ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


12/04/2023, 7:00 PM

In Attendance: Monte Sicble, Eric Richard, Gaylen Dewing, Jerry Kunz, Dan Reis, Dusty Hasper, Jay Dollinger, Stephen Schnaible and Jamie Vetsch.

1. Call to Order

Chairman Sicble called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.


2. Minutes Review

A. Corrections and approval of the Minutes from the previous meeting.

Chairman Sicble made a motion to approve the Nov '23 minutes.

Supervisor Richard 2nd the motion

Vote: Eric - Yes, Monte - Yes, Gaylen - Yes

3. Old Business


4. New Business

A. 2024 Meeting Schedule - discussed a couple months where the meeting cannot be on the first Monday due to conflicts with holidays.

5. Area Reports

A. School Board Report - Dan Ries

Dan had nothing new to report.

B. Treasurers Report - Jamie Vetsch

Burleigh County $50,452.85

Attorney Fees - $1,356.27 - $355.94 - $80.94

Supervisor Richard made a motion to "Pay the bills"

Chairman Sicble 2nd

Vote: Eric - Yes, Monte - Yes, Gaylen - Yes

Motion approved.

Eric requested that Jamie close the Savings Acct 2 and move those monies into the main acct. Jamie is going to talk to Sarah to see what that takes.

C. Assesors Report - Marie Horning

Marie is going to check with Mark Splonskowski to see if there was a card or note she could leave when visiting properties.

Marie will also be a 1099 contractor starting in 2024. Last quarter of '23 she will still be W-2 employee.


D. Building Inspector's Report - Burleigh County

1. Review Permit report from the County

Discussed a new formatted report that will come from Marla. Also, confirmed that we are hiring the services of the county and not Mitch specifically. Hence the county keeps all the permit fees as payment for their services.

Discussed that the board needed to get Mitch a signed copy of the FEMA agreement.

E. Road Supervisors Report - Jay Dollinger

1. 62nd ST SE - road washout

Water is not flowing through the culvert because it is blocked with silt. A quote was provided by the county for $15,000 but couldn't get to it for 3 years. Jay got a quote for a contractor for $16,000 to clean the culvert or $24,500 if the culvert gets replaced at the same time, which was the suggested route as the culvert is undersized.

Supervisor Richard made a motion to "approve the 24,500 bid on the culvert replacement"
Supervisor Dewing 2nd the motion.
Vote: Eric - Yes, Gaylen - Yes, Monte - Yes.
Motion approved.

Jay also need to review the gravel map and provide to the county.

Jay also indicated he is resigning as road supervisor and his last month will be Feb. '24.

F. Weed Supervisors Report - Dusty Hasper

No Change.

6. Zoning Board

Chairman Sicble closed the regular portion of the meeting and opened the Zoning portion.

Clerk Schnaible took Roll Call

Eric - Here, Gaylen - Here, Monte - Here, Dan - Here, Jerry - Here

A. Rick Johnson Property - Mobile Home

A mobile home was placed on land without proper permit approval. A permit was filed after the fact and is now asking for approval by the board.

Chairman Sicble made a motion to "deny the mobile home permit for zoning violation"
Supervisor Richard 2nd the motion
Vote: Eric - Yes, Gaylen - Yes, Monte - Yes, Jerry - Yes, Dan - Yes.
Motion approved - Permit was denied.

Discussion was had as to whether other buildings on the same property were properly permited.

B. Update on CO2 Pipeline

The board discussed with the attendees ways than can help in stopping the use of eminent domain and the CO2 pipeline that is currently suggested to go through our township.
Other townships have adopted and sent a letter of support to Burleigh County.
Supervisor Richard made a motion for a resolution of support that "ACT board is in support of Burleigh County's efforts to oppose eminent domain and the CO2 pipeline."
Supervisor Dewing 2nd the motion.
Vote: Eric - Yes, Gaylen - Yes, Monte - Yes, Dan - Yes, Jerry - yes.
Motion for resolution approved.


7. Adjourn

Chairman Sicble adjourned the meeting at 8:16pm


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