ACT Board of Supervisors Agenda


08/07/2023, 7:00 PM

1. Call to Order


2. Minutes Review

A. Review and Approve July '23 minutes

3. Old Business

A. Storage of ACT Files/Software

B. Hoerer Property - Update?

C. Brandon Schock Approach Permit

"Road Supervisor’s Report: Inspector Kuil said he issued an approach permit to Brandon Schock the new approach is at the top of the hill. He told Brandon the county is requiring culverts in all approaches with ditches, if there are heavy trucks using that approach the culvert will have to be beefed up. Brandon said the approach will be used for emergency vehicles only. "

4. Area Reports

A. School Board Report - Dan Ries


B. Treasurers Report - Jamie Vetsch


C. Assesors Report - Marie Horning


D. Building Inspector's Report - Burleigh County

1. Review Permit report from the County


E. Road Supervisors Report - Jay Dollinger


F. Weed Supervisors Report


5. Zoning Board


6. Adjourn


Meeting Schedule:
September 11
October 2
November 6
December 4

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