: Alright. Thank you.


19:30 --> 19:37
Eric Richards: K, but we, we need to… who’s gonna get the website updated with… taking his name off and putting Seibel [inaudible 19:37]



Mark Springer: That will be…



Stephen Schnaible: That will be me.




Mark Springer: Yep.


Eric Richards: Ok, ok.



19:39 --> 19:41
Mark Springer: Oh, and I had sent you an email. I don’t know…


19:42 --> 19:45

Stephen Schnaible: Yeah, and, I don’t have anything yet, so I don’t even know-


Mark Springer: Ok.



Stephen Schnaible: -what the current system is-



Mark Springer: Ok.



Stephen Schnaible: -or how it operates [crosstalk 19:47 --> 19:48].




19:48 --> 19:54

Mark Springer: You, w-, when you guys figure that out, yeah, uh, because one of the things I noticed, the school board    went with a different, uhm, website for the school.


19:55 --> 19:57
Jamie Vetsch: And I think one of the, the school board members themselves actually did that.


Mark Springer: Ok.


Roy: No.


19:59 --> 20:00
Jamie Vetsch: No, she didn’t?


20:00 --> 20:01
Roy: Well, yeah she, she built the website.


20:01 --> 20:02
Mark Springer: She built the website?


20:02 --> 20:06
Roy: She designed, well, she designed it; somebody else built it.


20:06 --> 20:07
Mark Springer: Ok. Ok.


20:07 --> 20:09
Roy: And, and they now manage it, so…


20:10 --> 20:17

Mark Springer: I just didn’t know if there was like a better deal, uhm, if it cost less, if there was any… I don’t remember-


20:16 --> 20:21

Roy: I think the primary reason for us doing it was so that parents could pay for student lunches online.


20:21 --> 20:22
Mark Springer: Oh. That’s right


20:23 --> 20:24
Jamie Vetsch: And, and ours is only like 200 and, er-


Floor: I think it’s 295.


Jamie Vetsch: Yeah. It’s like less than 300 for a year-


20:26 --> 20:28
Mark Springer: Ok. Oh, ok.


20:28 --> 20:39

Jamie Vetsch: -and then we do all of the uploads. The only things that they really assist with is hyperlinks, and things like that, because I’m not techy enough for the hyperlinks, and changes and that.


20:35 --> 20:41

Mark Springer: Sure. Ok. Alright. Thank you.


20:41 --> 20:48
Eric Richards: So, everybody ok with treasurer’s report? Ok, assessor’s report, Mark’s not here.


Mark Springer: I got two things…


Eric Richards: K.


20:50 --> 21:13
Mark Springer: So we have the one that was from… I think this was our, our March meeting that we had Wade, and he said that, uhm, Al, Al Veitmeier had signed off on it, and he talked to Al and this was, uhm, he updated kind of the information. Lots are undeveloped at this time, so that’s why they gave them-




21:13 --> 21:17
Eric Richards: So [inaudible 21:13], that’s over there by… right next to… is that by Lincoln?


21:18 --> 21:21
Mark Springer: Uh, Butler Street, yeah, yep.


21:22 --> 21:23
Floor: Yeah, up by Kunz.


21:23 --> 21:38
Mark Springer: Yeah. Yep. And so, yeah, it had been way overvalued. So, I don’t know if you want to look at that too, but yeah, the numbers definitely shifted if it’s undeveloped. So…


21:38 --> 21:39
Eric Richards: K, so what does it ask of us?


21:40 --> 21:41
Mark Springer: So basically… I mean it’s…


21:42 --> 21:44
Eric Richards: So what, what are they asking us to do?


21:45 --> 21:53
Mark Springer: Normally we vote to accept it, but that’s all we need to do, so I’ll make a motion to accept it. We had another one too.


21:58 --> 21:59
Floor: What is it, and why are they asking for [inaudible 21:59]?


22:00 --> 22:10
Mark Springer: It’s a, uhm, because they had undeveloped lots, and so basically it was assessed as developed lots, and they’re not developed, and so, I mean that’s a huge price difference between…


Floor: Yeah


22:11 --> 22:13

Mark Springer: Y-, yeah. Huge.[laughing]

22:13 --> 22:19
Eric Richards: Yeah, and as he develops them, then it, uh, from what I understand, as he develops them, then they’d be priced accordingly.


Mark Springer: Yeah

22:21 --> 22:29
Eric Richards: And I’m just learning this for myself because I have some lots by Lincoln, and we’ve been paying developed prices all these years and I didn’t know that.


22:29 --> 22:30
Mark Springer: Oh. Well…


22:31 --> 22:34
Eric Richards: So coming in here, and being on the board, I’m getting educated.


22:34 --> 22:38

Floor: I have learned, other townships do actually bill you for the full amount.


Mark Springer: Yeah.


22:38 --> 22:40
Floor: They don’t do the… they don’t allow the abatements.


Eric Richards: They don’t?


Mark Springer: No.


22:43 --> 22:45
Eric Richards: Yeah, I don’t know how this works. So this-






22:45 --> 23:00
Mark Springer: It’s entirely up to the individual to address it with the tax assessor, and so you have every right to do that, and then file with the county auditor’s office, and then the tax assessor goes back and determines whether or not-


23:01 --> 23:03
Floor: I think they kind of do that to get the developers to start getting-


Mark Springer: Yeah


23:03 --> 23:06
Floor: -the place developed, otherwise they sit dormant ‘cause-


Mark Springer: Yep


23:06 --> 23:11
Floor: -why, why push the developer when you’re not having to pay any taxes?


23:11 --> 23:17
Mark Springer: But whether we accept it or not, the county’s already accepted, that’s why I think it’s kind of a weird process [crosstalk 23:17].


23:18 --> 23:23
Floor: The other townships push it so you get the lots sold faster [crosstalk 23:20 --> 23:23].


23:23 --> 23:24
Mark Springer: Yep, no, and I agree with you. I mean, I don’t know what-



23:25 --> 23:26
Floor: It can go both ways.


23:26 --> 23:30
Eric Richards: Ok. So, the county already approved it?


23:31 --> 23:33
Mark Springer: Well yeah, it’s already signed. It was signed in February.



23:34 --> 23:36
Eric Richards: So they just gave us a copy to make us feel good?



23:36 --> 23:43
Mark Springer: Right. Pretty much. I mean we can vote on it. If we determine that we’re against it, then we have to have a public hearing on it.



Floor: Probably should have had something the county should have been in contact with you guys before hand.


Floor: Honestly


Mark Springer: This has typically how it has gone with our township, I mean ever since I have been on the board it’s like here’s a piece of paper that we’ve already signed. I don’t know how long that’s been going on but…



Most people go around the township.


Mark: Right


Floor: But that’s the things we have to fight for.


Mark: Right, that’s what I’m saying we want to…


Floor: isn’t this in the Lincoln ETA?


Mark: It is.


Floor: “inaudible”


Mark: yea, well they could be having a hearing, I haven’t double checked that.


Floor: I would say its annexed


Mark: I bet it will be, yeah, did they, yea, I thought it was the next meeting


Floor: “inaudible”


Floor: it’s the pit?


Floor: this was almost two years ago


Mark: Ok, well I don’t know why we are getting this?


Floor: I think this is city limits now already


Mark: Well then maybe I need to go back and tell the county, I could call them.


Stephen: Is there something in the law that allows this or something? I mean if he gets abatements for his employ lots, why shouldn’t I get it for my empty pasture?


Eric: I know exactly what you are saying, I got a 5 acre lot right next to me, that’s empty, taxes are $88 bucks a year on it.


Floor: Yea, that’s agricultural


Floor: yeah


Floor: It depends because Lincoln has been doing a lot of developer agreements


Floor: “inaudible”


Floor: But if Lincoln is doing something that doesn’t have anything to do with us? ‘Cause that’s Lincoln Township.


Floor: If your being taxed on it the same rate as your house is, then yea you deserve an abatement, is it taxed separate?


Stephen: I don’t know I was just making an argument that empty land is empty land.


Floor: Well it all depends on how it is written up, if it’s written up that its part of your 5 acres or whatever that your house is on, your going to pay on the whole thing as residential.


Stephen: I would have to check I guess.


Floor: “Inaudible or talking over one another”


Mark: Oh is that the same one the Rouche one? Is that the copy? Oh the Sattler one, ok.


Floor: “inaudible”


Mark: Well, its already done.


Floor: “inaudible”


Monty: It’s already done.


Eric: I vote to approve it


Mark: Yea, we’ll approve both the Sattler and the Rousche ones


Jamie: Sattler was already approved


Mark: Oh that was already approved


Jamie: Yep


Mark: Oh, Oh


Jamie: Yep this came from the county.


Mark: oh oh, thank you. Sorry I thought we voted on that, I was like wait a minute.


Jamie: And that one had to go, I was waiting to setup…


Mark: Just a reminder, I know I said it twice, I’ll say it again. The tax equalization meeting Mark S. Just wanted to push that, so. Alright. Um, we did get something, but I don’t think I’ve had a chance to send it to you yet, from the county.



Roy: Um guys, just something that harkens back to what Monte said. About sending out the proposed for the meetings, it being the second Monday if the first Monday is a holiday. Second Monday is always the school one. Um we are making some exceptions right now because of having a firefighter, a Bismarck firefighter on the board so we are flexing between Mondays and Tuesdays, but most of them are on the second Monday of the month.


Mark S. : Ok, thank you. Oh so that’s why it was on Tuesday. Because we moved it to a Tuesday, I probably should have asked you before, but, sorry.


Floor: any more on the assessor’s?


Mark S. : Ah, no.


Eric: Ok, moving on from the assessor’s report, building inspector that is still pretty much handed over to Burleigh County.


Mark S.: And they did send us some information, and I got a lot of information from them today. So they had a whole list of different projects that they have been working on and approved and one that they kicked back and so I’m going to try to deal with this one. Because it is Yeah that one is complicated. OK thank you. You’re welcome.


 Eric: any other  Building inspection questions or whatever if not we’re going to move on.

 Road supervisor report Roy


 Roy: OK I’ve dealt with several texts and a couple phone calls but nothing that is overwhelming with the water issues that we experienced since the beginning of last month with the ditches overflowing and things


like that I dealt with those with the county as they were reported to me.  So I sent those off to the county and they dealt with most of those situations. They came out and blew out the culverts so the ditches could drain. In addition the Township map was do into the county by April 1st or actually do by April 15th and I sent it in already. So I’ve asked for gravel and grade on subdivision 51 which is the Glasser subdivision, subdivision 45 Which is “Fame and Sunrise” With recommendations for the flooding problem that continues that normally happens here on sunrise because every spring the water overflows and it’s going across the road. So I’ve asked for some recommendations on that. On subdivision 42 which is East Valley estates which is right up here in 93rd and apple Creek Rd is to the east. Want that graveled and graded. Mees Country Home Estates Subdivision 66. Bar D Rd which is subdivision 18 For gravel uh all of these for gravel and grading. I’ve asked to do the same upgrade on this one mile section of 66th and 52nd Ave southeast from 93rd over to 106th same upgrade we did on 119th which is adding clay to the mix so gravel grade and adding clay because that seems to be holding up very well. Then our biggest problem area is 48th Ave southeast off of 66th and Majestic St. that spurs off of 48th Ave. It gets graded probably six times a season. So I’ve asked them to add clay gravel and grade and put down calcium chloride. I want to see how that holds up. It seems like a small enough area seems like less than a mile. But I would like to see how it holds up. If it holds up pretty good then maybe we will try that on some of the other roads going forward. That’s all from me, unless somebody has something they need from me.


Floor: Have you drove 62nd?



Roy:  62nd down here? Is that right down here?


Floor: Black dirt is coming through


 Roy: which is why I have gravel coming and grade


Floor: oh Ok


Floor: they graded it today.


Roy:  We are adding clay to the mix so this they haven’t even started looking at these yet.


Floor:  Do you know what pit we are getting the gravel out of?


Roy:  No because the pit that I normally use is closed down.


Floor:  Any of it down by Moffit that is some of the best stuff.


Roy:  well two years ago I used that and I’ve had nothing but complaints From anybody who used that so.


Floor: oh


Roy:  This time I’m leaving it up to the county to pick the pit because we are asking for clay upgrades and stuff in some areas I just have to see what happens with the roads


Floor:  it’s not even our Township The counties got hurt.


Roy:  no I know


Floor: they are inexperienced blade operators and they are putting it all on the shoulder of the road.


Roy:  it’s not just that though all of the pits that they seem to pull from.  Don’t have enough clay in them to be able to hold the road together  once they put it together.  So I’ve gone to several meetings we’ve even had somebody out here to educate us on what holds the road together.  We need binder and the binder is the clay.  The ground around here just doesn't have it.  They can’t dig down far enough to get good clay, they get sand and gravel no problem but clay is hard.


Floor: The county has very little clay specs. They have a class 13 spec which is very little clay into it. Years ago we had good gravel out of Moffit/Long Lake. That could be all emptied out I don’t know I’ve been down there for a while.


Roy: We’ve asked them to add clay and where I think they are actually getting some of the clay is West of the river. I think they are actually trucking it in from West of the river. That is some cost but the results we saw over here on 119th are definitely worth it. Because it has held up for two years now so. Definitely worth it so.


Eric:  Any other questions for Roy? Ok, Weed board.



Terry(Weed Board): Nothing, new right now. Trying to get something new going. Because the weed officer the county had left. I haven’t gotten any information, that they’ve appointed someone else.


Floor:  The new guy starts mid April.


Terry: I was going to try and get out there today and I didn’t make it.


Eric:  Do you know who the new guy is?


Floor:  (Name is inaudible.)


Eric:  OK. Have we got any questions for Terry, then?


Floor:  Yes, Terry. So if I see leafy spurge in there Can I call you?


Terry:  Yeah, if you got just small amounts. If it’s on your own land. I might refer you to the county. So you can. Do the cost share? If it’s in any of the right aways. The Township and the county go together. And split it. If it’s on any of the road right aways. If it’s on private land. Then it’s kind of up to the landowner.

Floor: But then they can get the weed killer at. Discounted rate, right?


Terry:  Yeah, if you want to do it yourself. They did have. I don’t know. They’re changing it. I know they changed the amounts.


Floor:  What are they using?


Terry: Milestone. Is what? They give out.  For leafy spurge. Tordon. It’s supposed to have tordon mixed in too.


Floor:  It usually isn’t very expensive. I’ve had 40 acres sprayed last year was 200 bucks. I just had him go through and spray the whole property. So it’s not something that’s going to break you.


Eric: Yeah, like last year. I think they did like 40 acres. And they’ll pay half and you pay half up to 40 acres. And we did the same thing, and to me it’s worth it.


Floor: (inaudible)/over talking]


Eric: Ok, anything else about weeks? Ok, moving on to the zoning board. Our favorite subject. The Terry Hoerer property.


Floor:  I was supposed to get it all updated and everything. Did you get any pictures for me?


Jamie:  I did not. The reason I didn’t I was. They were supposed to go in an email to the attorney. Is what I was told.


Mark S.: Yea,  Is that what happened or?


Jamie:  No, they came to me. And I. We’re supposed to come back to you and ask you. But I didn’t know if they were supposed to go in an email to an attorney, so I just left them.


Mark S:  Yeah. If we could get that set. No, that’s good.


Rhonda Berg: They are not very good. My printer was about out of ink. I have two sets if someone else wants to look at them. Terry and Rhonda Berg, we live by this.  We live right beside this. And I called Mark Splonskowski and he came out. And looked at the house. Because I thought we should get a deduction.  Well, that kind of backfired. He raised our taxes to $54,100. Because we did two bedrooms in the basement. I’m like, seriously. I have stained concrete floors.


Eric:  You’re going to have to bring that up at the. The tax equalization meeting.


Ronda Berg:  We didn’t do carpet because…


Monte:  We’ve got to find out…ugh… Is it a legality? Is it what is it? There is apparently. Rodents. I went to your house. I went to your house. Last week. I actually went and talked to the neighbors. About this.


Mark Springer:  I have to apologize. I use this situation in class. Because I did talk about the rodents and I remember you having that in the back of your truck. That meeting the dead one. And here we are. How many years later and talking about it. But that’s what it is. It’s a legal issue.


Monte:  But if it’s a safety hazard. I think. I…


Eric: OK, we know the situation. What are we doing? What’s next?


Mark:  OK, so the next step. Whatever these need to get to. The lawyer. Any of us can do that on the zoning board.


Eric:  Give me an address and I’ll personally drop it off. OK, let’s get this done.


Mark:  Can you forward that email to Eric?


Eric:  Forward the email to me. And I’ll take these pictures as they are and I’ll just take them over there.


Floor:  The lawyer wants a detailed list of what we want cleaned up, not just pictures, he’s seen the pictures.


Eric:  OK, so where’s that list at? It’s like. Because I remember some.


Jerry: (inaudible) that’s why I wanted these pictures  To make a list from that.


Eric: Jerry  Between now and may. You and I are gonna have this thing done. Because it’s been going on. And I live over there too. I don’t know if you know where I live.  I live right on the corner of 93rd St and Lincoln Rd.


Rhonda: I don’t. Oh ok.Yep Yep.


Eric:  My son used to ride over there.  So so. We’re gonna get a detailed list. And get it over to that lawyer’s office. Because this is been going on too long. We’ll have it done before May meeting.  Well, I want this to the lawyers office.  I’m gonna be gone this week. But I’m gonna be back. We fly back in on Monday. So by the end of next week, if you’re available, Jerry. Let’s get this list. You know, hand carried to that lawyer. This has been going on too long and let’s just get this done.


Jerry:  There was a second copy.


Eric:  I will physically get this. To the lawyer this month. And then we’ll keep moving on.


Rhonda:  Is that the same lawyer that messed up?


Eric: Yes


Mark Springer:  Yes, well. I did have words with him so.

Eric:  We don’t want to start over again. And it costs to start over. It’s just something we’re going to have to deal with.


Rhonda: So he is going to fix it for free


Eric:  Nothing for free.


Dusty: You may have to check to see if we’re in the time frame. Of what we had with the lawyer from the beginning. You may have to move faster than you think. Going to have to find out if. So many days have lapsed already.


Eric:  OK, so this will be done between. Not this week, but next week I’m going to make this a priority. And we will get a detailed list and get the pictures to a lawyer. And discuss. With him. Whatever needs to be done will sign it and get it moving forward. We agree that we’ll pay for it. And will try to put it on his taxes.


Mark Springer:  Well, that piece is already in motion.


Floor:  Can you verify that with that Mark (Splons).


Mark Springer: Yea Mark said. Well, the taxes. Just gets put on when he goes to sell the property. So that’s already in motion. Well, no. And that’s just it. That’s just not really what we wanted, is it? And I said no. So that’s why we’re moving forward.


Eric: Can  We change it so it gets put on annually. Or does it have to be…


Mark Springer: No no no no. That part is going to be taken care of. This is. Moving forward with having the Sheriff’s Department server a summons. Telling him that he has to allow people on his property to clear out the junk. So that’s what we want in the first place. That’s what we’re going to get with this court motion. Once we have the detail. List of what we want removed. And a time frame that goes to him. Then that says. Here you either need to have. 30 days to clear it out yourself or we’re going in with a court summons too…


Floor: And the county has a program…


Mark Springer: yes they do.


Eric:  OK. We will be in touch and we will get this done. And I will Physically, before May’s meeting, have everything into the lawyers office.


Rhonda: Will those guys be? Told what they’re doing with before they go in.


Mark: Yes,  And they already know. And the Sheriff’s Department. Is going to be there. They have to be there.


Rhonda:  They have to be because he’s never in his yard without his gun.

Mark Springer: Right. And they’re well aware. Alright. Does that help out?


Rhonda:  Yeah, yeah, I think they got a taste of him when. When he threatened. Here. And that doesn’t surprise me.


Mark Springer:  I know that’s the second or third time, but the Sheriff’s Department or the deputy?


Floor: (inaudible)


Eric: moving on! Patten Subdivision.


Mark Springer: I think I sent you guys the information on that. Came through, it looked good.


Monte:  It looks good to be. Let’s vote on it and get it over with.


Roy:  I’ll make a motion that we approve the changes.


Monte: One question though, if that’s OK.


Mark Springer:Yep


Monte:  Of the people that are involved. With this, are they here? With the Patterson. Oh, Patten subdivision. Are any of them here?


Floor: No, no – no


Monte: mmmk. I just wanted them to know that if we approve this. He ain’t going to be able to subdivide it again. ‘cause it’ll be under 40. It’ll be 15, 15 and 10.  So I wanted to make sure he knew.  No, but if we approve this. You have to have 40 acres.


Floor: No no You can subdivide. Anything down to 5?


Mark Springer:  You can go down to 5.


Floor: If it is divisible by five, you can go down to 5.


Monte:  OK, that’s not the way I understood it. I thought that you had to have a minimum of 40.


Mark Springer: No, no, no, no. That was for a subdivision.


Monte:  That’s what this is. Patton Subdivision. You have have to have a minimum of…that means that these guys with 15acres cannot do it again.


Mark Springer: Good point.


Roy:  But an individual person that has 15 acres can subdivide.


Monte: nope, it had to be a 40 acre minimum. So I wanted to make sure they are aware of that.

Eric: We will deal with that if it comes up. Right now I approve.


Monte: I approve it.


Roy: I made a motion


Mark Springer: Yep, we have a motion, I’ll second it.


Monte: Yes



Floor:(talking over/inaudible)


Mark Springer: The Patton Stuff, ok, so we are all in favor?


Monte: All in favor.But just so they know that they cannot subdivide that.


Mark Springer: oh no.


Eric: We’ll have to deal with that if it comes up in the future. As of right now. They’re not here.


Mark Springer: You get to sign it. You’re the new chair. You get to sign it now.


Floor: Vote is all 5 of us said yes.


Monte: Yes

Eric: Yes

Mark Springer: Yes

Terry: Yes

Roy: Yes


Mark Springer:  I only have one other thing to mention because it wasn’t in there. I’ve just gotten a notice of it today. I’ve been on the planning committee for what is rural township, city of Bismarck, City of Lincoln and developers. It’s called area of growth 2045, I think I talked about it once like a long time ago. But it’s been awhile. They haven’t met for like a year. So we have another meeting. That I get to attend on April 26th. So I’ll just keep on that just because I have all the minutes and notes from the last one. But I’ll share that at our main meeting. And let you know what’s going on. Basically, most of the time, the city of Bismarck. We don’t wanna really extend out. But then you get the different developers and the different people of the Township. Let’s say we don’t care. So there’s just weird kind of a weird argument that goes on between that. So trying to draw the maps up to 2045. Then it’s like gauging feelings on what’s OK for your Township. That’s always funny because it’s like, no, we don’t want that, but. It doesn’t matter. So it's like we've talked about if that ETA moves out. That becomes part of our discussions with them. So I don’t know if there’s any concerns that you want me to bring to that planning meeting.


Floor: how about the concern of old Bismarck ETA and the old Lincoln ETA and where they cross?



Mark Springer:Yep, yea, we’ve had this discussion.


Jamie: Bismarck’s eta backed off but technically they could come more forward, so what if Lincoln does come out? Will Bismarck enforce their actual ETA on us?


Mark Springer: Well, what they can do is. Prevent. In some ways. Because they would have first dibs, so to speak. But they could tell Lincoln to back off. Or I think there’s going to be some court battles. Played out between Lincoln and. I’m not saying this between legal sense. There’s a lot of issues that come up between Lincoln. And. The city of Lincoln and the city of Bismarck. And a lot of times the rest of us are sitting here going. Why am I here? They can have that out at a different time. But that’s definitely coming to a head. Because Lincoln wants to. Try to make a deal with Bismarck. For the copper Ridge and the Prairie wood subdivision. Which is Bismarck CTA? And as part of the Township, so.


Floor:  Are they planning on putting another pipeline in along Lincoln Rd?


Mark Springer:Yea, that one has been in the process, I think that was approved like 5 years ago. They are just finally getting to it.


Eric:  The last one they put in, I think they did an 8 inch ‘cause. We did the boars. And then it was an 8 inch. They took all the way out from the airport. To where the cenex is. And they come out from the South and tide out to the old water treatment plant to the city of Lincoln.



Mark Springer: Ok I think that’s it for the Zoning board.


Eric: Jerry?


Jerry: I just have a couple of things before we close.


Eric: go ahead.


Jerry: Could I get a hard copy of the new officers phone numbers and so forth?


Jamie: yes, when its all updated. I didn’t have all that information yet either. Sorry, yep, so much transition its been hard around here.


Jerry:  The other question I have is that most of the time when we have a meeting. Before you sign off, it’s always. Is there any new business? Is there any old business? Why do we not have that anymore?


Mark Springer: We haven’t for a long time. The reason we got rid of that. Is because a lot of that stuff that we carry over just ends up in our area reports. Do you have anything that we left out.

Jerry: No But there are some issues that you know. Get addressed. If there isn’t a place to address them.


Mark Springer: But that’s why we try to get them  On the agenda. Before the meeting. Because. Where by law supposed to stick to. This agenda? That’s the problem that we’ve run into before. I did that because. The reason being is that someone threatened to sue us. For having stuff on here. Or we had something in a meeting that wasn’t on. Where we were adding stuff to the agenda that wasn’t on the agenda before the meeting. So they would show up and they’re mad because we’re adding stuff to the agenda.


Marv:  Well, wouldn’t you have new business and old business on the agenda? Wouldn’t that be a line item?


Mark Springer: If we did that, then what I mean? You couldn’t bring in anything to the floor for the new business. We could do that, but I don’t know what difference that makes and how we’re doing this.


Stephen:  You could probably bring something to the floor for the next meeting.


Mark Springer:Right  And that would be fine too, I guess. If you wanted to do that.


Jerry:  Well, I just think that there should be an opportunity that if somebody does have something.


Mark Springer:Right,  And generally. What we’ve done is you just contact one of us and we can put it on the agenda. I mean, I don’t know.


Roy: I think the reason the law is that way. Is because you have to have seven days notice for everybody to review what’s on the agenda.


Mark Springer:so lets say Jerry, what I did was I brought up that Business that while you weren’t tier, only affected you. Well, that’s not fair to you because you’re not here. We should in fact table that.


Eric: And if it was put on the agenda? You would have an opportunity to read that.


Mark Springer: And that’s part of the legal. Problem. No, that’s a good question. I appreciate it. And that’s a good point to make. I never thought about it when I changed it, so I’m glad you brought it up. I just started doing that. We have to stay with the legal is what I thought. And save our Township money.


Floor: (inaudible)


Mark Springer: Usually seven days is what we have to have it.


Floor:  So usually about 10 days prior to the meeting.



Marvin:  How do you give that then too?


Mark Springer: Just to one of us and we can get it on the agenda.


Jamie:  And there is also the part on the website. If you have any comments or anything. It goes directly to the Township website which gets. They have access to it. He has access to it. And then it goes directly to them. It gets passed onto the board. It used to get sent to a couple different emails. What I’ve been trying to get everything on. On email and get access to it. So everybody has access to the same email that links up to the website. So it’s not just one person responsible, and there’s no balls dropped.


Mark Springer: Although one thing I think we have to be better is at communicating. I’m glad you guys jumped on that right away today. But if we’re all jumping in on the same thing. Wait, I just talked to somebody about that. So we should probably find a way to communicate that better.


Monte:  We are going to communicate That better.


Floor: (inaudible/talking over)


Monte:  Old business like this. It should be brought up and be done.

 Because like  I’ve only been going to these meetings. For four months.  I’m sorry, I’m really new to this. If there’s old business. Let’s just finish it. There’s no reason for old business. And that’s where I’m at.



Mark Springer: Paul handed me the file when I started and he goes. Yeah. And I’m like, oh, he had me two files. The other one I’m glad is long gone.


Eric:  OK, moving on. If there’s no more for the zoning board. And we can close that. OK. Tax equalization meeting, April 12th, 7:30 PM. May not be in here, maybe in the basement over there, FY I. Because of the school board meeting. The next meeting is going to be May 2nd. 7:00 PM. In this room. So if anybody doesn’t have anything else, we’re gonna close this meeting. We’re going to close this meeting at 7:58 PM. Closed.

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