ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


02/06/2023, 7:00 PM

  1. In Attendance for regular meeting: 

  2. Eric Richard(phone), Mark Springer, Monte Sicble, Jerry Kunz, Terry Mauch, Stephen Schnaible, Jamie Vetsch


  4. 1. Call to Order - Supervisor Springer called the meeting to order at 7:01pm. 


  1. 2. Minutes – Review 

  Supervisor Sicble made a motion to approve the minutes from our previous


 Supervisor Springer 2nd the motion 

 Vote: Eric – Yes, Mark – Yes, Monte – Yes 

 Minutes from Feb ‘23 regular meeting is approved. 

  1. 3. Area Reports 


A. School Board Report 

  Dan Riese gave a report that everything is going well. All positions are filled.

  Just working some general maintenance items, such as shingles damaged

  from the ice buildup. 


B. Treasurer’s Report 

1. Assessor's Pay – Mark Splonskowski was inquiring on his paycheck from

Dec. Jamie said she mailed it with his w-2 information. 

Checking: $73,005.76 

Savings: $134,636.22 

  66th St.: $200,391.26 

  Jamie indicated that she had missed some checks in the register last year.

  This only affects the bank acct. reconciliation, not the actual bank balance. 

  Supervisor Sicble made a motion to pay the bills. 

  Supervisor Springer 2nd the motion 

  Vote: Mark – Yes, Mark – Yes, Monte – Yes 


C. Assessor’s Report 

  Mark was not present for the meeting, no update. 


D. Building Inspector’s Report – we pay the county to handle. 

 Mitch was not present, but he did indicate via email that there were no

permit requests this period. 


E. Road Supervisor’s Report 

  Jay was not present. However, Jerry Kunz reported that Poplar Rd needed

some maintenance and he took care of that for Jay. 


F. Weed Supervisor's Report 

  Nothing to report 


4. Zoning Board 

  1. a. Jan Hamilton – Guinea hens from Risser’s property 

 The Rissor’s and Hamilton’s were in attendance. However, the Rissor’s needed to

respond to the lawyer’s letter, indicating that they wanted an Public Hearing to avoid

having the tax lien put into place for nuisance violations. That was not done,

therefore, we were unable to discuss anything during this meeting. Supervisor

Springer advised the Rissor’s to respond to the lawyer’s letter, so we can schedule an

Public Hearing. 


  • b. Terry Hoerer Property update 

 Chairman Richard indicated that he is working with the lawyer to get more time

 from the judge to allow cleanup. By the time ACT had gotten the courts approval the

 snow was flying, which halted those efforts. 


  • c. Tax abatement requests (3x) 

Two of the tax abatements were approved. One of them was suspended due to no

country official signature.

UPDATE: After talking to the country officials their signature is not needed. 

Supervisor Sicble made a motion to approve two of the abatements that are signed

and suspend the one unsigned abatement until it is signed by country official. 

Zoning Board member Kunz 2nd the motion 

Vote: Eric – Yes, Mark – Yes, Monte – Yes, Jerry – Yes, Gaylen - Absent 


5.  Adjourn

Supervisor Springer adjourned the meeting at 7:42pm.

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