ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


07/03/2023, 7:00 PM

In Attendance: Gaylen Dewing, Monte Sicble, Eric Richard, Jerry Kunz, Dusty Hasper, Jay Dollinger, Stephen Schnaible and Jamie Vetsch

1. Call to Order – Chairman Sicble called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

2. Minutes – Review

Supervisor Dewing made a motion to approve the June meeting minutes.
Supervisor Richard 2nd the motion.
Vote: Monte – Yes, Gaylen – Yes, Eric – Yes
June meeting minutes are approved

A. Storage of Act files
Discussed the use of PaperVision through Fireside. Seems to be acceptable process to have an orderly system. However, nothing was voted on to approve furthering the process. A budget needs to be approved to have Fireside process more files.
Currently, only the permit files are searchable in the software.

3. Area Reports

A. School Board Report
Dan Reis is absent no report given.

B. Treasurer’s Report
Checking: $200,188.30 Savings: $134,838.55 66th St.: $200,629.21
Jamie discussed bills that needed to be paid.
Supervisor Richard made a motion to pay the bills
Chairman Dewing 2nd the motion
Vote: Monte – Yes, Gaylen – Yes, Eric – Yes
Motion to pay the bills is approved.

Supervisor Dewing moves to approve the treasury report.
Chairman Sicble 2nd the motion
Vote: Monte – Yes, Gaylen – Yes, Eric – Yes
Treasury Report is approved.

C. Assessor’s Report
None given

D. Road Supervisor’s Report
Jay indicated he is still waiting on the country to complete the requested projects. It appears they are short staffed and they are back up a bit.

F. Weed Supervisor’s Report
Reports of leafy spurge. Dusty and Terry went around together for Dusty to get up to speed on the problem areas.
Contact at the County is Leon Peterson, the County will pay 50% up to $1,500.00(of $3,000)
4. Zoning Board
Roll Call:
Eric Richard: Present, Gaylen Dewing: Present, Monte Sicble: Present, Jerry Kunz: Present, Dan Reis: Absent

A. Hoerer Property
Supervisor Richard provided an update to this issue, which is: Eric requested bids from three contractors only two of them showed up and bid the job. Arrow service Team: $21,000.00 and JNR Salvage & Demolition: 6,900.00. Both contractors had similar job descriptions and work performed, we can't account for the discrepency in pricing.

Mr. Hoerer explained his version of events. Advised the board if he could have more time he could get it cleaned up.

The board indicated six years was long enough to get it cleaned up and no more time will be given.

Supervisor Dewing made a motion to accept JNR Salvage's bid
Supervisor Richard 2nd the motion
Eric: Yes, Gaylen: Yes, Monte: Yes, Jerry: Yes

Supervisor Richard said he would follow-up with JNR to inform them that they won the bid and to schedule the project with the Sherif's department present.

5. Adjourn – Chairman Sicble adjourned the meeting at 8:45pm.


Meeting Schedule

August 7
September 11
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November 6
December 4

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