ACT Board of Supervisors Agenda


03/06/2023, 7:00 PM

1. Call to Order


2. Minutes – Review


3. Area Reports


A. School Board Report


B. Treasurer’s Report


C. Assessor’s Report


D. Building Inspector’s Report – we pay the county to handle.


E. Road Supervisor’s Report


F. Weed Supervisor's Report


4. Zoning Board

a. Jan Hamilton – Guinea hens from Risser’s property


b. Terry Hoerer Property update


c. Tax abatement request


d. Barn Approval from someone that is not Dusty


e. Dusty Hasper – Public Hearing – Barn approval


5. Adjourn



Meeting Schedule for 2023 year:

March 21 Annual Meeting

April 3

May 1

June 5

July 3

August 7

September 11

October 2

November 6

December 4

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