ACT Board of Supervisors Meeting


02/05/2024, 7:00pm

In Attendance: Monte Sicble, Gaylen Dewing, Eric Richard (by phone), Jerry Kunz, Dan Reis, Dusty Hasper, Roy Kuil, Stephen Schnaible and Jamie Vetsch.

1. Call to Order

Chairman Sicble called the meeting to order at 7:01pm


2. Minutes Review

A. Corrections and approval of the Minutes from the previous meeting.

Chairman Sicble made a motion to approve the Jan. 2024 meeting Minutes.
Supervisor Dewing 2nd the motion
Vote: Gaylen - Yes, Monte - Yes, Eric - Yes

3. Old Business

A. Verbiage for minimum lot size, ammendment to the Bylaws from Annual
    Meeting - 2022.

Clerk Schnaible will ensure the verbiage from the annual meetings ('22 & '23) is what is in the new
zoning regulations document. Instead of the verbiage the lawyer used which is not verbatim.


4. New Business

A. Discussion only - on a new golf course. No vote will be taking place.

A lengthy discussion was had on the potential of a new golf course being built in Apple Creek Township(near Copper Ridge).
Those opposed to the idea brought forward the following issues:
1. Lot Sizes would need to be smaller than the currently required 5 acres/lot.
2. Availability of water for the course to maintain the greens and rough.
3. Increased traffic and road maintenance
4. Hosting events at the club house such as weddings
5. Surrounding residents of the potential site voiced concerns of their farming lifestyle being disrupted
6. Loss of the view of the open prairie being replaced by the course and housing development

Those in favor mentioned the increased tax revenue to improve roads and snow removal.

In the end it sounds like the project is not likely to move forward unless the township allows the
developer to sell lot sizes smaller than 5 acres. This will allow them to sell enough lots to help pay
for the project.

B. KLJ Meeting March 6th 5-7pm. Discussion on replacing the bridge on Apple
    Creek Rd between 80th and 93rd St. in 2025.

The meeting time was changed to March 6th 6-8pm and projected start date moved to 2026.
The project is being funded by a federal grant. If you have input or questions, please
attend the meeting.

C. Potential reimbursement for ACT Board/Committee member fees while
    attending functions for the benefit of township business.

Discussed the board's ability to select a committee to attend meeting regarding larger issues such
as the CO2 pipeline, which the board members are not able to attend every meeting. In which
case said committee members would likely be allowed to submit their expenses for
reimbursement. Monte was going to call the district representative to see if this is allowed.
Current board members are already allowed to submit expenses for reimbursement.

5. Area Reports

A. School Board Report - Dan Ries

"State board of education is holding a public hearing on potentially annexing 3 lots off of 80th St. One
of the lot owners wants to be in city of Bismarck school zone. The public hearing is on Jan 22, 2024
at 1pm." Update: The state board allowed the 3 lots to be annexed into Bismarck ETA.

B. Treasurer's Report - Jamie Vetsch

Checking: $193,641.62
Savings: $135,050.50
Savings 2: $200,972.19

No bills were presented for payment.

C. Assesor's Report - Marie Horning

Nothing new to report.

D. Building Inspector's Report - Burleigh County

1. Review Permit report from the County
None of the permits on the report were for Apple Creek Township.

E. Road Supervisor's Report - Roy Kuil

Jay passed anything in process to Roy who took over as Road Supervisor effective Feb 1, 2024.
Discussed a continued need for the Road Supervisor to have a budget approved by the board
in advance so there is not a delay in waiting for a meeting to get authorization. This should take
place after the annual meeting when the new board is voted in.

F. Weed Supervisor's Report - Dusty Hasper

Nothing new to report.

6. Zoning Board

Chairman Sicble closed the regular portion of the meeting and opened the Zoning portion.

Clerk Schnaible took Roll Call

Eric - absent (lost phone call), Gaylen - Here, Monte - Here, Dan - Here, Jerry - Here

Discussed a couple phone calls Dan and Jerry received inquiring on the township allowing mobile
homes. Which the township currently does not. This brought up the Rick Johnson Property and
how he moved in a mobile home without permission and without a permit. He later applied for a
permit that was rejected. But he is currently going through the appeals/litigation process to have
the mobile home removed.

7. Adjourn

Chairman Sicble adjourned the meeting at 9:28pm

Meeting Schedule:
March 4
April 8
May 6
June 3
July 8
August 5
September 9
October 7
November 4
December 2

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