ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


09/12/2022, 7:00 PM

In Attendance for regular meeting:

Eric Richard, Mark Springer, Monte Sicble, Jerry Kunz,  Gaylen Dewing, Jay Dollinger, Stephen Schnaible, Jamie Vetsch


  1. Call to Order 

Chairman Richard called meeting to order at 7pm. 


  1. Minutes – Review 

Mark Springer made a motion to approve the minutes from the Aug meeting. 

Monte Sicble 2nd the motion. 

Eric – Yes, Mark – Yes, Monte – Yes.  

Motion passed to approve the Aug meeting minutes. 

  1. Storage Solutions for ACT files 

Files are physically still in Eric’s shop. Stephen and Jamie could not coordinate a time the that 

worked for both parties to take the files to the school. 

Stephen did not have an update on the file storage with Fireside. He will reach out to them 

and see where things are at with them setting us up on their system. 

Mark motioned to approve the programming TAO Interactive needs to do to allow 

the audio files to be posted, stored and backed up. This is 1-2hrs of work costing $105- 


Eric 2nd the motion. 

Eric-Yes, Mark-Yes, Monte-Yes 

Motion approved. 


  1. Area Reports 


  1. School Board Report 

Things are going well. The vacant positions are getting filled. 


  1. Treasurer’s Report 


Savings: $134,455.67 

66th St Project: $200,190.67 

Ck# 11164 Burleigh County $105,938.83 

Ck# 11163 Attorney $2,820.00 

Mark motioned to pay the bills. 

Monte 2nd 

Eric-yes, Mark-yes, Monte-yes 

Motion to pay the bills is approved. 


  1. Assessor’s Report 

Mark Splonskowski reported that everything is going well. 

Lot values need to be increased on all lots developed or not. 

That is what Mark is going to be focusing on for the rest of 

the year. 


  1. Building Inspector’s Report – handled by county. 

Mitch provided the board with a list of permits since March. 

He indicated there were eight permits for remodeling/additions. 

Also there have been seven mechanical permits of which two 

Are in unfulfilled status. 



  1. Road Supervisor’s Report 

In the case of the second approach, which I believe is on Lincoln Rd. 

The county properly approved the permit for the second approach.  

However, he needs to add the flares on the end. Mark is going to have the  

Attorney send a letter notifying him he has limited time to get those installed  

Before winter. 

Jay indicated that the county would cost share on jetting the culverts.  

Jay is going to get a quote from the county and provide that to Jamie V. 


  1. Weed Supervisor's Report 

Nothing to report. Terry was absent. 


  1. Zoning Board 


  • Update on Terry Hoerer property – Lawyer needs to send a letter to the Sheriff  


  • Update on Jacobson property, non-compliant vehicles 

Jamie Jacobson reported that they removed two of the four vehicles 

The other two were able to get licensed.  

The board considers this issue resolved as they couldn’t find a resolution 

the rest of the ordinance that indicates vehicles must be operable. 

Mark S. is going to verify that the $2000 fine originally imposed,  

is not added to the Jacobson’s property taxes, if it was Mark will have it removed. 


  • Telfer Township – Zoning Ordinances 2022 

Chairman Richard put forth the ordinances from Telfor Township, which appear to 

be a version of Burleigh County’s ordinances. Chairman Richard suggested we should 

adopt these ordinances, but remove anything we don’t need or want. 

Discussion was had that some members are in agreement. However, others 

suggested that we should keep our ordinances but add to it by taking verbiage from 

Burleigh County’s. 

Issues with this process are, who will manage what gets added and removed. It took months to reach an agreement on acceptable modifications to our current ordinances at our last annual meeting. 

Chairman Richard suggested that we all read through the provided example ordinances 

and ponder our options until the next meeting. 



  1. Adjourn 

Chairman Richard adjourned the meeting at 8:15 


Meeting Schedule for 2022 year: 

Oct. 3 

Nov. 7 

Dec. 5 

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