ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


08/07/2023, 7:00 PM

In Attendance: Gaylen Dewing, Monte Sicble, Eric Richard, Jerry Kunz, Dusty Hasper, Jay Dollinger, Stephen Schnaible and Jamie Vetsch


1. Call to Order

Chairman Sicble called the meeting to order at 7:01pm.

2. Minutes Review

A. Review and Approve July '23 minutes

Chairman Sicble made a motion to approve the July 2023 minutes
Supervisor Richard 2nd the motion.
Vote: Monte – Yes, Eric – Yes, Gaylen – Yes
July 2023 minutes approved.

3. Old Business

A. Storage of ACT Files/Software

Nothing was decided. Clerk Schnaible and Chairman Sicble are going to try to sort out which permit files have been scanned and which have not or why the Schock approach permit was not able to be located via the Paperport program.
Nothing was decided on what to do with the actual files. They are still being stored at Eric’s shop for the time being. Which doesn’t allow for the Clerk to be able to perform their function as the record keeper. This means Supervisor Richard will be the contact point for viewing and retrieving records. This will not be a topic that is revisited as it has been on several agendas over the last year and a half.

B. Hoerer Property - Update?

The Sheriff Department, Chairman Richard and JNR Salvage were able to complete the cleanup over two days, for the most part. There is some material in a garbage pit that is being tested by the Health Department. Therefore, the material in the pit was not removed. There were also several vehicles that were moved out of the lot for the cleanup by Mr. Hoerer, but then the vehicles were put back on the property once the cleanup was completed.

C. Brandon Schock Approach Permit

From Dec 2020 minutes for context: "Road Supervisor’s Report: Inspector Kuil said he issued an approach permit to Brandon Schock the new approach is at the top of the hill. He told Brandon the county is requiring culverts in all approaches with ditches, if there are heavy trucks using that approach the culvert will have to be beefed up. Brandon said the approach will be used for emergency vehicles only."

The board was informed that the approach in question is in Lincoln’s ETA. However, no one could explain why the permit was approved in Apple Creek Township if that is the case. The board decided it is out of their hands and the parties looking for a resolution would need to go to Lincoln’s board meeting.

4. Area Reports

A. School Board Report - Dan Ries

They are getting ready for the kids, the school is fully staffed. Shirley is staying on for a bit to help the new business manager.

B. Treasurers Report - Jamie Vetsch

Checking: $202,612.80
Savings 1: $134,838.55
Savings 2: $200,678.63
Bills to be paid: Attorney $385.08, JNR Salvage $6,900.00
Supervisor Richard made a motion to pay the bills.
Supervisor Dewing 2nd the motion.
Vote: Monte – Yes, Eric – Yes, Gaylen – Yes
Motion to pay the bills approved.

C. Assesors Report - Marie Horning

Marie was not present.

D. Building Inspector's Report - Burleigh County

1. Review Permit report from the County

Nothing to report

E. Road Supervisors Report - Jay Dollinger

119th st and Lincoln Rd were bladed today. Estimate for the Northgate Dr resurfacing is $143,000 for 1 mile of road. Part of the Northgate Dr area has been ETA’d by Lincoln. The board feels that some of the burden should be on Lincoln and that particular resurfacing project is too expensive for the results and duration of the repair.

F. Weed Supervisors Report

There are areas that were requested to be sprayed but have not yet. The county is having some staffing shortages which is causing delays in work being accomplished.

5. Zoning Board

Chairman Sicble called recess to the regular meeting and opened the Zoning portion of the meeting.

Roll Call was taken Eric Richard, Gaylen Dewing, Monte Sicble, Dan Ries and Jerry Kuntz were all present.

Discussion was had about changing our zoning regulations to help curb some of the repeat issues that come before the board such as nuisances and clutter on properties.
These changes need to be done at the annual meeting or a special meeting where proper notice can be given to township citizens.
Zoning Portion of the meeting was closed.

6. Adjourn

Chairman Sicble adjourned the meeting at 8:33pm.



Meeting Schedule:
September 11
October 2
November 6

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