ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


05/01/2023, 7:00 PM

In Attendance: Gaylen Dewing, Monte Sicble, Eric Richard, Jerry Kunz, Dan Reis, Terry Mauch, Jay Dollinger, Stephen Schnaible and Jamie Vetsch

1. Call to Order – Chairman Sicble called the meeting to order at 7:01pm


2. Minutes – Review

Supervisor Dewing made a motion to approve the April meeting minutes.

Supervisor Richard 2nd the motion.

Vote: Monte – Yes, Gaylen – Yes, Eric – Yes

April meeting minutes are approved


A. Storage of Act files

Much discussion was had as to what to do with the ACT files that are currently in Eric’s shop because ACT does not have space anywhere to store these. The plan is that Clerk Schnaible will continue to work with Fireside to get the rest of the already scanned files accessible through the Papervision program at which point the ACT paper files can be destroyed. Stephen will also provide access to Papervision to the rest of the board to make sure they are satisfied with the program and process.

Chairman Sicble is also going to talk to the county to make sure we are following any legal requirements for file storage and retention.


3. Area Reports

  1. A. School Board Report

All contracts have been signed. However, the kindergarten teacher resigned, the school board has a replacement in mind. The janitor also resigned.

The school board approved all board members and clerk to have keys to the school to ensure we can get in for meetings etc.

To those issued school keys: School keys must be returned to the office when you retire from your position, DO NOT pass your keys on to your replacement.


  1. B. Treasurer’s Report

Checking: $190,535.59 Savings: $134,733.27 66th St.: $200,532.01

Reimbursement for legal notices and Lawyer’s bill

Supervisor Richard made a motion to pay the bills

Chairman Sicble 2nd the motion

Vote: Monte – Yes, Gaylen – Yes, Eric – Yes

Motion to pay the bills is approved.

Supervisor Richard said he would talk to Marcus Hall about the 66th St. project. With the objective of trying to find the agreement that was made if anything was done in writing.


  1. C. Assessor’s Report

  1. 1. Open Position – the board is in discussions with a couple replacements. Al Vietmeier (s/p?) and Marie Horning. Supervisor Richard is going to ask them both to present a proposal at the June meeting.


  1. D. Building Inspector’s Report – Employed the County

  1. 1. Permit Report – reviewed 3 permits that were issued.


  1. E. Road Supervisor’s Report

The county cleaned a part of a resident's property where the county was forced to push gravel and sod along with the snow. The county said they are willing to help with this in a few rare instances where it is excessive. There was also some discussion on how or if ACT should spend money on a few options for road repairs.

  1. F. Weed Supervisor’s Report

Terry is retiring.

Supervisor Richard nominated Dusty Hasper

Supervisor Dewing 2nd the motion.

Vote: Monte – Yes, Gaylen – Yes, Eric – Yes

Dusty is voted in as the new Weed Supervisor.

Current problem weeds are leafy spurge and wormwood. If you want the county to cost share for your property you need to make an application to the county. They will only cost share up to 40 acres and will not do waterways and railways.


4. Zoning Board


  1. A. Hoer Property

Supervisor Richard provided an update to this issue, which is: now that the snow is gone, the lawyer needs to get the judge to sign off on an extension to the judgement. Once that is done the contractor can go in with the Sheriff to get an estimate of how much it will cost to clean up the property.


5. Adjourn – Chairman Sicble adjourned the meeting at 8:55pm.

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