ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


03/06/2023, 7:00 PM

In Attendance for regular meeting:

Eric Richard, Mark Springer, Monte Sicble, Jerry Kunz, Gaylen Dewing, Stephen Schnaible, Jamie Vetsch.

1. Call to Order
Chairman Richard called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

2. Minutes Review

Supervisor Springer made a motion to approve the minutes from 2/6/23 meeting.
Supervisor Sicble 2nd the motion
Vote: Eric Yes, Mark Yes, Monte - Yes
Motion to approve the minutes carries.

3. Area Reports

A. School Board Report
Dan Reis from the school board, indicated there was nothing new to report

B. Treasurer’s Report
Checking: $152,237.25
Savings: $134,636.22
66th St: $200,434.85
Supervisor Springer made a motion to pay the bills.
Supervisor Sicble 2nd the motion.
Vote: Eric Yes, Mark Yes, Monte - Yes
Motion to pay the bills carries.

C. Assessor’s Report
Lot prices are being adjust to where they should be.
Mr. Splonskowski’s last day as ACT assessor will be 4/10/23, which is also the date of the Tax
Equalization Meeting. (A public notice is required for this meeting)

D. Building Inspector’s Report we pay the county to handle.
Three permits were issued during this period.

E. Road Supervisor’s Report
There was a general complaint that some roads are not getting the attention they need. The county
indicated they would respond faster to requests, in particular, the roads of Paintball Way.

F. Weed Supervisor's Report
Terry is absent, nothing to report.

4. Zoning Board

A. Jan Hamilton Guinea hens from Risser’s property
A letter dated 2/13/23 from the Rissor’s indicated that they removed the chickens/Guinea hens. They
also indicated that the animals were not theirs, but they were taking care of them for a family member.
From the Rissor’s they consider this matter resolved as they know longer have the animals.

The board also considers the matter resolved for now. However, a motion was made by Supervisor
Springer, “If any poultry are present in the future the $2,000 fine will be assessed plus any related
attorney fees.”

Supervisor Sicble 2nd the motion.
Vote: Eric Yes, Mark Yes, Monte Yes, Gaylen Yes, Jerry Yes

B. Terry Hoerer Property update Nothing new from last meeting.

C. Tax abatement request Applications do not require a signature from the County to be approved.
Supervisor Springer made a motion to “Accept the tax abatement”
Supervisor Sible 2nd the motion
Vote: Eric Yes, Mark Yes, Monte Yes, Gaylen Yes, Jerry Yes

D. Barn Approval from someone that is not Dusty
Realtor Hailey Lang is seeking information for her client. The property her client is interested in
purchasing 9749 Creekside Dr., they would like to put up a building on a parcel that is separate, but
connected to, the parcel the residence is on. This is the same situation as Dusty Hasper’s. The board
advised her what would need to be done but cannot guarantee anything now, for multiple reasons.

E. Dusty Hasper Public Hearing Barn approval
Dusty would like to build a pole barn. He has 40 acres of property, but it is on two parcels. The two
parcels are roughly 29 acres and 11 acres. The issue is that the parcel that he wants to build the barn on is separate but connected to the parcel that has the residence. Our zoning requires that a residence
must be erected on the parcel before other buildings can be built. Dusty is asking approval from the
board to be allowed to build on the parcel that does not have the residence.

The main discussion that was had is what happens if he sells that parcel that only has the building
without the other parcel that has the residence. If and how the township could ensure this doesn’t
happen in the future to ensure the integrity of our zoning rules.

Supervisor Sicble made a motion to approve Dusty Hasper’s request.
Supervisor Springer 2nd the motion
Vote: Eric Yes, Mark Yes, Monte Yes, Gaylen Yes, Jerry - No

Approval is granted.
Chairman Richard closed the zoning portion of the meeting at 7:59pm.

5. Adjourn Chairman Richard adjourned the meeting at 8:00pm

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