Annual Meeting 2023


03/21/2023, 7:00 PM

Present at the meeting Supervisor Monte Sible, Treasurer Jamie Vetsch and Clerk Stephen

Clerk Stephen Schnaible opened the meeting at 7:00pm.

Clerk asked Treasurer to perform annual budget review.

Budget was read by Treasurer Jamie Vetsch and presented to the public for view and review.
Requesting $130,000 in apportioning.

Opened the floor for nominations for Moderator

Dan Reis Nominated Stephen Schnaible for Moderator
Jay Dollinger 2nd the nomination.
No other nominations were given.
Nomination passed unanimously without objection.

Moderator calls for nominations of judges.

Jay Dollinger, Bree Dewing and Lori Halverson volunteered to be judges. Hearing no other
nominations/volunteers vote proceeded. All three judges passed unanimously hearing no
objections. Oath swearing of the judges commenced.

Moderator asked for waiving of last year's annual meeting minutes.
All were in favor, hearing no objections, the minutes from last annual meeting were not read.


Positions available for nomination were announced. One Board of Supervisor position, Clerk
and one Zoning Board position.

Moderator called for nominations for Board of Supervisors

Nomination for Gaylen Dewing
Nomination for Dan Reis
No other nominations were given.
Dan Reis rejected his nomination.

Nominations for Board of Supervisors was closed and opened nominations for Clerk

Nomination for Stephen Schnaible
No other nominations were given

Nominations for Clerk were closed and opened nominations for Zoning Board

Nomination for Gaylen Dewing, however, Gaylen rejected his nomination.
Nomination for Dan Reis
Nominations for Zoning Board were closed.

Moderator asked if there is any old business hearing non

Moderator asked if there is any new business.

Marv Abraham made a motion to adopt a similar language and process that the county uses for
installation or maintenance within the township right-of-way, which is the following:

All pressurized and/or hazardous material pipelines that cross public roadways shall be placed
within casings and placed a minimum of 6 feet below ditch bottom (or 8 feet below roadway
whichever is greater). Casing may be forgone if the pressurized pipeline is placed a minimum of
8 feet below ditch bottom (or 10 feet below roadway whichever is greater). Minimum depth
requirements shall extend to 75 feet each side of the roadway centerline. Permit is to be issued
by Apple Creek Township Board of Supervisors.

Discussion on this topic brought up that building permits need to be issued by Apple Creek
Board not only Mitch from the county.

The future board can write up a permit to be used. Discussion was had who will do the
inspection to authorize a permit based on compliance.

Dusty Hasper 2nd the motion

Discussion was closed

Vote was taken and passed unanimously with no objection.

Opened voting at 7:58

Polls were closed at 8:16pm

19 voters
Gaylen Dewing Elected to Board of Supervisors - 3yr term - with 19 votes
Dan Reis elected to Zoning Board - 2yr term - with 19 votes
Stephen Schnaible elected as Clerk - 2yr term 19 vote

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