ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


07/05/2022, 07:00 PM

In Attendance for regular meeting:

Eric Richard, Mark Springer, Monte Sicble, Jerry Kunz,  Gaylen Dewing, Jay Dollinger, Stephen Schnaible, Jamie Vetsch



1. Call to Order - 7:00pm

Correction to the minutes. Harmony Stables should not be on the zoning agenda.


2. Minutes Review

Mark Motion to approve minutes from June meeting

Monte 2nd the motion


Eric, Mark, and Monte - All voted yes.

June Minutes were approved.



3. Jamie Vetsch

Had a member approach her for a process of dissolving the board

Jamie said it is decided on by the people at the general election.

There was no motion to approve anything on this matter.

As there is nothing in front of the board to approve.



4. Area Reports


A. School Board Report

Dan Reis - nothing new to report.


B. Treasurer's Report


Burleigh County Budget deadlines

Payroll taxes $433.83

Gross Wages $2,835.50


Checking Acct. $192,595.54

Savings Acct. $134,455.67

66th St Project $200,149.87


Mark made a motion to pay the bills

Monte 2nd the motion


Eric, Mark, Monte all voted Yes.

Motion passed to pay the bills.



Burleigh County Budget deadlines

need a public notice that our budget hearing is Sept. 12.



C. Assessor's Report

Mark Splonskowki:

Burleigh County equalization meeting occurred in June and everything went fine.

Every ten years would like to review the land values to be adjusted to market.

This will be the assessor’s goal for this year.


D. Building Inspector's Report - Handled by country.

Mitch said explained there was a certificate of occupancy June 14th.

A permit was handed out for mechanical


E. Road Supervisor's Report

Eric read Roy Kuil's resignation letter.

Effective June 13, 2022


Request put out for volunteers for Road Supervisor

Jay Dollinger volunteered to accept this position.



F. Weed Board Report


Terry is absent. Nothing to report.



G. Clerk updates

Website - cost for updates. Would be 1 to 2 hours of work

roughly $190.00


Research full video recording options and Dakota Community Access


TAO Interactive offered a mobile responsive design for $799.00


Fireside Services and Cost - would be $130.00/month. Has the potential

to store our documents that would allow a user with credentials to access

our files and redact information that then can be emailed out.


Scanned files issue and recommendations

Current scanned files are unusable because of the way they were scanned

and they are not able to be searched, along with many documents that have

multiple scanned files in one document. The lack of organization makes

it impossible to find anything.


Eric will retrieve the hard copy files and put them back in the school for storage.


Information on the thumb drives will be stored in multiple locations. But the main

copy will be stored with Eric or whoever is the Chairman.



5. Zoning Board


-Request for nominations.

Two nominations were presented. But the names were not given audibly.

It was discussed to post this as an election in the newspaper at the meeting.

Edit: Board discovered that a resigned position must be filled by an appointment

by the remaining board members.



-Brunskill Subdivision discussion - Mark is in communication with the county,

to be up to date on what is going on. It is in Bismarck ETA.

Monte to get information to see if we can challenge any of it, because of smaller

lot sizes.



-Update on Terry Hoerer property - Lawyer is moving ahead with the legal portion.

waiting on an update from that.



-Harmony Stables - Ag/Commercial discussion (removed from agenda at the start of




-Public Hearing - Jacobson's (ordinance and vehicles)

Jamie went through the history of this issue going back to the April '22

meeting. She advised the board that she is in compliance and does not need to

move the vehicles.

Then stated she is compliance on two vehicles but not the other two.

Issues getting them licensed due to title issues.

Jamie Jacobson discussed requesting a variance.

She is looking for a variance on two of the vehicles.


Some discussion was had by other citizens to familiarize themselves with

the situation.


Don Hawkinson - tried give his version of the events but was interrupted

after a few sentences.


Eric asks again can the vehicles that are not in compliance be moved

until they are in compliance. He was told that would be a real hassle.


Asked the public for input because of the public hearing.

Some members expressed that the ordinances should be upheld and respected.


Jamie Jacobson explained they are actively working on title and licensing, and that it takes

4-5months or longer to resolve title and licensing.


Jerry Kunz explained that this is not a variance issue. You are asking for more

time and the board can give you more time without a variance as it is not

the right resolution for this scenario.


Monte suggested a 30-day time extension to be bring the vehicles into compliance

or moved.


Jamie stated that after the 30 days if the vehicles are still not compliant

she will remove them.


Much discussion was had about what is the definition of "Operable" per the



Repercussions were discussed as a $2000.00 fine starting point.


Jamie Jacobson asked for the 30 period.


Board is trying to find an agreement on what will satisfy the zoning requirements.


Confirmation from citizens and board that this does not qualify as a variance, but

a time extension to comply. Jamie agreed.


Again, a third party is trying to be found to be an unbiased opinion. Agreed to use

highway patrol.


Monte made a Motion to grant a 30-day extension to give the Jacobson's

time to comply with the ordinances. July 5th to

Jerry 2nd the motion.

No vote was held on this motion.


Discussion, had to change the extension to 28 days so this can be resolved by next

township meeting date, so it can be decided to apply the fee or confirm compliance.


Jamie Jacobson agreed. Saying "you are working with me; I'll work with you."


Monte said he will contact highway department to get their definition of operable.

He will provide that to Jamie, so she knows the compliance requirements.



Monte Made the following motion:

1. Provide the Jacobson's a 28-day extension.

Vehicles must be in compliance by August 1st meeting

2. NDHP inspection to be performed, by August 1st meeting.

3. If not compliant a $2000 fee will be assessed.

Jerry 2nd the motion.

Eric - Yes, Mark - Yes, Eric - Yes, Jerry - Yes

Motion approved.



6. Eric Adjourned 8:33 pm

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